Glaciers growing in Montana

GROWING! Not melting.

Glacier National Park quietly removing “Gone by 2020” signs

“Rush Limbaugh closed his show today with an article from Glacier National Park (Montana) who says they are taking down their signs warning that the glaciers are melting because they are GROWING!!!!” says reader Vance von Raab. “A watershed day!”

Logan Pass – Glacier National Park webcam – 7 June 2019

Here’s what Limbaugh says on his website:

“Officials at Glacier National Park (GNP) have begun quietly removing and altering signs and government literature which told visitors that the Park’s glaciers were all expected to disappear by either 2020 or 2030” because of climate change.

But the glaciers are growing.

They’re not disappearing.

They’re not melting.

They’re not shrinking.

Replacing signs with more “nuanced” messages

According to the Daily Caller, “blogger Roger Roots first noted the signage change in a blog post published Thursday on the website Watts Up With That. Roots was able to compare the signs to film and photographs he had taken on previous visits.

Roots also noted another sign had been changed from 2030 had also been changed to be more “nuanced.”

“Almost everywhere, the Park’s specific claims of impending glacier disappearance have been replaced with more nuanced messaging indicating that everyone agrees that the glaciers are melting,” Roots wrote.

“Now the Park Service is scrambling to remove the signs without their visitors noticing,” Roots posted on his Facebook wall, along with video footage showing the sign changes.

Just last year, officials at Glacier National Park were displaying signs and brochures predicting that all glaciers in…

Posted by Roger Roots on Monday, June 3, 2019


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13 thoughts on “Glaciers growing in Montana”

  1. I believe that as a result of the melting, they found trees had grown where the glaciers had been only 400 years ago. During extremely cold conditions such as the winter of 2019, the glaciers will grow.

  2. Indeed climate change is real. But not quite the way the politicians and their friends describe it. How is Texas Robert?

  3. As the Warmists like to say “the glaciers aren’t growing, they are just receding much slower than predicted”.

  4. Small wonder! Forecast is for SINGLE DIGITS! In mid June. That’s not good honestly. Probably a lot of snow has fallen in the high country by the amount of rain. Think about it. We’re almost to the longest day of the year.

  5. Okay, it is snowing here, however I think the single digits doesn’t make sense. Don’t get a forecast from a gas pump I guess. I’ll keep you posted. It did snow in the valley in town before sunset.

  6. I have to admit i DO like the way we can bust the bullshitters using the web and the ability to post pics now/then so much more efficiently than when the only way to get it seen was a lucky break in a newspaper read by too few people, if you had an honest journo, as well. looks pretty cold n snowy for summer in the pics;-)

  7. Nearly 67 years ago this summer I traveled on vacation with my parents to Glacier National Park. I celebrated my 5th birthday at the park. The park was beautiful, but I remember distinctly feeling disappointed that I couldn’t see any glaciers anywhere.

    I remember asking a park ranger, “Where are the glaciers?” I knew exactly what a Glacier was, since it had been carefully explained by my parents, and I was excited to see one. The park ranger said that the park had been essentially named for the glacial features that had been left carved in the rock a long time in the past. At the time of the visit (August, 1952) there only remained glacial remnants, best viewed on back country hikes, and it had been that way from the time the park had been founded.

    The story that the glaciers have disappeared from the park only in recent years due to global warming is a big, fat lie that has been told by the climate change crowd along with so many other lies and failed predictions that I have lost count.

    Want proof? I have the extensive collection of my father’s Kodachrome, color slides taken of the park with his trusty, Exacta 35mm SLR camera. The park looked basically the same then as it does now.

  8. They should have to leave all the signs and literature alone to show what CAGW predictions are worth!

  9. If the glaciers completely vanished, for whatever reason, you would have to give the park a new name LOL. I assume you must climb very high into the mountains to see the glaciers. They are not found at lower areas full of Xmas trees and pretty log cabins of the sort I enjoy where I can retreat from the world and sip my whisky to my heart’s content in front of a glowing log fire.

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