Glaciers growing on Canada’s tallest mountain

17 Nov 08 – Canada’s highest point – the ice-covered peak of Yukon’s soaring Mount Logan – may be due for an official re-measurement after readings suggest this superlative summit has experienced a growth spurt.

“The University of Alaska aerial survey, conducted last summer with a laser altimeter by Fairbanks-based geoscientist Sandy Zirnheld, pegged Canada’s geographic zenith at 5,966 metres. That’s seven metres (23 feet) higher than the official height of 5,959 metres, determined in 1992 after a celebrated climb to the top by a team of Canadian researchers led by Mike Schmidt of the Geological Survey of Canada.

“Snow and ice accumulation is the most likely explanation,” said Chris Larsen, the scientist leading the University of Alaska’s research on the continent’s northwest mountain ranges.

This article was originally published under the title “Canada’s highest peak growing, researcher finds”. Did the editor write that title in an attempt to cover up the reason for the growth?

I honestly don’t know.

See entire article by Randy Boswell:
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