Germans Awaken – Half-A-Million March Against Covid-19 Lockdown, Masks, Distancing

Meanwhile, Americans are complying like sheep being led to slaughter.

A large-scale rally against restrictive measures in connection with the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic took place in Berlin on August 1st.

The procession started at noon on the boulevard Unter den Linden and moved along the central streets of the city.

The marchers shouted energetic slogans “Show me your Smile!”, “We are loud because our freedom is being stolen!” “No to Dictatorship – we’ve seen this before!”, “Arrest Bill Gates!”

According to the Metropolitan Police, practically none of the protesters were wearing masks. Some of the participants brought flags with them bearing the symbols of various federal states.

Photos of the event show not only nationalist, but also left-socialist, green party, liberal, conservative, social democratic, and LGBT presence.

Thanks to Stephen Bird for this link

“Will you see this on your news ?” asks Stephen. “Maybe you’re watching the wrong channel.”

21 thoughts on “Germans Awaken – Half-A-Million March Against Covid-19 Lockdown, Masks, Distancing”

  1. So about 60 – 80% were obedient to authority in the Milgram experiments and about 72% of the people always or almost always wear masks in public.

    Nice to know people aren’t evolving.

    Other than that, keep it up Germany.

  2. I’m hoping this movement can grow and spread like a virus (pardon my pun) to other countries. I live in the UK and it’s an uphill struggle to convince people that there is very little to fear from the virus compared with our RESPONSE to the virus which is nothing but paranoia and overkill.
    I’m drinking Schweppes Tonic Water which contains quinine, similar to hydroxychloroquine, alongside Bombay Sapphire Gin, flavoured with a lot of helpful botanical compounds. Then I take zinc, vitamins C and D and I eat plenty of cherries to help with my gout LOL.

    • Does it? Ask anyone who is old enough to have witnessed a country go from freedom to socialism( communism). They have ALL been miserable failures. Masks are just another way to achieve control.

  3. I was out yesterday & spoke to 4 strangers. I always feign groping for words once I get going, and all 4 primed my pump by uttering disparaging remarks about the authorities. And TWO PEOPLE when I said “They’re trying to take down our economy. It’s the.– the . . . (I was fishing for NWO, but both finished for me– “It’s Agenda 21!”)

    Take heart! Just because somebody’s wearing a mask doesn’t mean they don’t know what’s happening. They just haven’t figured out what to DO about it.

    I of course am maskless.

    Outrageously, US Passports are denied to all US citizens in order that their issuance may be made contingent upon one’s taking the covid vaccination. It’s like living behind the Berlin Wall. We have become the physical property of the State and need its permission to leave.

  4. West coast mayhem continues :

    Looks like the same puke stains from the 60s and 70s, Swillary’s, Billary’s and Barry’s ol’ pals the Weather Underground:

    Speaking of them. the Hurricane tracker page is working better at :

    A great cyclone tracking tool for us mere mortals.

  5. First you corral the sheep, then you shear the sheep, then you butcher the sheep. Once they have us in lock down why would they ever relent. They have us pinned down and if we comply they will only ramp up the restrictions – which is exactly what they are doing.

  6. they might regret that
    caseloads rising fast in Germany again.
    wearing a mask is commonsense
    so is distancing
    the lockdowns ARE an issue when many workplaces could manage to space people and keep going
    but theres always some dipshit who feels crook but goes to work OR gets a positive test and doesnt stay home
    mandatory masks is whats got em upset?
    wtf it would be for a fairly short term and while annoying theyre hardly a huge inconvenience.
    its a bummer out here where we have around8 cases in a massive hundredsof sq km area no crowds etc except at sport n pubs which are sort of manageable but thanks to morons in Melbourne we all have to mask up.
    thing is?
    cases ARE dropping after 2 weeks
    so it does work

  7. “Meanwhile, Americans are complying like sheep being led to slaughter.”

    I can hear the Communists in Red China where the coronavirus began shouting with glee as they relish the thought, “Finally, the conquest and demise of America!”. And it looks like their efforts over the past 50+ years to destroy America are bearing fruit in ways we cannot even imagine. Obviously, we are no longer the land of the free nor home of the brave. Instead we have become the land of the mindless sheeple…bah…bah…bah…

    Utterly ASTOUNDIJNG America!!

    • Benito, you’ve got the wrong bad guys: The billionaires of both US & China (and elsewhere) have banded together to bring us the destruction of the economy and the political states that support our civilization.

      • Penelope, I am definitely with you on that point. And I think “they” have other viruses worked on and waiting if this one does not do the job well enough. Fauci said the other day there may be another virus getting loose in China, maybe an H1N1 (?) type. He has been right about approaching pandemics before.

  8. I think there’s a lot of resistance, but you can’t expect the billionaire-controlled media to tell you about it.

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