Global Revolt Against Climate-Change Policies

If politicians want to keep their jobs, perhaps they should begin listening to the people.

“Australia, Canada, France and the U.S. have all seen push back against global warming policies,” writes Michael Bastasch on “That included weeks of riots in France against planned carbon tax increases.”

Here are some excerpts from that eye-opening article:

“It started in June with election of Ontario Premier Doug Ford. Ontario residents overwhelmingly voted Ford’s conservative coalition into power on a platform that included axing the Canadian province’s cap-and-trade program.

“…in Australia another revolt was brewing. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull saw his power base crumble within days of failing to pass a bill aimed at reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

“Turnbull stepped down in late August.

“…Back in the U.S., $45 million was being pumped into the battle over a Washington state carbon tax ballot measure. Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee, who has 2020 presidential ambitions, supported the measure…”.

“The Inslee-backed measure called for taxing carbon dioxide emissions at $15 a ton in 2020, which would increase at $2 a year above the rate of inflation until the state meets its emissions goals.

“However, Washington voters rejected the carbon tax measure in the November election despite Inslee’s support. It was the second time in two years that Washington voters rejected a carbon tax ballot initiative.

“The November elections also saw the defeat of a group of Republican lawmakers in the House Climate Solutions Caucus. Among those defeated was caucus co-chair Florida GOP Rep. Carlos Curbelo, who introduced carbon tax legislation in July.

Meanwhile in France

“French President Emmanuel Macron spent years styling himself as a staunch supporter of efforts to tackle global warming, including the Paris agreement. Indeed, raising taxes on diesel and gasoline was part of Macron’s plan to meet France’s Paris accord pledge.

“It backfired. Angered over the new carbon taxes on fuel, tens of thousands of protesters, called “yellow vests” for the vests drivers are required to have in their cars, took to the streets calling for an end to the taxes and for Macron to resign.

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10 thoughts on “Global Revolt Against Climate-Change Policies”

  1. Michael Bastasch is wrong in his interpretations for Australia.

    Firstly, Turnbull did NOT step down – he was thrown out mostly because he couldn’t communicate with ordinary people who saw him as elitist and having no commitment.

    Secondly, Australia is set on a course to attempt to control the weather by a reduction in CO2 emissions of 45%.

    This 45% will include ALL emissions not just electricity generation and will likely see petrol prices of anything up to several dollars a liter perhaps $3.00 – $5.00 – multiply by 4 for US gallons. How many will be happy paying > $12.00 a gallon ?

    Private transport will have to be the main target – everything else is essential and electricity generation will only get them to about 16% reductions !

    This IS going to happen here next year – Labor will win the next election easily and they have this 45% emissions reductions as one of the major policies – unless they lose which is highly unlikely this madness will happen.

    It won’t matter though because when Trump is gone, which seems inevitable at this time, the US will be back in Paris 2015 with an equally insane agenda driven by equally loopy Democrats.

    Bad times ahead I fear on both sides of the Pacific !

    • TRUMP is our last hope for the America that once was.

      When he is gone, we all are….and that included you.

      The Dark Ages will return and it will be ugly.

  2. No they won’t, they will listen to their Green advisors, telling them to stay the course. We have to do this for the good of the people etc.
    The propaganda will be eat cake, it’s just as good for you, stop being greedy, use less, eat less, stop eating meat, it’s bad for you, winter isn’t a problem, snow is a thing of the past, therefore you don’t need energy to survive, no voting after retirement, and here take these tablets to make room for the young who will obey orders.
    The truth is burnt on the bonfire of censorship. The truth givers are re-educated in work camps, along with those inconvenients the leaders don’t like, you know those people who are different, not of the party, not of the tribe, not of the right colour etc.
    Not forwards to the future of the an electronically connected world with every, and all humans being able to vote on issues worldwide, but back to the dark ages of small minded men enslaving the people of the world to their small minded view of the world on its downward slope into to a glaciated extinction by ice not fire.

  3. On the other hand, I thought I heard that there is a massive petition in France to persuade the government to do more to “tackle” climate change. So poor old President lies between a rock and a hard place!

    • Globalist Warming IS a Marxist plot, being put into play by the Very Rich who financed Marx…….do research and learn.

  4. Putting the peasants back on the plantation has always been the goal of socialists/communists, and of late the Democrats.

    • It has been the goal of the Royalty and Aristocracy for about 200 years.

      They all work together. The Original Dutch “Bank”, as well as the Bank of England, were partnerships between the Royal Families and leading Merchant-Banking Families.

      These families saw the future (mercantile, etc) and knew power was in the “money”, all else being theater for the peasants.

      This is not new.

  5. Al Gore’s movies are science fiction and heavy on the fiction, IMO. Until the media censorship ends the battle for truth will continue but slowly, reason and sanity are gaining ground. It’s unfortunate that everybody is worried about warming and ill-prepared for cooling events, IMO.

  6. “If politicians want to keep their jobs, perhaps they should begin listening to the people.”

    The odd don’t favor this happening anytime soon if at all.
    If they admit to one lie or policy screw up they would have to admit to all of them and that would show them to be unqualified for their jobs or worse..
    They dare not risk it any time soon. Lying, robbing and murdering by the elites and government pays.
    That has to end.

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