Germany – Easter holiday period even colder than Christmas

Farmers hope the cold does not destroy their crops.

“It will feel more like winter than spring across Germany this week,” says “As temperatures fall into Wednesday morning, snow will accumulate at all elevations.”
On Easter Monday, the German National Meteorological Service (DWD) warned drivers of icy roads.

At this time of year, “many people have already exchanged their snow tires for regular summer tires,” the meteorologists explained.

Cold and snow have also returned to the southwestern state of Baden-Württemberg, where apple trees have already blossomed.

Temperatures are forecast to tumble below freezing across most of Germany Tuesday night and Wednesday night.

Farmers hope the cold does not destroy their crops.

In the Alps, experts warn that heavy snowfall has increased the danger of avalanches.

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9 thoughts on “Germany – Easter holiday period even colder than Christmas

  1. Speaking of crops being at risk…according to this article:

    During the LIA, Spiro Mounds (a busy, influential Native American site) went into decline, big time! Spiro is near Fort Smith on the Oklahoma side of the state line between Arkansas and Oklahoma.

    “From A.D. 900 to 1300, the leaders at Spiro Mounds thrived. The mound center declined and was eventually abandoned by A.D. 1450, although the city continued to be occupied for another 150 years. ”

    They say they don’t know why it declined, but the dates they cite remind me of the period leading up to the LIA.

    Fort Smith, Arkansas, wasn’t settled until 1851. Oklahoma didn’t become a state until 1907, so I imagine climate had a bigger impact than encroachment by white settlers.

  2. Not only that, it’s snowing in Europe and North America simultaneously, not either or, certainly not thoroughly researched, however it’s not indicative of global warming! There’s not a ton of snow above average here (there’s a lot of snow up there in the mountains, don’t get me wrong) however, I think the glaciers in California make up for it here!

  3. I suspect a LOT of europeans arent too upset
    as the colder it gets the more the invading mideasterners will be likely to leave.
    germany could ask the warmistas to go and camp out in the orchards to generate localised co2 and body heat to keep the cold away
    bet they dont get any willing volunteers;-)

  4. And so it begins crop failures, famine and conflicts can not be far behind. Stock up on your favorite German beers may not have any new grains in 2017.

  5. Europe now has 10 days of cold winter weather to content with.
    New sub-zero cold weather Arctic plunge forecast for the last week April for most of Northern and Central Europe, to last until May day, snow/wintery weather possible even at low levels in the UK and as far east as Poland as from next Tuesday onwards.
    The Cold plume of air will then be pushed toward Russia and the Caspian region by the beginning of May.

  6. And the dutch KNMI (royal weather institute) keeps shamelessly pushing it’s global warming propaganda as usual.

    Beware, the sea level will rise dramatically (extremely they say), and did you know it rains more than it snows in the polar region? Soon it only will rain there since snow will become very rare.

    Have a laugh here (if you understand dutch)

    It is sad and maddening at the same time that this once famous weather institute spews this propaganda (and does so now for years) example: When it snowed liked crazy in Greece earlier this year they said it wasnt that unusual and that it would have been even colder without global warming. SAD

    • The KNMI is not the only European Met Office in thrall to the Gullible Warmists, they are in company with at least five other European Met Office organisations tied to the same view point.
      All of these organisations are staffed with personnel trained to accept AGW and the tenants of the corrupt IPCC, from Kinder Garden to University
      ALL of the senior managers and forecasters, have all been trained under the same Educationalist system which promotes AGW at the expense of cyclic warming and cooling, or any other true scientific peer reviewed process . They prefer to support a CO2 fairy tale.
      Until the fraud that is CO2 induced warming is slain, and the propaganda of the Green Socialists is exposed for what it is, a massive, fake science hoax, running in the main stream media, on the lines of the fairy tale, the Emperor’s New Clothes, the West will continue waste vast sums of money, political capital, and worse human thought, on trying to solve a cyclic outcome of our variable stars energy output.
      Cooling even in Antarctica is now being observed, 10 years after the 140 year Solar Warm Period ended, and this modern Grand Solar Minimum commenced, and with the reduction in the amount of EUV being absorbed by the Earth’s atmosphere, the Jet Streams which bring our weather have become far more Meridional and pattern stuck than during the previous high output solar cycles 17 to 19 and 21 to 23.
      Winters will be long and bitter from now on, at least untill 2056.

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