Global warming politicians causing far more damage than global warming is ever likely to

“VICTORIANS SWEAT THROUGH A GREAT GREEN HOAX,” reads the headline in the Herald Sun, January 25, 2019

“…Affordable? Victoria actually had wholesale power prices hit $14,500 per megawatt hour – when prices used to average less than $40.

“Sustainable? Wind power generators on Thursday delivered a feeble 3.8 per cent of the state’s power, thanks to fickle winds. They could not deliver when needed most.

“Reliable? Victoria – which helped drive the giant Hazelwood coal-fired generator out of business – ran short of electricity in the heat wave, and suffered blackouts that hit 200,000 homes and premises, even after it ordered big power users like the Portland smelter to shut down.

“Why does Victoria, sitting on hundreds of years of supply of coal and big gas reserves, have an electricity system that can no longer deliver enough electricity?

“Why? Because it bought the great global warming scare, and spent billions on unreliable green power … It made coal-fired generators unprofitable, and told vast untruths about the great future of green power.

“And for what? For pure symbolism. No cuts Australia makes to emissions will affect global warming, which has turned out to be nothing like the catastrophe that was predicted.

“Global warming politicians are causing far more damage than global warming is ever likely to. Yet who dares call them out?”

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  1. Individual states in the US (CA, NY, CO), “blue states,” are trying the same “green power” illusion. But in the US each state can set its own policies for power production. So states that keep power rates down by using cheaper methods of generation will have a cost advantage, and will prosper while the states that fall for the “green power” illusion will only impoverish themselves.

    • Right out of ATLAS SHRUGGED, except the “People’s Blue States” will demand TAXES and payments from the prosperous states, since it “Isn’t Fair”……………………….

  2. correct 10% of Australians now run the country the rest either dont give a stuff about the country going down the gurgler or there on there I phones all the time or down the beach

  3. Actually the globalist elites who want their New World Order agenda up and running have planned this for some time. First, tax from CO2 emissions will fund their world government and secondly, they want to live like Lords (while the rest of us become the serfs) by keeping the massive reserves for themselves for the future. See article:
    World Bank Whistleblower Reveals How the Global Elite Rules the World

  4. Weather reports are worldwide a necesstity for having fun and holidays on the beach, not food shortages. Scientific arguments won’t help, as to every scientific claim about climate a.s.o., there is an opposite one and no one will draw conclusions from that ‘phenomenae’. That’s what mine experience is. Only politicians who are seeking a way out to get political power and/or remaining that, are claiming the upwarming by CO2 despite the billions of taxmoney has been spoiled. I know people who don’t bother that spoiling, cause it serves a good goall, getting down the temperature by reducing CO2 transport into the air by human beings. All is intertwined, the ECB can’t manage economy by their interest policy, and hence forward, creating more debt to rescue the EU’s economy is on our EU-path, and, as far as I understand it, Sweden is the model now to have a CO2 free society and booming economy. The Green Brigades are underway.

  5. theres a few more that do give a shit.. but trying to break the systems setup is impossible
    the 2 party preferred and preferences guaratees not much can be changed
    meanwhile the andrews govt got reelected using green prefs and is throwing bilions MORE into another stunt for solar setups
    half of whats proposed would get a new reliable coal plant running i reckon
    Hazlewood could have been refurnished and had exytra scrubbers instaled
    but the french mob that bought it ran it into the ground no maintenance and then refused to sell it
    ditto happening in NSW also
    and they sold off/demolished the Pt Augusta plant in record time so it couldnt be restored either
    and that WAS a clean plant
    now the same whingeing greentards that bitched about the plant continue to moan cos its dusty without the water the plant used to make available for keeping the area damp, and dust storms impacts lowered, they also ruined a good greenhouse hydro setup that produced quite a bit of fruit n veg for locals and others in the state.
    but youre right the f u overbook and media in general assure the population stays amused and stupid.
    the largest voting pop is STILL the grey seniors, but theyre mediated to hell by msm lies and they often dont have the net or the knowhow to find out truth over govt green psyops

  6. Australia exports crude oil, natural gas, coal and uranium to Asia. These efficiently fuel cheap electrical power whose use is restricted domestically. In favour of wind and solar.
    Very competitively Asia produces stuff to sell into Australia.
    Australia can no longer compete and the ability to buy is diminishing.
    All because of religious zealots driven by compulsions about “Global Warming” and/or “Climate Change”.
    As with previous experiments in authoritarian government it will continue until the economy and finances of the country are ruined.
    Will the economy have to be as devastated as Venezuela’s before it prompts a popular uprising?

  7. What the left fails to grasp is, that if sustainable so called “green” energy is ever to be developed it will not come from government mandated programs.
    If it can be done at all it will come from the private sector, with profit driving the initiative, not misplaced altruism.
    There is no great force for innovation and invention than the free market.
    Despite what the socialist trash say.

    • The Steam Engine
      The Internal Combustion Engine
      Light Bulbs
      Air Conditioning
      The Radio
      Discovery of Penicillin
      The Electric Motor…………………..none of these, and thousands more, were created by individuals, without any government “help”………..

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