Glaciers Growing in Tibet

Scientists announce “remarkable” glacier growth on Tibetan plateau that “is challenging to explain.”

A new paper published in the Journal of Geophysical Research, Solid Earth, finds that inner Tibet Plateau glaciers have been gaining “remarkable” quantities of ice over the past decade.

According to the authors, Shuang Yi and Wenke Sun, the “remarkable positive signal (+30 Gt/yr)” … “is challenging to explain.” This growth “almost completely offsets loss of 35Gt/yr elsewhere in the region.”

The authors further reveal that a 5-year cycle found in other Asian high mountain glacier mass “can be explained by the influence of Arctic Oscillation and El Niño-Southern Oscillation.”

The paper, which came out just this week (4 Mar 2014), is entitled “Evaluation of Glacier Changes in High Mountain Asia Based on 10-year GRACE-RL05 Models.”

Abstract here:

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16 thoughts on “Glaciers Growing in Tibet”

    • Eventually only one conclusion will be available to these people: Their theory and models are flawed. Unfortunately, it will take awhile. As they say, “You can lead a horse to water…..”

  1. With Solar activity sputtering to a stop like a gas lantern Patchurai and cabal seem to be quite suspiciously positioning themselves to take advantage of the bad weather that will come with a mini ice age. There will be a change over period where the warmth from the Modern Maximum bleeds out and the increased rain, flooding and coastal erosion of the New Minimum begin and during this period there is potential for a last gasp attempt at ownership by the bad guys. I believe they will have a good measure of success and it may be all they need to implement their agenda.

    • Agreed, Virgo. The scary part won’t be so much the weather, as opposed to what Patchurai and others are going to say in regards to ‘human influence’ of it. There’s hope however, if we’re headed into a mini-ice age then global temps will follow. That will be the thorn in their side.

    • if you sorta happened to do some so happens pachauri has employment etc links to TATA..the multimega corp into so called green projects all over the place..but also into buying up smelters and all sorts.
      about hmm? 3 or 4 yrs ago I think either richard north or Booker did some amazing background articles on the big guys of I think it was?

  2. as for the glaciers:-) only challenging to explain IF? you happen to be a true agw koolaid kid.
    the rest of us who have looked at historical data see that glaciers globally have retreated and grown again rather often, in cycles..hmm cycles…
    wouldn’t sorta kinda maybe might be a natural event?
    sweet FA! to do with mankind and suvs and lighting etc:-)

  3. Joe and Virgo,

    If the weather gets far worse with a mini ice age I think the general public will be crying out for warming to resume.

  4. During the initial onslaught of the Little Ice Age, there was a town (sorry, but I don’t remember its name) located on the northern base of the Alps. As a new glacier formed and began advancing towards the town, church priests would climb up to the glacial front each winter, staking crosses into the ground and praying that God would stop it’s advance before crushing the town. Before the 10th year arrived, the town was totally destroyed.

    Based on many reports and recordings of the time, the LIA happened very quickly, with little warning, and with devastating impact.

    Soon I expect the AGW elite to virtually climb up to oncoming glaciers and pray they’ll recede once more.

    That’s when Global Warming will be dropped for Global Cooling by the elites, but with their same goals in mind. So keep your eyes fixated upon glacial advancements around the world. They are the proverbial “Canaries in the Coal Mines” of what’s to come!

  5. The only hope and change is for either a meter to strike the big corporations dead,WW3 Happening that will crash the dollar or the lord to return when certain prophecies are fullfilled which the timing is left up to mankind but as soon as you even say the word *Bible* it is like a cuss word to Atheists who are total hypocrites..

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