Germany freezing due to snow ‘blanketing millions’ of solar panel – Heavy snowfall grips Istanbul – Soon headed for Athens

And 30,000 wind turbines are idle because there is no wind. See video.

Germany is held up as the world’s solar and wind capital by “renewables luvvies” but Germans are freezing through winter due to “millions of solar panels blanketed in snow” and turbines sitting idle, according to Rowan Dean.

“Germany’s long been held up by the likes of these renewable luvvies, they say Germany’s the world’s great wind and solar capital,” Mr Dean said. “But as we speak millions of solar panels are blanketed in snow and 30,000 wind turbines are sitting idle because there’s no wind.

“Freezing Germans shivering in their lederhosen’s are desperate for coal fired power to heat up their wurst and sauerkraut.”


Heavy snowfall grips Istanbul, Turkish Thrace, shuts waterways. FEB 14, 2021

Snow began to fall over Istanbul, Turkey’s most populated city, late Saturday, commencing a week of projected sleet amid fears of a harsh winter the city has not experienced in years

The long-rumored and feared cold front coupled with heavy snowfall arrived in Istanbul after moving in from the country’s northwestern Thrace region.

By midnight, much of the city was covered in white, with the Asian districts of the 15-million megapolis being the last to receive heavy snowfall.

The Turkish State Meteorological Service (TSMS) and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s (IBB) Disaster Coordination Center (AKOM) had previously warned Istanbulites that the snowfall could last for five days with a severe drop in temperatures.

Despite the ongoing weekend and nighttime curfews throughout the nation, traffic levels remain high due to decreased public transport ridership over COVID-19.

A blanket of snow covered much of Istanbul by Sunday morning, which weather forecasts say will increase throughout the day. Except for brief respites, the snowfall is expected to linger until Thursday.


Snow Falls In Greece Due To Cold Weather System. 14th February, 2021

Temperatures in Greece fell below freezing on Sunday with snow hitting many parts of the country.

It’s down to a low pressure weather system, dubbed “Medea”, that’s currently in its first phase.

It first arrived in northern and central Greece with snowfall making traveling and transportation more difficult.

According to the National Observatory of Athens weather service, after Sunday afternoon the bad weather should improve in the north and head east and south.

It’s expected to extend to lower altitudes and even the northern suburbs of Athens.

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    Here is a translated transcript of the German Video report: all good things come straight from above
    not at all from the perspective of the energy transition
    the hidden sun prevents
    photovoltaic hardly leaves any air movement
    Wind turbines stand for regenerative winter dormancy
    all of our electricity comes above all
    made of coal
    the lausitz power plants are also running 100
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    we all need each other as
    Electricity is drawn from the power plants
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    let’s replace it completely with black
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    they often use the energy map of
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    also in neighboring countries and there
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    can supply renewable energies
    coal exit and stop the atomic energy
    both works without threatening black out
    for the Bundestag, harald
    Schwartz examines the professor for
    power distribution on the cottbuser
    university becomes questionable
    draw conclusions in the electricity mix from the
    components atomic coal gas and
    regenerative already works in two
    years a gap measured by the
    so-called peak load this gap in the
    safe electricity supply is currently in
    the following winters keep getting bigger
    secured performance of wind energy and
    photovoltaics is between zero and two
    or three percent so de facto zero that
    can also be found in many but can
    you can see that we are days, weeks in the year
    have where there is neither wind nor bv
    for example now at the time this so
    as if the woman is 0 in winter anyway
    and wind is often very low
    and there are just things like me
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    and have been known for 100 years
    plain and simple throughout
    energy if the discussion is culpable
    neglected in the end threatened blackouts
    last put the 2009/10
    berlin-köpenick lame like that
    keep the power grid stable
    the coal phase-out law provides
    especially a massive expansion of the
    and the gas-fired power plants should also be in front of
    regularly stood the
    security of supply will be checked
    if there is still too little power in the
    network must be imported to
    for example coal power from poland or
    nuclear power from france

  2. Reminds me of an article on one of these climate sites a while back, a study saying that ice ages can come on much more quickly that previously thought!

    • Smaller or mini ice ages can form in a matter of years when the sun goes quiet. That is what we are witnessing now. claim to be “surprised” by how quite the sun is, but to those of us who have been expecting this for quite some time now its no surprise at all. Be prepared.

  3. Hey stupid Germans, don’t you think you were better off in 1938 than with this garbage government of today???? You better wake up!!

    • What you say is very, very deep and interesting. You know your history. You know what World War 2 was really about.

      Shame you can not say it.

      None of this would happen today if certain countries had fought on certain sides.

      The German soldier could not understand why we fought against them and not the Soviet Union.

      • It was the ambiguous end of “The Great War” – the “Armistice” that created the even greater problem.
        General Jack Pershing was purported to have said, “These people do not know they have lost. We will have to come back here and do this all over again!”

      • Rubbish! Anyone who supports Hitler is a fool!
        What if YOUR family had been put in gas chambers?
        The Germans bombed Swansea and Cardiff in Wales and places like London and Coventry in England. They were RUTHLESS KILLERS! They used slave labour mercilessly during the war.
        You would have a different story if the US mainland had been bombed.

      • Beucase they are both as bad as one another.
        Both where marxist leadership cult dicatorships.
        Both are gulity of 120m deaths since 1917.
        & no different between them otherthan the lables onn the tin.
        & as for soldiers we always gripe, about the idiots placed in charge of us by even bigger idiotswho cuase the wars in the first place, just as Biden and Harris will do in their term of crimial office.

  4. Alo, this cold, snowy weather seems to be a somewhat global phenomenon right now. At least the United States and Europe. It’s not the same air mass, and the one in the United States is sprawling.

  5. Just read where Texas wind turbines are FROZEN stuck despite the wind. Rolling blackouts in Texas, according to people posting on FB.

  6. Having read all the comments I am surprised to see that most Germans think this unprecedented snowfall is a permanent feature!

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