Global warming has become a new religion, says physicist – Video

“Global Warming is Pseudoscience,” says physicist. And not just your “ordinary” physicist. Professor Ivar Giaever, the 1973 Nobel Prizewinner for Physics, warns that although it is very rare, some science is fraudulent. “Some people cheat in science on purpose.”

Gore and Pachauri accepting Nobel Peace prize.


Dr Rajendra Pachauri – Would you trust this man with your daughter?

Giaever thinks it’s quite interesting that the famous ‘scientist’ Al Gore received a Nobel Prize along with Ragendra Pachauri, one-time chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

“I am ashamed that the Norwegian government did that,” says Giaever.

Prior to his ascension within the IPCC, Pachauri was a railroad engineer.

The temperature has gone up .8 degrees since 1860, says Giaever. “Point 8 degrees is what they’re discussing.”

“Point 8 degrees. If you ask people in general what they’re discussing, they think it’s 4 or 5 degrees. They don’t know it’s so little. It’s not even fever.”

But Giaever doesn’t think it’s even possible to measure that.

“In the 1889s thermometers were place in various places,” says Gaiever. “In 1900 they were moved. In 1950 they were moved. In 2000 they were moved. How can you figure the average temperature of the earth? I don’t think that’s possible.”

By the way, Pachauri stepped down from his post after sexual harassment allegations:

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9 thoughts on “Global warming has become a new religion, says physicist – Video

  1. Reminds me of the civilizations described in Bhagavad Gita….. Its a cycle. Keep an open mind and you will be more prepared than most.

  2. To be clear those civilizations were also extremely advanced then dissapeared unto history. An ice age will be evident in our time.

  3. And the sexual harassment allegations presumably only surfaced decades after the alleged events, when they became convenient?

  4. prof gaiever is being very restrained in saying science fraud is rare!
    the amount of medical science fraud is damned huge and scary considering millions of lives can be affected by fraud there..same as the billions of us affected by crap climate concensus and decisions made following advice by “expert liars” in THAT field!!
    the med ones get busted and often fired
    the climate conmen seem to be teflon coated

    • Anything involving diet and nutrition is highly suspect. Amuthing dealing with social sciences and behavioral sciences should be just discarded. Anything worthwhile in these two fields was discovered before WWII and anything since is just political – to “prove” some political or SJW point.

  5. “To be clear those civilizations were also extremely advanced then disappeared unto history. ”

    Steevo the reason for this is that those civilizations were Indo European/ Aryan and they made a few fatal mistakes that led to their downfall. Liberalism, immigration of non whites, slavery and miscegenation. This led to that race of geniuses being blended out, out bred or killed off.
    Unfortunately the same thing is happening again in our time in Europe and |North America.

  6. Peace through immanent domain, starvation and dehydration!!!
    Very sad day it was for the scientific community, and more sad for those whom U.N. lowered its sights upon!
    The global warming sales pitch fell upon deaf ears here, and after driving the theory and testing the data against other theories was found to be a “lemon” indeed.

    I would liked to have been a little birdie in the room when the grand used car salesman Gore met with then president elect Trump>

  7. The model’s that are the kingpin of the IPCC endeavors have no uncertainties, they just have unreal physical aspects and misplaced degrees of confidence* in believing the model’s sophistication is able to mimic nature’s chaotic pseudo-cyclic variations mixed with extraterrestrial random events (mostly solar in origin).

    *In ‘climate science™’, belief in degrees of confidence for theoretical outcomes (and as evidence of kind of ‘reality’) appears to have overtaken actual observations and measurements, as the preferred method of verification.

  8. The models in use by the climate Ologists suffer from linearity, each model will go off track either to hot house Venus (which is volcanic or solar body impact in nature and not GHW) or Snowball Earth.
    The models either have to be reset to reflect reality as now, or worse Tweaked as in East Anglia Climate Gate to provide the correct result of slow trend warming to a specific point, where the warming stops before a suppose tipping point with success for the Warmist in controlling the climate.
    The manuscript directly demonstrated that every single climate model projection was linear in forcing.
    The core of the paper is:
    Climate model air temperature projections are just linear extrapolations of greenhouse gas forcing. Therefore, they are subject to linear propagation of error.
    The full paper is here:

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