Global COOLING is the threat, not warming, say scientists

Expect food shortages, civil unrest, Great Lakes locked in ice.

“As the Obama administration creates policy based on the premise that the planet is warming, more and more scientists are concluding the real danger is global cooling,” says

“One recently painted this scenario: Food shortages from crop failures brought on by cold weather during the summers will produce civil unrest, as in “huge civil unrest.”

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        • If the NAO kicks in this year both Area and Volume will kick in significantly . North America may have a slightly less cold but more snowy winter this year, but excess rain and snow may be heading much further south into Europe this year.

        • Yes, at the peak of the previous Solar Warm Period cycles 21 to 23, this is normal, such warm period of 140 years historically ends abruptly with a Solar Minimum which started in 2008 with this cycle. The Ocean temperatures then paused while excess heat is given off, dependent on the peak of energy imparted to the oceans, and then cooling starts.
          With the passing of the very low solar max, which has maintained the pause we will now move into significant cooling for the next 30 years.
          During that 30 year period AGW will end up with a scientific stake though the heart, its s time for the USA not only to clean up its political system, but clean up the scientific bodies which have failed so spectacularly in this CO2 fraud and a corrupt educational establishment which has been the cause of it.

  1. meant to add this table to the snowpatch record – showing a fairly significant increase in the number of snow patches which could be used as a proxy for a cooling climate – at least in NW montane Europe: I know – it’s exciting
    Same areas looked at every year – some from the road and others on the hill:

    15 630
    14 281
    13 81
    12 72
    11 36
    10 34
    09 35
    08 34

  2. I think the governments must have known about this and they didn’t do a thing! They will be directly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands if not millions, but who will be there to blame them? Maybe that’s why they don’t want people in the US to have as many assault rifles and guns because they surely know what’s coming!

    • You have to realize that depopulating the world IS their priority. They are well aware of the fact that their policies are in direct conflict with what is best for the populace. They don’t care. They want to get rid of the useless eaters that they consider non productive.

      Problem with that is that most of those that have moved technology thus civilization upward have their own “useless eater” background, meaning that most of them come from upper lower class and middle class homes, not homes from the wealthy. By intentionally freezing and starving the population, they are actually ridding themselves of the source of all those true “movers and shakers” that have driven civilization for centuries. In this way, they will destroy their own stagnating civilization since they will not produce the people that are motivated to create change.

  3. What its going to come down to is! Eat or Heat and if you live in a big city, you may be out of luck on both.

  4. Hmm … if global warming is perhaps taking place, from the inside out … heating seas, i.e., warming from below … would the layers of the atmosphere be the last layers to warm up?

    Historically speaking, data suggests ice age cycles … however, what it there is an increase in the influx of energy from the Sun NOT tied to sun spot solar flares …

    Still curious, if anything can be pointed towards which discusses the difference between energy arriving from the Sun via solar flares (X-ray ?) versus that arriving via CMEs coming from Coronal Holes and / or solar filament release(s) … AND … if the energies there are different … how they might be received differently, at the planet, potentially, as a result …

    In other words … if there is a suggested difference, at all, as between the different sources of energy as to how such energies are “processed” once they arrive here …

    So … is there the potential then … that, in spite of sun spot related sun flares apparently being on the decline … more energy could still be on tap to arrive here … get processed internally at the planet (warming, then, from the inside out?) … and a different story set to potentially unfold, ice age wise, than the historical data might predict … or suggest?

    The reason I ask, is that the Suspicious Observer videos note the Coronal Hole and filament related releases of energy, in their videos … in addition to X-Ray sun spot solar flare activity … and yes, declines noted there, latterly (re: sun spots), yet the first two perhaps will be there, even with low sun spot activity … or so it seems … yet have those first two activities and levels of such been tracked anywhere; albeit, that perhaps being difficult, if there are not sun spot solar flares to look at, to see such activity? Perhaps aurora activity tracking … historically?

    So, in spite of historical sunspot activity to look back on and to use to predict with … are there other factors potentially in play … I wonder … that could dictate a different trend than that which the historical sun spot data might portend?

    Today’s daily SO video can be seen here:

    Ah well, just typing out loud … 🙂

    • Might Cam be indirectly referring to the blockbuster movie The Day after Tomorrow, in which neutroncharges from the Sun start to behave differently and actually cause the Earth’s core to heat up, instead of the Earth’s surface ?
      Does science regard this deviating neutrontheory as viable, or as mere S.F.?

  5. The original article reported by Nathan is almost word for word what I have said here based on reading the materials recommended in this web site. Glad to see others have the same or similar observations and concerns.

