Global Cooling: Are You Ready for the Real Climate Change?

Member of the Cowlitz Indian Tribe warns that “the global climate is going to grow dangerously colder.”

“With increasing frequency, growing seasons around the planet will be interrupted by extreme weather events, like devastating frosts, snow, hail and flooding in late spring or early autumn that will destroy crops and cause food shortages. It has happened before, and it has already started to happen again.” – Rod Van Mechelen

Global Cooling: Are You Ready for the Real Climate Change?

By Rod Van Mechelen

The mainstream fake news media and the political establishment want you to believe that CO2 is causing global warming and that you are responsible. But the truth is that global warming is part of a long cycle, and because we are unprepared for global cooling, billions will die.

The Big Chill

2018 Olympia, Wash. – Truckloads of government money have gone to prove that you are responsible for global warming climate change and, like in the movies, we have to sacrifice virgins to the weather gods to…sorry, wrong epoch. Correction: we have to sacrifice your standard of living to Al Gore to save the planet 100 years from now. Except that they’re lying and expect billions of us to die within ten years.

The truth is that global warming stopped in 1998. Global cooling began in 2015. And within a few years at most the world is likely to experience crop-destroying extreme weather events.

At worst this could be the end of the current interglacial period, also known as the Holocene, and a resumption of the ice age. The middle case is that the solar hibernation will be as extreme as it was during what is called the Little Ice Age, which began around 1645 and ended around 1850.

Whatever the case, the global climate is going to grow dangerously colder. It’s not the cold that will pose the danger, however, but the unseasonable weather it will bring. Some parts of the world, like the west coast of North America, could actually get warmer. East of the Cascades, however, it will probably get much colder. And with increasing frequency, growing seasons around the planet will be interrupted by extreme weather events, like devastating frosts, snow, hail and flooding in late spring or early autumn that will destroy crops and cause food shortages. It has happened before, and it has already started to happen again.

Climate Change Deniers

This is the real climate change happening right now. There are no climate change deniers. There are skeptics of the claims about manmade global warming who, sometimes in the heat of a debate or speech will blurt that there is no climate change. But they know better. By definition, climate changes, and nobody denies it.

But climate, like the weather, is cyclical. American Indian tribal traditions and oral history reflect that. We know that all things follow cycles. So it should come as no surprise that climate changes in regular cycles, too. Those who use insults to lump legitimate skeptics of the global warming political agenda with holocaust deniers, divert attention from the global cooling that could kill you if you’re not prepared, and silence those who would warn us that the cold climate is coming.

Yes, but, what about clean energy? Why do global warming skeptics oppose clean energy? We don’t. Most of the people who reject claims that you are responsible for global warming are not opposed to clean energy. But we do reject the claim that carbon dioxide is a pollutant. What oxygen is for animals, carbon dioxide is for plants. If we were able to increase atmospheric carbon dioxide by tenfold, forests, farms and even deserts would thrive as plants require less water when they have more carbon dioxide.

But isn’t carbon dioxide a greenhouse gas? Yes, but so is water vapor. Global warming alarmists don’t want you to know that. This was demonstrated by the documents handed out at the 2017 Tribal Climate Camps, which omitted this fact from the documents on their website.

Source: “How Earth’s Climate System Works,” by Alex Bryan-PDF, presented at the 2017 Tribal Climate Camp sponsored by the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians and the University of Washington.

They omitted that water vapor comprises 95 percent of the greenhouse gases and accounts for 75 percent of the greenhouse effect: when ocean temperatures increase due to heating by the sun, water vapor increases due to evaporation, which causes atmospheric temperatures to increase even more, causing ocean temperatures to rise, releasing carbon dioxide.Warm water cannot hold as much carbon dioxide as cold water. You can prove that with a bottle of carbonated water. Put one open bottle in your fridge and the other open bottle on the kitchen counter. The one on the counter will go flat, while the one in the fridge will not. It’s the same for the oceans. As they get warmer, they release carbon dioxide. In other words, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increases due to a rise in global temperature, not the other way around, and water vapor, not carbon dioxide, is the primary greenhouse gas.

