German science institute warns of miniature ice age

A little ice age, in other words.

Solar physicists at the ultra-warmist Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) are warning that Europe may be facing “a mini ice age” due to a possible protracted solar minimum,” says

The Berliner Kurier writes:

“That’s the conclusion that solar physicists of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research reached when looking at solar activity.”

But don’t worry, the effects would be only regional, says

“While local effects are possible,” and while “the United Kingdom and Central Europe would be subjected to the influence of cold winds from the northeast (this would have) “no effect on global warming.”

“While local effects are possible,” the article asserts, “the solar activity has little impact on global warming.”

Whatever has happened to common sense?—im-miniformat-24312668?dmcid=sm_fb_p

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  1. The coming Little Ice Age wil have no effect on Global Warming, yes, I understand, pefectly. How could it?

    It’s getting colder, and it’s getting warmer, at the same time! It’s a magical miracle!

    • The Warmists are like religious fanatics who need to beware of being declared to be dangerous heretics and criminals by those suffering from hunger and frost bite in the future.
      The little ice age was a time that was notorious for burning homos, witches and heretics. Liberalism and open mindedness are luxuries for times when the money flows like water and there is plenty to eat. Otherwise you will see tolerance for immorality, heresy and politically correct indulgences go out the window. When times get tough self interest ,common sense and decency rules all which is why manners were introduced as a means of reducing the violence in society.

  2. How can you have a mini ice age but continue with global warming??

    Answer:: Political ambitions must never be subject to truth or reality.

    Stalin would be proud.

  3. Two reports on Facebook yesterday, including a video feed of snow falling on Ben Nevis. This via Iain Cameron’s Scottish Snow Patch survey site. Morning ground frost was also reported in northern Scotland

    • Ron – how does your area fair on the MetO anomaly map for June? The SE is in the white bit where you can’t tell if it above or below zero – sneaky scaling if you ask me.

  4. These are the current published Gifs to date all dated Jan 16:
    This is the three cycle Gif
    Both NASA and SILSO
    Plot every blemish, which isn’t a comparison with previous Solar Grand Minimums. The solar community is suggesting there isn’t a minimum underway, based on the very high spot fragment counts. This supports the Carbon Credit fraudsters as “TSI” doesn’t change more than 1%.
    Our Sun is a variable UV star, which varies as much as 16% at the UV end of the spectrum; it is this variability which is driving the cold climate to come.
    The true green House Gas of the Earth’s atmosphere is Water Vapour to 99.5% tax that at your peril.

      • Thanks for the link. The plots are good source for the real time plot based on NOAAs method of counting, in that they show every spot and blemish the Sun produces.
        The problem with the current NOAA plotting is that they do not differentiate between “Full sized spots” that can be seen with a 40 MM optic, which allows comparison with the observations during previous Grand Solar Minimums and the spot fragment count which has been very high during this first cycle of the predicted Solar Grand Minimum. I also agree that it’s probable that similar values of fragment counts would have been seen, during all of the previous Solar Grand Minimums which observers could not see, and including the many single cycle events like SC20, however this last cycle can be reviewed to establish its fragment count thoughout its cycle.
        The reason for plotting full sized spots is the white phage area around the spot. It is this area which emits EUV and accounts for the variability of EUV by up to 16% hitting the Earth’s Atmosphere. Low full sized spot counts – low values of EUV, High Spot count, and high areas of phage, normal levels of EUV hitting the Earth’s Atmosphere.
        Its EUV which is the energy driver for our Atmosphere’s Jet Streams, with low EUV the Jets become meridional, High EUV the jets become far more lateral. Similar, but much shorter periods of Meridional Jet Streams can be seen during the 9 month period during the end of a solar cycle and the commencement of the rise to Max of the next. The UK Winters of 1947, 1963, and others, with the 2010 being the most recent, shows the link with low EUV, Merridonial Jet Streams and weather events.

  5. I would suggest that as we are now at the 10 year lag point in the Grand Minimum Climate cycle and the Worldwide climate trend is now pointing downwards.
    Worldwide effects but on a regional basis yes, are already taking place.
    The Northern Hemisphere escaped a major temperature hit while the recently ended El Nino was pumping vast quantities of stored heat into the atmosphere. The Southern Hemisphere winter has started early and is already much colder and more viscous than previous years.
    The Northern Hemisphere winter as a whole will be a much harsher affair and will get worse for the remainder of this cycle right up to the solar max period during SC25. is a AG Warmist site, not as bad as the BBC Gullible Warmist propaganda site. They and the rest of the AGW adherents are hoping against hope, their UN Green Anarchist economic redistribution policy can continue until most of the worlds human population is returned to hunter gatherer/subsistence farming peasants , with short miserable live beset by disease and subject to being a prey animals, as Indian field workers are still today being killed by large Predators, or in Africa Big cats and large Herbivores.
    Hippos kill more humans per year than Crocs and sharks very few.