  6. Interesting new site here for following different types of Solar related data … sun spot / solar flare info … as well as Coronal Hole related info … and energy input picked up from any of the three sources of incoming solar energy … (1) sun spot / solar flares … (2) streams of energy potentially incoming from Coronal Holes … (3) streams of energy potentially incoming from filament releases on the surface of the sun …

  7. The fundamental basis for climate change alarm is the unproven hypothesis that greenhouse gases “trap” “heat” in the atmosphere, re-radiate some of this energy back to the Earth’s surfaces causing it to be warmer than it otherwise would. The problem they claim is that by burning hydrocarbons mankind is causing an enhanced greenhouse effect thus the global warming observed is due to more CO2.

    Thus the theory RELIES on the hypothesis that the radiation from a cooler atmosphere can make the Earth surfaces hotter.

    There are several problems with this hypothesis.

    Firstly, more than 2 centuries ago a pioneering scientist named Pictet demonstrated beyond doubt that the radiation from a cold object DOES NOT cause an already warmer object to warm further – in fact the exact opposite occurs !

    Secondly oxygen and nitrogen are infra-red INACTIVE molecules whilst CO2 is infra-red ACTIVE.

    Why is this a problem for global warming alarm ?

    Well we all know the whole of the atmosphere heats up and cools down – that is obvious !

    But the obvious question the alarmists seem to ignore completely with all their fancy equations based on radiation is how do infra-red INACTIVE molecules cool down ?

    As the only way for Earth’s atmosphere to lose energy is to radiate it to space it is obvious that 99% of the atmosphere cannot do this to a large extent. So O2 and N2 must transfer their energy to greenhouse gases which radiate it away.

    No wonder the atmosphere retains “heat” – only a tiny fraction of it can radiate effectively !

    This begs the question – does increasing the amount of “coolant” in the atmosphere result in “trapping heat” ?

    Every combustion reaction replaces infra-red INACTIVE oxygen molecules – O2 – with infer-red ACTIVE CO2 !

    Satellite records confirm that the Earth is radiating more to space NOT less as demanded by the global warming hypothesis. Every CO2 molecule radiates more than every O2 molecule it replaces !

    So it seems that CO2 may well be a problem – not by causing warming but by assisting cooling.

    Combined with a decrease in solar activity this could be a problem !

    Look at the ice core records.

    Warming precedes CO2 build-up – as is happening now – warming peaks, while CO2 continues to accumulate, cooling follows and then in turn CO2 decreases.

    I suspect the additional CO2 enhanced the atmosphere’s ability to radiate to space and when the external forcing – an active Sun – plateaued the enhanced cooling of CO2 caused the decline in temperatures quicker than otherwise would have occurred.

    As the seas cooled – transferring their heat to a now cooler atmosphere – the water has a higher capacity to dissolve CO2 and the atmospheric concentration followed the temperature down – with an appropriate lag.

    So if we are on the cusp of a solar minimum of significant proportions perhaps excess CO2 may be a concern ?

    • And over a certain percentage, the Absorption bands for CO2 become saturated so that additional CO2 has little to no effect on atmospheric Temp. This is why Earth never had runaway warming during the times that CO2 was much higher than today, which is for most of geologic history!

    • If we look carefully at the climate change charts displayed by Al Gore in his movie “An Inconvenient Truth” we see this, CO2 rising, slightly lagging global warming, and then when warming peaks, and CO2 peaks, there is suddenly a dramatic cooling leading into a long era of glacial advance, ice age.

      Rosco’s theory accounts for this, at some point there is enough CO2 in the atmosphere to effect enough heat transfer to trigger (geologically) rapid global cooling.

    • Poor soil mineralization causes poor plant growth and therefore less CO2 conversion into carbohydrates resulting in higher levels of CO2 in the atmosphere. It has been too long since we had an ice age tht would remineralize the soils and promote plant growth that would scrub the excess CO2 out of the atmosphere.
      If CO2 causes cooling insted of heat retention then it all fits with Hamaker’s theory to some degree . The problem was the idea that excess CO2 caused extra convection due to heating at the equator.

    • Thanks for calling this Co2 nonsense a Hypothesis, rather than a Theory. There’s not enough science behind it to begin to call it a Theory, let alone settled science.

  8. “Food shortages from crop failures brought on by cold weather during the summers will produce civil unrest, as in “huge civil unrest.”
    Robert has said this for more years than I can remember!

    • yup
      and the usa grain store is?
      what grain store????

      ps Russia reports 1oo+ mil tons wheat and thats with a large area crop failed due to bad weather frost etc.
      and some morons…sanctioned them??

  9. First snow in Turkey and Russia:
    08/27/2015 On Mount Agri in eastern Turkey has dropped this year’s first snow. reports with reference to the newspaper Milliyet, snow fell at a height of 2800 meters above sea level in the province of Dogubeyazit.

    In Bashkortostan, the snow fell in August
    Unscheduled winter began on Iremel
    Nature decided to make fun of people of Bashkiria and show them this winter in the late summer. On Iremel snow fell, and witnesses an unusual weather event hastened to capture the falling snowflakes in the photo, and share in social networks.
    However, by the summer weather anomalies Bashkiria is no stranger, so in mid-May in Kuyurgazinsky District also snowed.

