Global warming narrative losing steam

Why? “Fraudulent constructed data”  – J.H. Walker

Global warming narrative losing steam with the public and policymakers

By J.H. Walker

The reason the global warming narrative is losing steam with the voting public is that the alarmism is not matching the reality of people’s experience over tens of years, coupled with the fraudulent constructed data which most – if not all – of the AGW alarmism is based on.

People don’t trust politicians with good reason. They certainly don’t trust the lying Greenpeace a terrorist organisation, and won’t buy a climate pig in a poke, which is what carbon levies on energy and carbon credits (another label for Cargo Cultism) are.

Finally, the policy makers are taking notice.  In fact, they take more notice of the results of real elections rather than biased surveys the so called climate consensus is based on.

The real science is published on how the world oceans capture energy on a cyclic basis, and how that captured energy is transported from the tropics to the poles over long time scales where it is finally radiated to space.

Tropical storms are the major transport mechanism from the tropics to the poles of both heat and water vapour, with the latter being the most potent greenhouse gas.

The fact is that water vapour in the atmosphere has increase more so than CO2 as measured over the last 15 years and has far more impact on regional temperature than CO2 ever has.

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  1. and if that water keeps falling as snow..then sea levels will begin to drop noticeably
    funny the first to really see that will prob be the rich marina or waterway living twits with the boat ramp at the front/back door.
    that should be good for some laughs

    • If you compare the rich twits from the Roman Solar Warm period to the current Sea level where the Modern Solar Warm period ended in 2008 and its rich twits, with Gore being one of them. Sea level has dropped several meters, there is far more Snow and Ice stored in the world Ice Caps now than there was 1700 years ago.
      5000 years ago the Holocene warm period was at its peak of warmth, glaciation was at its minimum, other than the very large Ice Caps. After a pause, the slow slide into the next glaciation started around 3500 years ago with a -degree or so for each Solar Warm Period. Another -3C from now and brass monkeys will be complaining of cold nuts, and Humans will have gone the same way as the Dodo.
      But Not Yet!

  2. “Tropical storms are the major transport mechanism from the tropics to the poles of both heat and water vapour, with the latter being the most potent greenhouse gas.”

    I don’t agree.

    Ocean currents have to be the major mechanism by which ocean waters “seek” to establish temperature equilibrium simply by mass considerations.

    Water has a mass of 1000 kg per cubic metre versus about 1.2 kg per cubic metre for the atmosphere. And water vapour is never more than 5% of that – so about 60 grams per cubic metre.

    Tropical storms cannot be described in terms of water vapour and most dump copious quantities of rain before leaving the mid latitudes.

    This is not to state that there isn’t significant poleward movement of atmospheric water vapour heated in the tropics –

    “Using a combination of computer simulations and atmospheric observations, NOAA ETL scientists have confirmed that more than 90 percent of the water vapor that is transported towards the poles in the heavily populated mid-latitudes are channeled into these rivers, narrow regions of very moist and fast moving air, roughly 240-480 kilometers (150-300 miles) wide, within the lowest 3,000 meters (10,000 feet) of the atmosphere. (NOAA) “.

    The storms generate the pressure gradients to facilitate this poleward transfer of atmospheric energy.

  3. Thank you Rosco for this technical correction.
    Then in the Atlantic we have a double edged sword of heat transfer from Water into Water Vapour.
    The Gulf Stream with its heat content moves from Florida towards the British Isles loosely following the Northern boundary of the Azores High to the boundary of Europe and then North around Norway. At the end of the day the heat contained in the overturning current is radiated into space in the process taking water vapour with it, which is dumped on the nearest continent.
    The normal track of the Atlantic Jet Stream is in the same direction, as is moves in an N Easterly you can see developing Low pressure systems building in the Atlantic feeding on the heat transference and its water vapour.
    Where a Tropical Storm or a low pressure dumps its rain is dependent on whether its makes landfall in the US or Greenland, and I agree that the majority of the Rain from Storms which make landfall in this way do dump the majority of its water vapour in this way. But the storms which traverse the US sea board dump their rain fall in the High Arctic well away from the overturning current.

  4. There has been indications for the last several years that AGW has been falling apart. More and More demands to put anyone who disagrees with AGW in jail for several years and they are increasing. When the Left starts calling people stupid and threaten to jail people who disagree with the Left, you know Left is in trouble.

    • They just dont learn! If skeptics are charged then it is agw that will be dragged through the courts, just like the current case which has resulted in Michael Mann being charged with contempt. They believe they are above the law. They will be exposed but they don’t know it yet!

  5. At about 10:30 in the video , Professor Judith Curry says it all (and while she was still at Georgia Institute of Technology) —

    …so we are getting this growing divergence between the observations and the climate model simulation…

    …[and] that is where I break with my colleges, I just think there is a lot more uncertainty. We are now in the cool phase of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation, and I think that is the major thing that is causing the pause. And my understanding of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation is that we could stay in the cool phase for another two decades.
    So where does that leave us in terms of thinking that this sensitivity that we’ve deduced, largely based on this warming in the last quarter of the 20th century, during that period we were in the warm phase of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation.

    The problem is unlike the late 1950s to the mid-1970’s cool down, we now have a very reluctant sun that will be unable to pull us back with authority like what happened from the mid-1980s to the early 2000s.

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