Global warming shuts down the Magic Kingdom!

Freezing weather conditions shut two theme parks!

21 Jan 2020 – A blast of arctic air that swept South all the way to the U.S State of Florida resulted in the closure of a couple of much loved theme parks.

Because temperatures were expected to drop below freezing overnight, Disney World’s Blizzard Beach Water Park was scheduled to be closed through till Wednesday along with Universal Studios amazing Volcano water park.

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9 thoughts on “Global warming shuts down the Magic Kingdom!”

    • Wow, a rocket launch that actually looked real for a change – (especially after having launched a bunch of model rockets when we were kids) …. not a a bevy of millenial “happy crisis actors” being gassed with Nitrous oxide (N2O) like during the Elon FakeX CGI launches and booster landings … telling everyone that what they just saw must be real because it looked so fake.

  1. Nitrous oxide may be our biggest pollution problem. The combustion of any fuel, be it gas, diesel, propane, coal, bunker fuel, doesnt matter. It all requires a 16:1 air to fuel ratio. So for every gallon of fuel, you have oxidized 16 gallons of air. Air is 70% nitrogen. H2S and nitric oxide makes your sunrises and sunsets look green above the orange pollution layer. This is what the new trucks have urea injection on their exhaust for (DEF) Monoxide and sulphur dioxides too. Oxygen values are lowering. used to be 20% of the atmosphere now is down to 17%. Our lungs are competing with turbochargers for oxygen. We may be burning more Oxygen than plants and ocean can replace. Met a guy today who said he was an environmentalist. Yet he drove a car!

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