Global warming – “The biggest scam in the history of the world”

“Never forget this next time you hear anyone bleating about Trump doing something sensible like pulling out of the Paris climate accord or scrapping the Clean Power Plan,” says James Delingpole. “The global warming scare is the biggest scam in the history of the world. It cannot be killed off soon enough.”

“Let’s get something absolutely clear about this global warming debate,” says Delingpole. “(I may have mentioned this before but it’s worth restating). Anyone at this late stage who is still on the alarmist side of the argument is either a liar, a cheat, a crook, a scamster, an incompetent, a dullard, a time-server, a charlatan or someone so monumentally stupid that they really should be banned by law from having an opinion on any subject whatsoever.”

“And that’s just the scientists.”

“The parasitic industry profiting from all that junk-science nonsense the alarmists keep pumping into the ether is even worse.”

See entire article, entitled “Delingpole: Man-Made Climate Catastrophe Is a Myth, More Studies Confirm.”

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  1. “Global warming – “The biggest scam in the history of the world””

    Can we please be accurate and say, “Man-made global warming . .:’
    Naturally occurring global warming is as common as apple pie – as is naturally occurring global cooling.

    GW and AGW are not one in the same.

  2. I agree with Mr Delingpole
    But how about facing the reality that
    We are still in the last Ice Age.

    There are still massive glaciers in both the
    northern and southern hemispheres and
    glaciologists are still extracting ice cores
    that are all of 100,000 years old.

    Those massive glaciers that we still have to this day
    are the definition of an Ice Age.

    Global Warming is clearly not happening
    although we should probably rejoice if it where.

    The prospect of a long time cooling means
    that we might descend back into the depths of the
    Ice Age that we never come out of.

  3. The ice age has a name:
    (c. 2,588,000 years ago to present).
    This glacial advance:
    However it is this chart I find the most interesting:
    In it you can see the three previous Interglacial peaks, with continuous average temperatures 2.5C above the max levels of the Holocene interglacial, in our Interglacial we have had a very brief spike to 2C and then it has wobbled between 1C and 1.5C.
    Notice the other factor with Interglacial the abrupt drop into glaciation once average temperatures reached 0C. The human race has very small margin of error of 1.5 C n.
    Let loose climate Ologists geo engineering tribe with Iron seeding of oceans and Sulphate aerosols and you can see the very fast decline of the Human race from 7 Billion to 12 thousand individuals within few hundred years or less.

  4. You are right JayPee but the coming cooling has the potential to wipe out millions through starvation because the world has, due to the warmist lies and deceit, not prepared for a cooler world.

    Imagine if farmers could only sow crops between May and September with no guarantee that they would ever get to harvest?
    That could mean no more bread on the shelves, no more fresh vegetables, no milk, no water.
    In fact everything that we, in most of the northern hemisphere at least, take for granted today could disappear in the next 10 to 20 years?
    During previous coolings, great empires have fallen, millions of people have been displaced, many more starved to death!

    Every one of the agw deceivers should be charged with crimes against humanity!

    • The LALIA around AD600 a deep Grand Solar Minimum similar to this modern GSM we are now in, was accompanied by three separate T6/T7 Volcanic eruptions, ushered in a period of cold wet climate, the European Dark ages and the Black death.
      The period has another name – the Human Migration period. During this period the Angles, Saxons, and the other Norse and Germanic peoples migrated westwards from East of Urals. To the now Baltic states and the central region of Western Europe, the more fundamentals of those tribes ended up in the British Isles, and the rest is history.

  5. As JimBob suggests above, regarding the Vostok ice core charts, there is nothing “extraordinary” about our recent warming, as we have steadily recovered from the Little Ice Age, since around 1850. However, the AGW hucksters have been very adept at creating scary graphs (some based on real data, some, like the “hockey stick,” not) that make it look like Dante’s Inferno is just around the corner to the average slow-witted, ill-informed reader.(like the news readers on CNN, NBC, etc.).

    One thing is obvious in all of this: The AGW promoters have all read and put into practice what they learned from that classic little book, “How to Lie With Statistics (by Darrell Huff, 1954)” which gives numerous examples of how graphs can be used to exaggerate and distort, even without falsifying the data. Shysters in the AGW business have raised this kind of reality distortion to an art form.

    • The funny thing is, while studing for a Bsc at university I was taught how to identify the spurious means of mis using averages, including outliers to warp averages and how to cherry pick data so graphs look worse, or just change scale of graph to look worse it seems all of the scientists involved in global warming have forgotten what they were taught about bias graphs used as propaganda more than convey true message.

      A bit like the recent post on this site with the red colour on the map which to the majority of the world depicts warmth while the temperatures were actually low.

      Now in the UK we are being screamed at from all corners about a mini heat wave, warmer than average temps, while ignoring the last two months where it has been like 5 degrees below average on more on for weeks at a time. They talk about above average while studying statistic teaches you average is a conceptual number, not a number that exists in reality, average doesn’t even always appear in a dataset at all meaning that all samples are above or below average, so when you say above average that can just mean normal, but those producing this literature knows most people think above average means above normal, you’d have to work out the standard deviation for normal and still consider how long term cycles can produce normal values even above or below standard deviation.

      So yes the drums are bleating of up to 25 C while not one source has named where will get 25 C and having looked around the forecasts for the UK I have yet seen a specific town forecast for 25 C so mischievous when not providing a town as most people just take it as fact, in fact it is so frustrating here that they refer to the UK in weather often, so UK gona get heatwave with 25 C sometimes just means in one corner of the UK, while I live then like 800 miles away in the other corner yet everyone around me tells me a heat wave is coming to us up to 25C and I have to say NO, not us we’re having like 15 just town / county X 800 miles away is getting, showing that the way the news portrays it is as if most of the country is getting it, so people just all think and remember all those warm forecasts.

      Knowing from experience though there will be one location register 25 C, Heathrow airports weather station, the busiest airport in the world surrounded by not just jet engine exhaust but the urban heat effect from the concrete jungle, so I will predict now due to their predictability at deceiving that the heat wave of 25C will ONLY be noticed at Heathrow, I will monitor their weather stations tomorrow and report back if my intuition is right.

      There you would have a false positive reading that will be added to the GLOBAL WARMING dataset, which will be an outlier that drags the average up for the whole UK, and it’s doing this day in and day out over the 30 odd years of their records

  6. AGW is not the only spurious scientific theory. Many of the beliefs we take for granted are supported by facts found by scientists to suit their own ideas.
    Just like AGW.
    Personally I do not believe in ice ages, the dating of events, AGW, evolution but too many theories to list here.

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