Germany – Weather hammers Bavaria – New snow in May

Temperature drops below freezing even in big cities.

Update from May 12th: As predicted, it snowed in the higher elevations in Bavaria during the night to Tuesday. For example, there is fresh snow on the Herzogstand in the Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen district, and it is also white on Wallberg on Tegernsee.

It was very cold in many places this morning. With temperatures around two degrees (C), some Bavarians shivered on their way to work. Freezing temperatures were even measured in Nuremberg: -2.6 C degrees.

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3 thoughts on “Germany – Weather hammers Bavaria – New snow in May”

  1. It’s global warming ….. maybe. Nothing to worry about. For the last several months, I (as well as many of the neighbors) have been taking care of our yards, driving to various stores and doing our constitutional walks every evening …. without any face masks or other face coverings. And, yet, we survived without any dreaded diseases.
    For myself, all of those military immunizations and viral drugs we took while over seas, the virus probably just bounced off of my 75+ year old body. Regards, retired engineer.

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