Germany – April brought frost and snow – to the suffering of fruit growers

“If the end of the month were now, we would have the coldest April since 1973 behind us.”


The real spring fever doesn’t want to settle in many parts of Germany. April brought frost and snow – to the suffering of fruit growers.

In the spring snow and cold are more the rule than the exception. But the spring of 2021 exaggerated its predilection for cold and snow as polar air flooded the continent. For the first time in decades, April will be too cold on average.

The year 2021 produced an April capricious and out of control. It may feel like a hot June day and then, shortly after, it feels like a gloomy February – which typical April weather. The current average temperature is 5.1°C, almost 4 degrees colder compared to the reference period from 1991 to 2020.

Even compared to the average of the years 1961 to 1990, the temperature is 2.3 degrees Celsius lower. The last time there was such a negative monthly deviation was almost 10 years ago.

If the end of the month were now, we would have the coldest April since 1973 behind us.

Cold air flooded large parts of Europe to the extreme south of Italy and Crete.

At the same time, further east, in parts of Russia, it was clearly too hot for that time of year.

The entry of cold air was caused by a special climatic constellation. A sharp rise in southern Iceland contrasted with a sharp drop over Scandinavia. As the top rotates clockwise, the air masses at the bottom move in the opposite direction. As a result, together they drove the Arctic air to the south in an intense northwest current. In a kind of balancing motion, on the other hand, hot air flowed over Russia to the Arctic: temperatures here were well above the average of previous years.

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7 thoughts on “Germany – April brought frost and snow – to the suffering of fruit growers”

  1. This comment shows that climate is never ‘one way or the other’, it is merely rejigging who gets the hot stuff and who gets the cold stuff.

    A wavy jet stream can explain all of this.

    And just remember we didn’t all die in 1973 and 1974 due to an incredibly cold April 1973, did we? The fact we are all still here says that humankind survived a cold April.

  2. all the cold helps to wake more up to the bullshit claims with luck
    greens might pip mamma merkel and thatd be a right mess!

  3. Wasn’t 1973 near the “Earth Day” hype?

    Didn’t a major magazine at the time warned us about the “Coming Ice Age”.

    Gee, history repeats itself.

  4. We have had a cold, sunny , VERY DRY April here in Wales……. on the Cardigan Bay coast of West Wales.
    It is glorious weather….with wall-to-wall sunshine.
    We have a tourist attraction called “Cardigan Island Coastal Farm Park” at Gwbert, Cardigan []
    Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 restrictions , we were not allowed to open for business until yesterday, April 26th. We can now serve meals outside on our picnic tables and patio. We are allowed to open indoors on May 17th. We have a large Visitor Centre with cafe and craft shop.We sell a lot of Welsh crafts and books.
    Thankfully , over half UK population has now received their first Astra Zeneca jab.
    I am 74 , and did not feel a thing, thanks to our wonderful NHS.
    Things are thankfully improving in the UK.

  5. The cold in north Western Europe is not over yet! The latest forecast show below normal temperatures extending far into the merry month of May. In the Netherlands temperature will drop again to a mere 10 to 12 degrees celcius during daytime for weeks to come. Extended cool springs are becoming the “new normal” now.

  6. Can anyone recommend some articles on what will happen in the sub-tropical or equatorial regions of the Earth during this coming Ice Age? I was wondering if it will trigger a “reverse migration”, with Third World people flooding back to their own warmer countries to escape the cold. And what about Australia and New Zealand, for example?

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