    On the “home” volcanoes near Petropavlovsk first snow fell.
    As reported IA “Kamchatka” in “Kamgidromete”, “cooling Petropavlovsk began August 25: if the first snow fell on the Koryak volcano.”

    Novosibirsk region are summer frosts
    In Novosibirsk rapidly autumn comes. Forecasters warned of the first frost, which is not far off: the forecast Hydrometcenter, the thermometer drops below zero next Friday.

  10. I have obvserved that this whole gloal warming thing, supposedly due to petoleum products, was driven by Jewish pseudo intelectuals that want to destroy the arab oil states.

  11. Global warming is more energy in atmosphere than should be. Energy allows for an *exponential* increase increase in the frequency, duration and intensity of highly energic, extreme and catastrophic weather events. One event could be extreme cold in some places and an equal extremely hot event in other places.

    Plan for twenty metre high waves caused by a tsunami and there *will* be thirty metre waves, for example: unless a new and unique thought/insight happens along, in all likelihood all life on earth will die within a few years (e.g., ten max) if not a few months. Hopefully no one will have to face weather events where billions of people living close together die at the same time by a super-extreme weather event. 2002 event comes to mind.

  12. As a rule, the more strongly the international corporate elite and its government and corporate media representatives promote an idea, the more confident we can be that the opposite is true. When the international corporate elite — via its government and corporate media representatives — declares something is true, we know it is false; when the international corporate elite declares something is good, we know it is bad.

    When they tell us vaccines are safe, we know that vaccines are poison; when they tell us GMO foods are safe, we know that GMO foods are poison; when they tell us adding hexafluorosilicic acid to drinking water is safe (fluoridation), we know that hexafluorosilicic acid is poison. When they tell us that ISIS is a large Islamic terrorist organization that sprang up fully-formed out of nowhere and that it must be defeated at all costs, we know that ISIS is a manufactured enemy created to provide an excuse for more war and more government control.

    One of the most important goals of the international corporate elite is to convince us to believe in global warming in general and anthropogenic (man-made) global warming in particular. Why? Because that enables the international corporate elite to expand its control by centralizing power through supra-national organizations created to “combat” global warming — such as the “new global political authority” recently called for by Pope Francis.

    Everything presented to us by the corporate media is driven by the economic needs of the international corporate elite. We are barraged with a full-spectrum propaganda campaign that includes scripted stories designed to make us act and think in ways that benefit the elite and damage ourselves.

    Latest details on a sports-team trade or celebrity break-up? No problem. The truth about anything of importance? Another matter entirely.

    The only real value of the corporate media is that it tells us what the corporate elite wants us to think — outside of the occasional mistake, such as when the reporter first on scene at the Pentagon on 9/11 said there was no evidence of a plane crash. . .

    • The smart have already figured out they lie and have an agenda…so to me they are useful because I do the opposite of what they say…thanks to the media always lying I know the truth its ironic I know but it is true….any cause they jump on and support just ask why and you find your answer…its cryptic…if the goal is to depopulate they would need or want the most intelligent to survive….so those smart enough to figure out they really mean the opposite of what they do and follow the money….those people have a leg up on the morons brainwashed by misinformation and deceptive talking points….give them Caitlyn Jenner… Ahem I mean Bruce for entertainment and a distraction…..what they fail to realize is too many of us are on to them they suck at lying

  13. sorry, extremely late to this post, BUT…

    an extremely smart idea imo would be for some sceintists to project what an increase of 1 or 2 degrees does to food production and food costs worldwide vs. projections of what a 1 or 2 degree drop in temperatures /conditions of a solar minimum and then release those findings worldwide.

    now, I know already that plants and crops like it warmer and produce more than colder and a real minimum would really threaten the global population; but I’m a nobody science-wise. if I put out an article, my readership is m,aybe 100; but if those projections got out by real scientists on drudge about the time that record winter #3 in a row is setting in; maybe the coming minimum would finally get some traction.

  14. Interesting paper here:

    “August 3, 2015

    “This page contains the result of more than 19 months of work. On this page you will find a manuscript prepared by Ben Davidson, Dr. Christopher Holloman, and Dr. Kongpop U-yen, detailing a study of the Solar Polar Magnetic Fields and their relationship to M8+ earthquakes. This manuscript and the accompanying resources are 100% open-source publications.


    “The solar polar fields (SPF) data, as measured by the Wilcox Solar Observatory (WSO), has been studied and compared with the large magnitude earthquake record from the United States Geological Survey. The time period covers the 38 years (+13,600 days) that the WSO has collected the SPF data. This study reveals a dependence of M8.0+ seismicity on the oscillations of the SPF; the results and analysis is reported.”

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