The counter argument to this, is that carbon dioxide increases first, causing ocean temperatures to rise, which causes water vapor to increase due to evaporation, and so on. But aside from the fact that this implies we could eliminate the sun and heat the earth with carbon dioxide, which is absurd, it ignores the Minoan Warm Period (4,000 years ago) and Roman Warm Period (2,000 years ago), both of which were warmer than the current epoch. As there were no automobiles belching carbon dioxide into the atmosphere way back then, it should be clear that the sun was the primary driver of the climate change then, and it’s the primary driver of the climate change, now.

Why would government agencies omit that from their presentation? Why would all the government reports indicate that global temperature is rising due to human emissions of carbon dioxide rather than natural causes? Follow the money: greenhouse gas emissions can be taxed and carbon dioxide “pollution” can be regulated.

The Climategate email controversies in 2009 and 2011 exposed that some scientists are intentionally tampering with data to support the manmade global warming agenda. While the people trying to expose this agenda are mostly self-funded grassroots efforts, there are billions of dollars of government grants mobilized to discredit them and make you believe that you are the problem. But follow the money, and you will find it leading from global warming back to interests that are not our own. And when the cold reality of the solar minimum finally sinks in, the number of deaths worldwide due to hunger and malnutrition could number in the billions.

Many Deaths by Cold and Starvation v. Many More by Panic

First, it’s important to understand that we’re not talking about mountains of ice burying Canada and the northern United States. This is not the end of the world. But there could be mass hysteria due to food shortages caused by short growing seasons because summer comes late, winter comes early, and unseasonable storms cause widespread crop damage. So this is about food prices skyrocketing and people going hungry.

John Casey, former NASA scientist, White House adviser and author of Dark Winter, says that inside sources assured him that President Barack Obama was aware that global cooling was imminent. But in an interview with TruNews, he speculated that the reason President Obama perpetuated the myth about manmade global warming was because he believed that if the people knew what is coming then 80 percent or more of the global population would die in the ensuing panic. While if the truth was hidden until the last possible moment, less than 30 percent of the population would die from global cooling and the starvation that the unseasonable storms will bring.

Casey also warns that global cooling is accompanied by an increase in earthquake activity. Like global cooling, this is caused by the sun. When the output of the sun wanes, it allows more cosmic rays into the solar system. An increase in cosmic rays causes an increase in cloud cover, which accelerates global cooling, and coincides with an increase in earthquakes. So Casey warns that the New Madrid and San Andreas faults, and the southern end of the Cascadia Subduction Zone will be most at risk.

Who Can You Believe?

On the one side are politicians, federal, state and local government agencies and government grant funded scientists warning us about global warming caused by the relatively tiny amounts of carbon dioxide that human activity releases into the atmosphere. They tell us the polar ice caps are melting, polar bears are vanishing because of this, and by the end of the 21st century many coastal cities will be flooded as the oceans rise due to all the melting ice.

On the other side are engineers, independent scientists and retired government officials telling us that natural processes account for most atmospheric carbon dioxide, that carbon dioxide is plant food, water vapor has a greater affect on climate than carbon dioxide, the ice caps are not melting, the ice sheets on Greenland and Antarctica are growing, there are more polar bears today than there were twenty years ago, that climate is driven primarily by the affect of the sun on our oceans, and the sun is going into a cyclical hibernation that will not only cause global cooling, but could even push us back into the ice age.

As American Indians know, politicians and federal agencies always tell the truth. (That’s a joke.) So, who should we trust? The politicians, who tell us we need to sacrifice your standard of living to Al Gore? Or the engineers and scientists, who tell us that a dangerously cold climate has begun and the next thirty years or more are going to see severe food shortages due to crops destroyed by unseasonable storms?

You have to answer that question for yourself, but both sides agree that climate change will cause extreme weather events. And that is something for which you can prepare.

Preparing for Extreme Weather Events

What can you do to prepare for crop-destroying extreme weather events? The most obvious would be to stockpile food. Companies like Costco sells large bags of rice, beans, canned fruits, vegetables, meats, and other staples. Costco and also sell canned meats and emergency rations with a long shelf life.

If you have space for it, consider a green house. Along the pacific coast of the United States, torrential rain is likely to be a bigger problem than frosts that come in the spring and fall. Greenhouses can protect against that. Food shortages may cause food riots, which could disrupt services we take for granted, like water and electricity. So for short duration emergencies it’s important to have water and a gas stove, enough to last at least three days.

And be prepared to defend yourself. When food becomes scarce crime will increase. Good, decent people will become desperate. And as the old saying goes, desperate people do desperate things.

