Global cooling – Turkey hit by summer snowfall

“Abnormal” snowfall in the Turkish province of Kars-Kagizman.

30 Aug 18 – According to the local newspaper Merkez TV, the snow blocked the highway leading to the resorts, surprising local residents.

Forecasters called the snowfall – in the height of tourist season – “abnormal.”

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    • … not only “like” the Middle East, it is the Middle East. Interesting thing is that both Google translate and many Turkish-English translations confuse hail with snow. The photos from the link provided talks about “snow that fell for about 10 minutes” as part of a cold front pushing through the area; the photo above is not found on the link’s webpage. If the amount of “snow” that fell as evidenced above is consistent with approximately 10 minutes duration then what we’re looking at is hail and not snow.

  1. Kars is in northeast Turkey at the border with Georgia. Still, this is by the Black Sea, where presumably the resorts are located. Should be warm in summer.

  2. Turkey is hugely mountainous. In the 60’s I spent over a year living on a mountaintop overlooking a harbor and the Black Sea. Winter was brutal with lots of snow. Sometimes it snowed right down to the harbor.

    That said, Spring and Summer were beautiful, the weather being moderated by the Black Sea. For reference, Black Sea is a reference to the beaches. The water looks and feels like the Mediterranean.

    • I meant to add that they raised corn among other crops, and the idea of snow in summer would have been mind boggling to them and me.

  3. Iran, today: Sunday, September 11, 1397. That is really today according to the Persian calender: Snowy pictures in the beautiful city of Masouleh.

  4. I agree that it was hail. It seems flat there, not mountainous at all. Snow at low elevations this time of year would be highly improbable.

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