Global Cooling – UK Temps lower than  Xmas

“The only evidence it’s summer in Britain is the calendar,” says

“The U.K. is as chilly as it was in parts of December, pushing the price of the nation’s main fuel for heating to the highest level in six months.”

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  1. Been nice sunny and warm in NW UK/Scotland however I believe the South and East coasts are only reaching temps of 13oC max.

    • The max is spot on and the minimum, bearing in mind cloudy not clear skies, are dropping to 5oC.It is still not possible to plant some of the foodstuffs as the ground is too cold. Any seeds for things like carrots and Radish are just not germinating. In my family we have always planted early cropping potatoes at the beginning of April and they have only just broke through the soil.

    • Cold and grey with a strong wind from the N to NE down here in the South East. Not very June like at all. But I have no doubt that the fiddling department at the Met Office still have 2016 on course to be the warmest year evah! Who needs real temperature readings anyway?

  2. Huge contrasts within the UK. Here in N. Ireland for almost a week we have had cloudless skies, brilliant sunshine with temperatures up to 23C. Our normal rainfall has moved to France, Germany and eastern England.

  3. Here in Malasia, 5 degrees north of the equator, we are getting stratoform clouds most days now that El Nino has weakened and heavy rain often at night, together with cooler days and nights.

    No way to know for sure, but I expect an unusually cool La Nina.

  4. It’s not like we’re having frosts or anything. The past few days have been a bit more like April than the beginning of June, but the beginning of May was like higher summer rather than mid-spring.

    3 days of NE winds is not an ice age. It is just a bit of weather.

  5. I took a picture of my hallway thermometer the other evening and it only read 8.6C.
    Had been like that all week with it only breaking on Friday.
    Pity I can’t upload it as proof; else I would.

    Bradford, West Yorkshire; if anyone’s wondering.

  6. Thanks to the temp converter at the top of the page, I now know that 23C=74F and 5C=40F. All of a sudden, these comments make sense! It’s like having them translated from a foreign language. I didn’t realize how much I was missing by not grasping the precise temperature being talked about.

    Just a suggestion, it might be a good idea, wherever possible, to put in a little infrastructure that will allow gardens to be covered with clear plastic at the end of the growing season, if you want to be able to harvest what you finally get growing. I also believe we’re in for “an unusually cool LaNina”, an early start to fall and winter this year.

    Stock up! Stock up!

  7. The ambient temperature is the UK is dependent on the direction of the air flows, time of year, and temperature of the surrounding seas.
    May is notorious for flip flopping thought the seasons from winter to spring to high summer and back again. Over several decades the monthly weather outturns repeats its self just like history.
    During SC20 we had spring variability just like this year, we also had hard winters like 63 and hot summers like 76, we also had major frosts in the first two weeks of June in one year which savaged my Dads best crop of broad beans, 3Ft high, covered in flowers, cut of at the roots.
    All because of a Solar shut down, meridional Jet Streams, blocking Highs over Iceland and Scandinavia; the Lows went south and dumped their rain of the Atlas Mountains in Africa.
    Weather is cyclic and it’s driven by the Sun’s energy and in particular EUV.

  8. I live in Nova Scotia Canada and it has been getting colder every year,with spring coming later and winter coming earlier every year. Our growing season is now about 90 -95 days. The people at NASA have said it is getting warmer and out of the other side of their mouth they said it was getting colder. I guess they are desperate to bring in a new carbon tax to pay for more war .

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