  6. Here they go! Coming up with an excuse to extend the global warming scare to 2100! It’s okay everyone even if we survive this “mini ice age” we still have global warming to worry about afterwords that can still kill us all!

  7. wow! now those guys really sum up
    “cognitive dissonance” perfectly
    I wonder if they ever listen to themselves?
    Nah..too busy pontificating to realise just how utterly stupid they are..
    hand em some loo paper they need to wipe the crap off their lips:-)

  8. As I stated earlier, the dumbing down of the human race has succeeded. No wonder billions are projected to die. Without someone to spoon feed them and wipe their chins, of course they will.

  9. “…Europe MAY be facing a mini ice age” event. They are laying the ground-work for a face-saving about-turn at some stage during the next 18 months when the full effects of the solar minimum and LIA become undeniable.

  10. How clueless some are when it comes to the climate.The climate has reacted pretty much as expected over the past few years due to all the natural climatic factors favoring warmth from moderate to high solar activity due to the weak but still maximum of solar cycle 24 , to a lack of any major volcanic activity , to a warm PDO/AMO, to the recent very strong El Nino and warm ocean temperatures in general which are due to high to very high solar activity all of last century especially 1940 -2005.

    Global cloud cover and snow cover also have been in general below average which allow for the climate to warm.

    Yes solar activity has been less then normal post 2005 but the maximum starting just 5 years later although weak still dampened solar effects. The solar criteria being much above my solar criteria through out the recent maximum of solar cycle 24 which I feel is needed for the sun to impact the climate.

    Now surprisingly sooner then I thought many of the solar parameters have come down or are very close to the solar criteria I have called for which should result global cooling. It is only July 2016 and this down trend is forecasted to bottom out around year 2019 or even later. How low will the solar parameters go as we head forward? The data will show and needs to be closely watched. All of the solar data presented in this article will have to be monitored.













    These conditions once all met which I think will happen and if sustained in duration should effect the natural climatic factors which will bring the climate toward cooler conditions moving forward.

  11. Ah, ain’t religious belief wonderful? You can fervently believe in something even though there is no proof that it exists.

  12. This means some places like the poles melt some freeze others stay 65 degrees, etc. But only global warming at the poles where the bigest cracks in the magnetosphere are.
    That is the new global warming or climate change i mean.

  13. The German scientist is an optimist. There is a reasonable argument for a cyclical return to the ice age conditions earth has been in for the past two and a half million years. That’s what the Greenland and Antarctic ice core samples imply.

    • And it’s still cold now, in the first week of July.
      This year will not be a record like 1976 was, with weeks above 20C. That is what I call Warm, not this measly .09C rise above the 12C mean which is all due to the direction of the wind bringing more warmth and rain, well lots of rain, from the Azores.
      There will be a sorting out of the leftist intelligencer who have run the Western world since WW2 and failed during this Grand Solar Minimum. I would start with the biased US Educational Establishments where this cancer of Green Anarchistic climate sabotage of science has germinated and grown into the AGW industry, where shills have been placed into key roles such as NOAA to massage the data to ensure the AGW gravy train keeps rolling on.

    • No we’re not – apparently. According to the MetO June was 1C above…..well I was nearly going to write ‘average’ but that is not what they are saying. It is 1C above a cherry-picked period according to them. Well as Carol has noted, we aren’t seeing this June as being anything but below average. As well as cherry-picking they might also be fiddling the data.

  14. Its almost like they have to speak in code. They want to tell everyone “Hey get ready, its going to get really cold” but if they do they will be fined and censured. So they have to hide the message in a lot of double speak.

  15. “While local effects are possible,” the article asserts, “the solar activity has little impact on global warming.”
    Sack the lot! They need a lesson in basic thermo!
    Thats science double speak if ever I heard it, climate is NOT influenced by the SUN…run that past me again Brian…?

  16. Well, this will be a very interesting period as this could be the final test of what effect the sun actually has. Dr Roy Spencer has revisited his prediction that the UAH will show 2016 as the warmest year following the second largest 2 month drop which if repeated over the next 2 months will take the UAH into negative territory.

  17. Arctic Cold Plunge forecast the UK and North Western Europe for 13th July 2016. Ground Frost and Air frost risk at altitude to tender plants and crops may be at risk.
    This plot looks like a normal Autumnal forecast for the last two week of October, and not the first two weeks of July.
    We have probably had the UK summer at the end of May for three days, Autumn may have started early this year, together with the November rains during the rest of July and August.

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