Get used to the new normal

“These new extreme early blizzards confirm this.” – Argiris Diamantis

Abnormal ‘Weather Bomb’ underway; wind gusts of 140 km/h
5 Oct 2018 – We are only days into the month of October and many across the west are digging out from a foot of snowfall. But what’s interesting is that the strongest storm that we’ve seen in months is only now underway, with heavy snowfall, far-reaching winds and blizzard conditions for some Canadians.

This is not common
While residents in northern Canada are no strangers to powerful blizzards, the climatological statistics of a low this deep so early in the season is not common.

“Sub 950 mb extratropical lows are very rare, especially this early in the season,” says Chris Doyle, a retired meteorologist from British Columbia.


Record breaking WALLOP
3 Oct 2018 – Tuesday’s record breaking WALLOP has certainly left its mark on the region. Calgary ground to a halt after nearly 40 cm of snow hammered the city, prompting appeals to neighbouring cities … This unusually cold pattern however, is set to last through the first half of October, meaning these massive mounds of snow aren’t likely to go anywhere.

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“Get used to the new normal,” says Argiris. “This is exactly what Dr. Piers Corbyn has said. The mini ice age is accelerating, and these new extreme early blizzards confirm this.”

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  1. As the world gets colder, the “middle months” get squeezed by the transition. In the NH, winter spills over into March, then April, and starts in mid-October, heaing backwards into September.

    Could it claim 1 month either side over the next 2 yrs? 3yrs? 5 yrs?

  2. If, IF, a mini ice age is starting, no nations that I know of are preparing for it. So when it becomes apparent that a mini ice age, if it happens, is underway it will be too late to prepare on a large scale, and as Robert has said many times people will be fighting in the streets for food.

  3. Is that also new normal for swampy hellscape of big apple to reach 79F with dewpoint of 70 with 7 days into october.Is suppose to be sweater weather not sweating.We should declear war on Atlantic ocean.Longing for those days when we could walk to Ellis island.

  4. My greenhouse is complete so the plants more prone to death by cold can go in. The haskaps, raspberries and kale will do fine with early fall or late spring frosts and snows.

  5. Its a pity you cant look at the start and end of winter in the last Grand Solar Minimum, such as Dalton or can you?
    The peoples of the North America, might also be able to mark the same week of the year start and finish of winter from the 1600s

  6. meanwhile the clowns in korea are trying to tell us they can confidently predict excess? heat of 2c and sinking islands….same old drivel
    completely ignoring reality
    if i hear one more time that the bloody barrier reef is at risk of 80% loss in the next yadda yadda years i may strangle someone!!!!

  7. Yes the new ice age has begun. Sure it’ll take awhile until glaciers cover the northern US, but we are entering into a new ice age cycle in the last several years with a climatic cooling trend and increasing snowfall.

  8. I hope so but this rise in overall oceanic temperatures to +.4c above 1981-2010 means will halt any cooling if it should persist. The name of the game is the overall oceanic sea surface temperatures.

    I expect them to fall back soon, due to the very low solar activity but until they do cooling will be on hold.

    It is hard to get excited about isolated events in the wake of this recent rise in overall oceanic temperatures.

    • what if the Atlantic Conveyor is impaired by melting ice in the Arctic from undersea volcanoes? the computer model on this is quite reliable…the inputs are not.

  9. In my reading of true Ice Age on-set there has to be ocean warm concurrent with atmospheric cooling. The additional evapouration feeds increased snowfalls all along the polar fronts which we now know, will loop towards the Equator during a Grand Solar Minimum. We don’t know if we are entering a true Ice Age or merely the 200+ year Mini Ice Age cycle.

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