The rest depends in part on where you live. Communities around the New Madrid, San Andreas and southern Cascadia earthquake zones could experience severe breakdowns of the infrastructure, while it’s possible that the worst to affect western Washington State will be cold winters, wet summers, tornadoes and tsunamis. So the pacific coast could be one of the more hospitable places to live. But we are still likely to get extreme weather events. With that in mind, if you are planning to build, consider a monolithic dome home rather than a stick frame house. I am.

The Day After Tomorrow

The first prominent voices to raise the alarm about human caused global warming were Margaret Thatcher and Al Gore, both politicians. The people raising the alarm about solar cycle caused global cooling are scientists and engineers.

They say that the ice sheets on Greenland and East Antarctica are growing. Dr. Don Easterbrook, Professor Emeritus of Geology at Western Washington University, dismisses claims of a 97 percent consensus among scientists about manmade global warming as false, if not an outright lie. See, for example, his Global Warming HOAX & Facts video, linked below. And in his book, Dark Winter, John Casey outlines the natural cycles that cause both global warming and global cooling.

While there are thousands of scientists who will tell you that humans are causing global warming, most of them are receiving money from the government. But there are no government grants to investigate global cooling, so most of the engineers and scientists who are warning us about global cooling are doing it on their own dime.

As global temperatures decline, won’t people catch on to the truth? Won’t the lies of the global warming alarmists be exposed? Won’t billions of angry and hungry people demand answers? What could the global warming alarmists possibly say in response?

The answer to that is found in the disaster movie, The Day After Tomorrow, in which a new ice age begins because the Atlantic Ocean heat conveyor that carries warm water from the equator up to Europe stops because manmade global warming causes too much ice to melt, decreasing the salinity of the ocean. So when the truth comes out, as millions if not billions of people suffer, they will blame global cooling on global warming. And you.

For money and power politicians wasted more than a decade to blame you when they could have used that time to mobilize the resources of the nation and the planet to prepare us for the cold climate and crop destroying extreme weather events. Now, we have little time left, and the real climate change has already begun.

Rod Van Mechelen

Rod Van Mechelen is a Ron Paul Republican who lives and works in Olympia for the Washington State Health Care Authority as an Insurance Specialist. He served on the Cowlitz Indian Tribal Council from 2002 to 2012, was a Washington State delegate to the Republican National Convention in New York City in 2004, and founded The Backlash! @ in 1995 to expose and oppose misandry and cultural Marxism. In between job, website and family activities, he continues to serve on tribal committees and publishes a bimonthly email newsletter for Cowlitz tribe members.

Learn more about Rod here:

Posted by permission of Rod Van Mechelen

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    O degrees F = 32 degrees of Frost
    For Europeans 0F = -17.78℃
    +59F = 15C
    14C is the current average Temperature for the UK, which is hardly short sleeves weather.
    Year round -1C @ 500ft altitude would start the ICE cap building on the UK, and Scandinavia would become the same as Greenland is now as would most windward facing European coasts.
    I can vouch for this map as my garden contains the round rocks carried by the glacier which covered the North Midlands around 23KA before BP

  2. As food shortages appear in the western world people will stop wasting food. Also they will be happy to buy “fresh” vegetables they would sneer at today.
    The variety of foods will diminish. People may eat corn three times a day, like my great grandfather who it is said was paid in potatos.
    Obesity will be rare.
    Families will have more children, a natural response to catastrophe.
    The western world will probably be better off at least in the short term.

  3. “Correction: we have to sacrifice your standard of living to Al Gore to save the planet 100 years from now. ”

    What standard of living? In the winter I sleep on a mat in churches and in the summer I sleep in my car and if I ‘m lucky I do some work building stairs for $15 an hour. I am in touch with reality! Mr. Gore and his fellow travellers are not!

  4. 3 feet of snow already in Vermont, and it looks like the next round will be immediate, these storms didn’t quite merge, it will be continuous. Remains to be seen if this additional snow will strengthen on the coast like a Northeaster. It will be more than 3 feet of snow in Vermont either way, maybe a lot more.

