Global warming is cyclical, and the government KNOWS it

Look at this graph from the EPA

Global warming is cyclical, and the government KNOWS it

Any claims to the contrary are just BS
By Ray Kraft

Whatever the cause(s), if you Google “EPA Causes of Climate Change” you will find a good chart illustrating 11 larger and smaller cycles of global warming and cooling over the last 800,000 years.

Yes, that’s EPA as in Environmental Protection Agency, United States Government.

Any claim by any government agency that the government doesn’t know that the climate has been cyclically warming and cooling for hundreds of thousands, or tens of millions, of years, is just BS.

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Note: I did as Mr Kraft suggested and Googled “EPA Causes of Climate Change.” I found an article on the EPA website with that title here. 

And here’s the graph showing the 11 cycles that Kraft refers to:


Notice that one of those cyclic events (the Eemian Period) was even warmer than today .

The Eemian Period began around 128,000 years ago, lasted about as long as our present interglacial, and then ended – abruptly – as our planet descended into an ice age.

I fear that the same scenario – a rapid descent into an ice age – is about to repeat itself.

Link to EPA Article:

Link to larger version of graph:

23 thoughts on “Global warming is cyclical, and the government KNOWS it”

  1. Read the article, but it’s actually a AGW account, beside mentioning global warming and cooling periods throughout the Earth’s history.
    So what to make of it ?

      • While the “celebrity” sceptics continue to support the “greenhouse effect” – actually they defend it more viciously than even die hard alarmists do – then AGW will always win !

        No-one should teach the “greenhouse effect” to children or even mention the words “greenhouse gases” – NO ONE !

        An unproven hypothesis is not “settled science”.

        The “back radiative greenhouse effect” as taught is absolute junk science – claiming the atmosphere’s IR back radiation is as powerful as sunshine is absurd beyond belief, easily debunked with a magnifying glass yet they continue to teach it !

        No in their right mind denies ALL of the atmosphere absorbs heat from the heated ground and ocean surfaces – a few % of trace IR active gases do not heat the entire atmosphere.

        And if the “extra” CO2 is causing more “heat trapping” then how do satellites measure more IR emitted from Earth NOT less as “heat trapping” would require?

        All that satellites have measured is a slight increase in temperatures over the whole of the 50+ years of monitoring.

        If “heat trapping” actually could increase temperatures from a constant input of energy then it would be possible to engineer more efficient heat engines. To my knowledge no such thing has even been proposed let alone demonstrated !

  2. Knowing how variable climate has really been in the past, I’m constantly amazed when I see warmist rubbish about ‘recent unprecedented dramatic warming.’ Such pathetic lies. And then well meaning but gullible people echo the rubbish.

    One of them being the creator of renowned online comic XKCD. See his present strip:
    “A timeline of Earth’s temperature”

    Sigh. Multiple things wrong with his graph. One I see, is he’s swallowed the ‘continuously rising temp since 1900’ crap. Which dataset is he using? Clearly one of the post-massive-fudge sets put out by the warmists, with early temp records shifted down to hide the mid-century cool period.
    Another is, where’s the present 18 year pause?
    Plus he still thinks the Medieval Warm Period was only local to Europe.

    Anyone with his email address care to set him straight?
    It’s a shame, he’s usually a pretty smart guy.

    The really scary thing about the EPA chart, is that CO2 dropped down to around 180 ppm so many times in the last 800Kyr. That’s getting awfully close to universal plant death from carbon starvation.

    I think we’d better burn a lot more coal, asap. 🙂

  3. Another point about the chart, and this interglacial, it clearly shows the return to glacial conditions during the Younger Dryas period during the first third of this interglacial.
    A second point is that this interglacial has a higher ratio of Land based Ice caps and glacier due in the main to the ice refresh during the Younger Dryas and the series of Solar Minimum periods since 600AD.
    I also agree that the return to glacial conditions is imminent in geological terms, but is even more likely to be much quicker into deep worldwide Glacial conditions, due to the significant Ice caps already in place, and the low headline temperatures reached in this very poor interglacial.
    The EPA when it carries out its primary task of cleaning up poisonous pollution is very good, but its leadership team dances to a very different tune when protecting carbon credits, energy taxation, and the repression of the people’s property rights.

