Global warming? “It’s a scam,” says Professor of Physics Emeritus

President Trump’s former Science Advisor, Dr William Happer, speaks out against the global warming scare.

“It’s a scam,” he says.

Happer, Professor of Physics Emeritus at Princeton University and former science advisor on the Trump Administration’s National Security Council, first spotted the nature of the scam during the Clinton era.

Happer was briefly director of the Department of Energy’s Office of Science before being sacked by Vice President Al Gore. Gore didn’t like the way Happer was asking so many inconvenient questions about his friends’ supposed “climate” research projects.

See all of this article by James Delingpole, and watch the accompanying video:

2 thoughts on “Global warming? “It’s a scam,” says Professor of Physics Emeritus”

  1. and wasn’t that the same time Gore who had “interests” in it(as usual) got some fuel additive mandated in usa fuels and then a while later they discovered it was way more toxic than lead was, and it got removed pdq?

    it was supposedly an enviro friendly improvement
    that was far from it.

    but Ive noted hes always got some “investment” going then gets it widely touted makes a lot on shares and then does a fast sell before the suckers wake the carbon trading scheme he made mega mill off of then sold just before they bottomed out at 5c a share down from 10 or 15$ or so when gore flogged it.

    same shit right now with all the vegan meat burgers hes invested in along with gates and a few other high income low IQ mugs like di caprio? hmm other media morons
    oh no, thats right , dicaprios got his very OWN fakefood setup in progress ,

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