Global warming is the biggest fraud in history – Dan Pena – Video

Warning –  Some real salty language here.

Thanks to Vance for this link

11 thoughts on “Global warming is the biggest fraud in history – Dan Pena – Video”

  1. well said!
    I like blunt talking and he sure does;-)
    and id apologise for the whining daft cow who from her voice is an idiot aussie
    we DO have some real thick ones;-/

  2. He is very rude, that does not help!

    He should take a big slice of Mrs. Curry or Mrs. Nova, Mr. Roy Spencer, Mr. McIntyre, Mr. Watts, Mr. Singer etc.

    using words like MF and shut up is not the way how to talk to people!

    One of the main reasons I am on the sceptic side is the abuse and the poor behavior coming from the alarmistas. That convinced me that the sceptics were correct.

  3. I will never understand the reasoning behind people like her.

    She says think of the children. Oh yes the rising sea levels.

    All the while the western world is literally going to shits with industry gone abroad, an insane housing market where its impossible to find apartments to rent and housing prices is insane.

    The taxes are eating up most of my paycheck and spending power (sweden), and I just paid over 400$ for my dentist. So much for free healthcare right?

    The immigrants are running to the western world because they know they will get free money while the women by and large cheer them on.

    All I see from people like her is monstrous egoism and evil, they dont GIVE A SHIT about their kids. The ONLY thing they give a shit about is to virtue signal. As long as they have their car and their house the world can burn for all their care.

    I know how these people work, sweden is full of them.

  4. That’s the best argument, I’ve ever heard, to prove the ultra rich people spreading this lie knowing it full of shit. “goes with the video”

  5. What a foul mouthed pig! Whenever I see someone, particularly someone of that age, who is so out of control that he’d use that sort of language before women, I suspect Alzheimer’s. He’s actually been an intelligent man, but who wants to listen to a garbage mouthed lout who can’t quite remember other, more appropriate words, thus, at least, demonstrating that he still has his wits about him?
    No fault on you Robert: it’s all on him.

  6. I’m no prude and have certainly have used similar language but not in the type setting portrayed here. He could have made his point without all of the profanity. His over-the-top language detracts from his message,

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