3 thoughts on “A little global warming would be nice”

  1. n late May, Italy was covered with snow
    The vagaries of weather brings surprises not only in Russia. On hot summer already covered with snow Italy. While in the center and south of the peninsula is very sunny and warm, in the north it snows. Even for our latitude snow in late May is not common. And in Italy, and all the wonders of nature.
    Spring snow in Alto Adige. On the A22 motorway on the Austrian border movement of vehicles partially restricted. Huge traffic jams and many accidents.

    May 20, 2015. Snows from early in the morning at the Brenner Pass: as shown in the photo taken by the webcam Site A22 snow is creating heavy traffic disruption in both carriageways between Sterzing and the state border. Especially heavy vehicles proceeding slowly slowing down the entire flow of vehicles. An improvement in weather conditions is expected in the evening with rainfall low and temporary cloudy. The temperature forecast to 2000 meters but does not exceed 8 °.
    The name of the new cyclone is less worrying than the last, Ferox, but Venus, the disturbance that now will cross Italy, has already created difficulties with falling snow in South Tyrol and the Brenner motorway. Here, in fact, the major problems were reported between Sterzing and the crossing with Austria because of the snow that makes it particularly risky transit of heavy vehicles.

  2. It’s been in the 40s every day when I get up here in the Boston area, and it’s nearly June. I’ve never seen it this cold for such a prolonged period. A little global warming would be VERY welcome indeed! It’s so obvious that a new ice age is coming, I don’t see how anyone with any sense could deny it!

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