Global warming in the homeland of the Pope

More than 400 trucks were stranded by heavy snowfall yesterday waiting for the reopening of the crossing to Chile.

There is a white blanket of 35 cm (more than a foot) and it’s still coming down.

Horcones is covered by 70 cm (more than 2 ft) of snow

Meanwhile, the temperature dropped to minus 19.4 C in the area of Patahuasi in Arequipa.

Senamhi zonal chief Gutiérrez urged residents to take protective and preventive measures to prevent respiratory diseases, especially in children and older adults.

He also informed that from June 4 to 6, snowfall will be recorded above 4,000 meters. os-19-grados-821757/ ra-mas-baja-con-men-821757-jpg_604x0.jpg!.jpg?s=212b2cb567dc682836eb981e724f1cc0&d=1527766818

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9 thoughts on “Global warming in the homeland of the Pope”

  1. that article must be fake because the headline should read “Global Cooling” in the homeland of the pope LOL

  2. the ENSO meters moved to a tad to the side of positive which means tilting towards a El Nino
    cold n theoretically dry for Aus down sth
    not sure what S/american places get? looks like cold and wet so far

  3. why.. the homeland of the pope is Argentina, and this news is about the mountain pass between Chile and Argentina called “Cristo Redentor”.

    And was true. Im live in Chile.

  4. Mr. Lund – please stop obfuscating the scale of the climate catastrophe:

    If the temperatures drop and snow increases it is due to Global Warming.
    If the temperatures rise and snow decreases it is due to Global Warming.
    If the temperatures remain the same and the weather just exhibits normal variations it is due to Global Warming.

    What part of “the science is settled” are you missing?


  5. South America is in the Southern Hemisphere, where winter has just started. I visited Chili and Argentina in December 2000, and experienced snow.

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