  4. “I fear that the same scenario – a rapid descent into an ice age – is about to repeat itself.” Based on the scale of the graph, “rapid” is relative. It looks to be about 1,000 years or so.

    • Actually, my research shows that the descent into full-fledged glaciation at the end-Eemian took place in 20 years or less. And that was from temperatures even warmer than today.

      • Well, I understand that it wouldn’t take much of a temperature drop for humanity to feel the effects. So when you say “descent into full-fledged glaciation at the end-Eemian took place in 20 years or less”, how big of a temperature drop is that?

        • Not much colder at all. For example, during the last ice age Seattle was buried beneath 3,000 to 4,000 feet of ice. The ice extended south to Olympia, Washington. However, 150 miles south of Olympia, temperatures appeared to have been only 7 degrees colder than today.

  5. Looks almost like an electrocardiagram of the earth, doesn’t it?
    And the EPA must also know, if they look at their own graph, that
    every time the CO2 peaks the temperature is well on the way down.

  6. So, the government, or rather, various people in the government lie. Did you expect anything less? The human-caused climate change crap is about political power and making money for a small elite group of liars.

    • Ronald,it has been posted at Tony Heller’s blog many times the last two years. He also shows the EPA’s heat wave index as well, showing that the 1930’s was far hotter than today.

    • “El-Nino’s are an indicator of a cooling world” Yes, I’ve read this also. It has something to do with the ocean releasing stored heat, into the atmosphere first (hence the recent “warmest ever” global temperatures) then off into space. It appears to be the beginning of the cooling process. All this heat is being released now, but what do you expect is going to happen when most of it is out? I reckon the oceans will be mighty cool, and with it, the global air temperature.

  7. The temperature vs. CO2 chart has been phase shifted to show to hid the cause and effect of temperature on CO2. Can anyone point me to the chart that properly shows the lag of CO2 change behind temperature? They also very craftily word it like. CO2 levels are higher DURING interglacials and lower DURING ice ages. I explain it to people by saying, if I pour a beer into a glass and put it in the refrigerator, the next day it will still be carbonated compared to the flat beer left at room temperature. The heat drives the CO2 out of solution. It would be stupid to say that it was the higher CO2 levels in the room that came from the glass of beer that caused it to warm up compared to the glass in the fridge! Yet that what they are trying to get everyone to beleive.

    • Shush! Don’t remind the Warmistas that drinks are carbonated, and constantly letting all that CO2 out into the atmosphere world wide. They’ll want to ban carbonated drinks, same as cow farts.

  8. Most people have this funny idea that ice ages are a thing of the past or it will never happen in their life times.
    They are dead wrong on at least one count and may be two. Continuity or normalcy bias can kill.

  9. Until the Greenland ice cap fully melts, we remain in an Ice Age, with the definition of two Ice Caps, close or at the poles.
    Interglacial are cyclic every 120,000 years or so and last 10 to 12 K years.
    Even using the EPA graphic the solar heartbeat of a warmish period every 10,000 years or so can be seen throughout the major glaciation period, it’s just insufficiently powerful to fully warm up the oceans and change the jet streams into a more meridional direction pushing heat higher into the polar regions and melt the all the ice below 70 degrees lat.

  10. “Most people have this funny idea that ice ages are a thing of the past or it will never happen in their life times.” Many of these people live in the Northeast part of the United States and the Great Lakes – the most progressive-liberal part of the U.S./Canada, and an ice age is the furthest thing on a majority of their minds. Based on ice age maps, this area of North America was where the ice sheet was furthest south and therefore where glaciation hit the worst.

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