Germany – Coldest September morning since weather records began!

Not just for the day, mind you, but for the entire month.

Greetings Robert! I am a follower and Reader of Iceagenow living in Munich Germany and I think this bit of news is worth posting on iceagenow.

Just like in the Netherlands, Germany is also experiencing record low temps for September!  Just days after Summer officially ended, an unusually strong Polar Air mass with record subfreezing temperatures has settled across West Central Europe. 

Here is the Graphic and Translated Text from

Coldest September morning since weather records began!

September 26, 2018

With widespread ground frost, Autumn has made it unmistakably clear that its time has come. To the south of a line from Cologne to Berlin, frost has formed on the ground in many places in the morning. However, especially in valleys layers, the thermometer also shows minus values ​​in two meters height. Only in the north and on the mountains is it milder.

In some places, it is even the coldest September morning since weather records began. In Zwiesel in the Bavarian Forest, the old record was minus 1.7 degrees, in the previous night there were minus 2.6 C degrees. Also in Nuremberg it was  -5 C, the coldest on any September 26th ever recorded!

Here is an overview of the records:Temps in Celsius

    Tirschenreuth: old minus 2.3 degrees – new minus 2.6 degrees

    Nuremberg-Netzstall: old minus 2.1 degrees – new minus 5 degrees

    Bamberg: old minus 2.1 degrees – new minus 2.3 degrees

    Dippoldiswalde: old minus 2.1 degrees – new minus 2.2 degrees

    Schorndorf: old minus 2.1 degrees – new minus 2.2 degrees

    Waldmünchen: old minus 2.0 degrees – new minus 2.2 degrees

    Zwiesel: old minus 1.7 degrees – new minus 2.8 degrees

Thanks to loherchef for this info

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  1. When the wind switches to straight out of the north in Alberta, it turns from snow to rain. Never can figure that one out!

  2. Comes on the heel of POTUS’s speech to U.N. General Assembly yesterday stating that if Germany continues upon the present path, Germany will be totally dependent purchasing Russian oil!
    Trump also cut cap and trade money funding to U.N. Humanitarian Aid Committee, acknowledged U.S. no longer recognizes International Kangaroo Court that has no due process etc..

    Perhaps the NWO will move U.N. out of U.S. now haha. One may hope with all due diligence eh!!

    Was a marvelous speech

  3. All below freezing. Wasnt it still Summer last week?” Coldest September morning since weather records began.” Is that before the AGW hedonistic adjustments and “windowing” of the data sets? I’m sure we could refer to the ice core records and infer just how cold its really going to get. Trouble is, you cant tax , regulate and fee that. LOL

  4. Quote: weather records began.

    Electronic records began in the 1970s at the start of SC21, which has been followed by a further two high output cycles, SC22 and SC23.
    Those three cycles have laid the view point that TSI only varies by 1% over the 11 year cycles.
    Those three cycles have been followed by a very inconvenient GSM, where TSI has varied significantly more than 1%
    The intersting thing that they have weather records – written ones from the end of the DALTON GSM including tempreture records but wont use them as they wreck the AGW argument that human are to blame for every thing under the sun, and proves the Sun has an established cycle of three parts cold, tepid and Hot over 172 years.

  5. Remind me again – warmest year evah? I have had frosts 2 nights this week and am struggling to recall the last time there was frost in September. You would almost think some sort of cooling was happening….

  6. I predicted this last spring and summer, on several posts on WUWT.


    The temp chart from Notrickzone in march showed last 100 yrs of Sep in Germany. I noticed every 22 yrs, 1930, 1952, 1974, and 1996, approx a Hale solar cycle, after an even numbr one, the sept very cold. Solar cycle 24 has been ending since last jan. and the QBO is easterly. May be xtra cold this winter.

    Minister of Future

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