Global Warming in a Climate of Ignorance – Video

Physicist Wal Thornhill discusses whether consensus science is leading us toward – or away from – a better understanding of climate change.

Thornhill quotes Professor Fred Taylor of Oxford University:

“It is very disturbing that we do not understand the climate on [Venus} that is so much like the Earth. It is telling us that we really don’t understand the Earth. We have ended up with a lot of mysteries.

“The weather and the lightning on the distant outer planets are the most violent in the solar system,” says Thornhill. “This strongly suggests that the belief that the earth’s weather system are chiefly driven by the sun’s radiant heat has missed another energy source. It is at the fundamental level that astrophysicists misinform everyone with their belief that electricity plays no role in space. So lightning experts regard earth as an electrically isolated system and then have to admit that they don’t understand what causes lightning.”

“History makes it clear that the climate does change,” Thornhill concludes. “The real questions in whether our activities today are a significant cause of global warming…. All the evidence suggests quite simply that global warming is not man-made.”

Thanks to Jimmy Walter for this video

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10 thoughts on “Global Warming in a Climate of Ignorance – Video”

  1. The Anti-Human Agenda

    The radical environmental movement is more than scary. People have bought into this because of an innate, natural love for our home world, but they don’t understand that this movement is putting forward an agenda that will eliminate a massive number of humans. This agenda claims that carbon dioxide is the main destroyer of the planet. This is plainly false as even an elementary understanding of the carbon cycle shows that we need this natural gas to survive. So in order to fix this non-existent problem the global elite have devised a system to tax everything that produces carbon dioxide. This makes human beings the #1 enemy in this struggle to “save the planet.”

  2. Carbon…. anyway here’s your clue:

    “Diamond is a solid form of the element carbon”

    “Carbon (from Latin: carbo “coal” … a common element of all known life”

    “Carbon forms … more [compounds] than any other element, with almost ten million compounds described to date, and yet that number is but a fraction of the number of theoretically possible … under standard conditions. For this reason, carbon has often been referred to as the “king of the elements“

    Got it?

    “… often been referred to as the “king of the elements”

    For a trace gas as precious and rare as CO2 at one part in twenty-five hundredths of the atmosphere the symbolism goes way back….

  3. This is all part and parcel of the involvement and interference of politics and political correctness in science, which by definition is supposed to be sceptical, regardless of calls to the contrary.

    • Yes all 68 of them, questionnaire tickers to one question out of four.
      “Do you agree that AGW is caused by human produced CO2”. Tick here.
      Never mind the 30,000 other, real scientists who disagreed with this consensus
      This survey was in green magazine together with the Job adverts for researchers. This same survey was picked up by the Obama Whitehouse press staff as a means to isolate human induced climate change sceptics of their policy to curtail energy production from Carbon in the US, Worldwide, and in particular Africa, as evidenced by the Democrat Chairman of the World Bank, recently replaced

  4. Venusian climate was Hansens nasa thing.
    extrapolating Venus events to Earth is plain stupid
    planetary size ,mass, spin speed ,absence of moon and interior core variations just for starters!

    sad to see theyre still got the same braindead ideation after all this time;-(

    • I wonder what would have happened if Shoemaker Levy had wacked Venus in the aspect! on the comets swing around the Sun back out into deep space, instead of Jupiter cleaning up these interlopers before they cause problems to the inner rocky planets.
      Magma resurfacing of the entire planet would have happened as it has, and a massive increase atmospheric pressure, as all that Gas vents out of the magma and nothing to do with a drug induced haze regarding GHG theory.
      Mars was very close to getting wacked four years ago by an inbound comet; caused NASA to move its satellites to different orbits to avoid it.

  5. France Becomes First Country To Ban Single-Use Plastic Cutlery, Plates, And Cups

    This reminds me of an old joke from communist Romania.
    A newspaper advertisement:

    “Comrades, I will exchange a toothpick used at one end for a piece of toilet paper used on one side only!”

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