  5. The big problem is that state theft has become huge relative to the economy. The state has expanded thus far based upon two big touts. A “perfect” economy can be obtained through clever manipulation of interest rates and dollar depreciation.
    Of course, the greatest bureaucratic audacity has been the tout that government can create the “perfect” climate. Through increases in taxes and regulation.
    The next recession will end the nonsense that the economy can be “managed”.
    Temps are getting over the 2016 El Nino warming and a little more cooling will trash the notion that the climate needs “managing”.
    With either or both the public is going to take on a whole lot of common sense.
    The concept of big government is going to get trashed. The cost of living will come down.
    Remember that Communists were out to create the “perfect man”. And the Nazis, the “perfect” race.
    Both failed–hugely and so will the promotion of CAGW.

    • So true! The public can’t wake up too soon, but I fear it will take several years. Martin Armstrong ran the question through Socrates and came back with 2030 to 2032 before the politicians finally abandon the fight climate change/anthropogenic global warming memes.

  6. Accompanying global cooling are earthquakes!? You article is just OK but if you examine why this is so it could have been much better. I feel that it is possible that during times the Sun is actively displaying many solar flares its magnetic field is very strong and it may in fact interact with the Earth’s own magnetic field. This may help slow the Earth’s Magnetic Poles from drifting – kind of like how magnets on a table will snap together in a certain way. I wouldn’t doubt that during the Sun’s weaker magnetic cycles, like the one we are experiencing right now, that the Earth’s magnetic field will do what it wants to do leading to pole reversals and Climate Change. Increased geothermal heating in at both Antarctica and the Arctic is a direct result of the magnetic poles beginning to swap positions. There is no question about it. Try using the search term ‘mud volcanoes Beaufort Sea’ and you will read the evidence for yourself. As for Antarctica here is the proof:

  7. Heck yeaugh – It’s been getting colder since 1940 actually – although relatively slowly with a few up and downswings. But now the rate of cooling has intensified since 2000 and this rate of cooling is likely to increase substantially as all 3 of the ice age cycles begin to converge.

  8. It was and still is definitely foreseeable that a cooling event is very possible, so governments should have plans for this probability? Unfortunately most western government’s have been willingly hoodwinked by the UN-IPCC and it’s army of advocates. It gives them more money and power, also it gives them a neat ‘plausible deniability’ clause — “The UN-IPCC scientists said it couldn’t happen”. Can’t you just hear them saying that?

    It is not improbable that all the global warmth accumulated in the last 30 years, or even the last century (all 0.5°C or so of it), will be dissipated within the next 15 years. And then it will get mighty cold! How many of the politicians and bureaucrats are aware of this very real possibility, or even care?

  9. Governments are not planning for the opposite of global warming just as the UK government didn’t plan for leaving the EU! They were so certain that the referendum result would go the other way!

  10. We need to avoid alarmism. Nobody knows what the climate will do in the short term. Yes, the descent into the next glacial period will happen, but that is a very long cycle and there is no telling when it will start or if it already has. The LIA did not trigger it, and that was not even the blink of an eye ago. Yes, Obliquity has crossed the 23.5 mark, but again, these are very long cycles. The expected Solar Grand Minimum may not have much impact, and there are some solar scientists who say the next sunspot cycle will be greater than the one winding down.

    Our increasing of atmospheric CO2 is an unexpected and unplanned benefit to the planet. We need to simply stick to the science, which is very clearly on our side, and defeat the alarmist propaganda by explaining to one person at a time and posting good information online. A lot of people are getting sick of the alarmism. We should not fall victim that tendency – there have been doomsayers for thousands of years, and they nearly always end up looking like idiots.

    The particulate matter in pollution emitted especially by China often drifts north, and strongly affects the arctic. That particulate matter slowly falls to earth, and in the arctic area when if falls it causes the ice immediately around it to melt, causing tiny holes in the ice and snow. Aside from this it decreases albedo. This is one of the primary causes behind arctic ice – and possibly Greenland ice as well – shrinking over time while antarctic ice continues to grow. (Ocean currents play a significant role as well.) This effect alone could prevent the growth of arctic ice that is necessary to create the large northern hemisphere glaciers which slowly grow over tens of thousands of years and increase the effects of the Milankovich cycles.

    For that matter, the current ice age has been going on for about 13 million years, and nobody knows what causes this repeating 150 million year cycle. Therefore we don’t know when that will end either. But previous ones did last for longer than 13 million years, and this one will probably continue until the antarctic continent moves away from the south pole.

    It is impossible to predict the future, and we will eventually end up looking foolish if we try to do so, particularly with alarmist views like the warmists.

    Just my two cents worth! 🙂

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