Global warming stopped 16 years ago

Met Office quietly admits that there has been no discernible rise in aggregate global temperatures since the beginning of 1997, says this article in the Daily Mail.

“This means that the ‘plateau’ or ‘pause’ in global warming has now lasted for about the same time as the previous period when temperatures rose, 1980 to 1996. Before that, temperatures had been stable or declining for about 40 years.

“The new data, compiled from more than 3,000 measuring points on land and sea, was issued quietly on the internet, without any media fanfare, and, until today, it has not been reported.

“This stands in sharp contrast to the release of the previous figures six months ago, which went only to the end of 2010 – a very warm year.

“Ending the data then means it is possible to show a slight warming trend since 1997, but 2011 and the first eight months of 2012 were much cooler, and thus this trend is erased.

Some climate scientists, such as Professor Phil Jones (of Climategate fame), director of the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia, last week dismissed the significance of the plateau, saying that 15 or 16 years is too short a period from which to draw conclusions.

Others disagreed. Professor Judith Curry, who is the head of the climate science department at America’s prestigious Georgia Tech university, told The Mail on Sunday that it was clear that the computer models used to predict future warming were ‘deeply flawed’.

“The most depressing feature of this debate is that anyone who questions the alarmist, doomsday scenario will automatically be labelled a climate change ‘denier’, and accused of jeopardising the future of humanity,” says this excellent article by David Rose.

See entire article, including charts and photos:–chart-prove-it.html

Thanks to Jim Bishop, Benjamin Napier, John McC, Woody, Mick Russell, Peter Philpot, Aubrey Smyth, Billy, John Cairns, Rob Decker, Billy Simo, Steve Lee, Del Hiber, Sonya Porter and Laurel for this link

“Funny isn’t it?” says Laurel. “If its a fraction of a degree warmer they shout blue murder…this gets ignored. Gee. Upsets an agenda maybe??”

“What is very significant about this is the decision to quietly slip this information out with no press release,” says Jim. “Please distribute this information as widely as possible. I have shared it in facebook and e-mailed it to friends who don’t have facebook.”

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  1. What is really bad is that we are preparing for this global warming charade, and paying for it dearly as they use it to take our liberty. And all the while the ICE cometh.

    • Not only do they take our liberty, but they take our ability to warm our homes by elevating the cost of energy with “green” sources that don’t/won’t work in cold conditions. Not only does the Ice cometh, but so does the grim reaper as he reaps those that die from hypothermia and malnutrition/starvation.

  2. And still they babble on about “climate change” every single day on the radio and TV. At least here in cold, icy Sweden.

  3. Next headline will be in the near future ,is that global cooling has begun.
    There are presently only two things holding back the unset of global cooling, the maximum of very weak solar cycle 24, and the lag times associated with ocean heat content.

    Both will come to pass, solar cycle 24 max. within 2 years, and ohc becoming less of a facter as the accumulation of sub solar years of solar activity (going on 8 years soon) continues.

    Once we get this max out of the way and go back to solar /geomagnetic levels we had around 2009-2010 watch out!

    • Exactly, the next 15-16 years will probably tell a story much different from the XX century one.
      It’s a matter of time only, couple of years top. People want to see things happening from week to week, but it is not how climate works, the oscillations take many years, some times decades, to complete.
      We had a relatively strong cycle C23 simultaneously with a positive AMO and PDO during some time, now we’re heading towards the exact opposite: low solar radiation and negative anomalies.
      If we compare the data since 1900
      with the more recent one since ~ 1980
      it is clear that the usual statement that the PDO (or AMO) has 20-30 years period of oscillation corresponds only to recent data (influenced by the recent strong solar cycles).
      The period of oscillation is very probably modulated by solar radiation too, as the first graph indicates, and if you add this to the present trend it’s logical to conclude that the cooling trend we have now has the potential to be significantly more intense than the previous warming of the 2nd half of the XX century.

  4. Obama will take credit for it. Remember this;
    “This was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow, and our planet began to heal.”
    Barack H. Obama 2008

  5. Phil Jones dismissed the plateau saying the 15-16 years was too short to draw conclusions but the previous 15-16 years was used to determine that we were in global warming. Phil, your blinding me with science!

  6. “Some climate scientists, such as Professor Phil Jones (of Climategate fame), director of the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia, last week dismissed the significance of the plateau, saying that 15 or 16 years is too short a period from which to draw conclusions.”

    Oh really Dr. Jones? Then if its too short a period to draw conclusions then why have you, the ICC, Michael Mann, NASA, Al Gore, and everyother global warming/climate change panic mongers have been screaming about the impending doom ot the planet for the last 16 years.

  7. Don’t trouble your mind about the technical details. We have experts to do that. Your part is cooperation. If the globe warms, you pay and we’ll fix it. If it cools, that’s more serious, but we can handle that too, for just little bit more. Give us total control of your existence and you and your children can live the rest of your lives in a world that will be not too hot, not too cold, always “just right”. Trust us.

  8. What is worse is that when they Global Warming Deceivers (in the guise of the IPCC/UN)realise that the game is well and truly up, they will state that as there is an ice age coming we will need a one world government to manage food resources and the movement of people. This government will of course be set up without consulting the people; the same as the EU and the UN as we would all say NO! I can see the new govenment building now, somewhere hot with places named after the great people who assisted with this con, the Gore plaza, Mann Avenue and the Jones complex!

  9. What is very significant about this is the decision to quietly slip this information out with no press release. Please distribute this unformation as widely as possible. I have shared it in facebook and e-mailed it to friends who don’t have facebook.

  10. Oh I am so glad I am in the southern hemisphere!!
    Not only for the cold that’s coming but also the build up of the next world war as Putin said: “prepare for armageddon”

  11. anyone else here watching the ENSO?
    its dropped a lot again in the last couple of weeks,
    was heading to near 1 leaning to el nino.
    now its at under .5 and seems to be likely to go to neutral at least 🙂
    re the waste of money…yes, but worse! is the risk to Lives created by the fools who drank the koolaid,
    case in point a friend sent pics opf a wharf on a small pacific island..a LOT of cash, problem?
    the damn thing is so high they cant unload or load cargo safely, it was built for something insane like a 3 to four! foot sealevel rise.
    then the GMO crap crop crew:-) who have spent decades raving up heat and salt tolerant dryland crops_ they fail to mention they use already Naturally occuring strains, and when the weather goes to cold wet and shorter sunlight duration(insolation) as in Ireland UK etc this year
    whoops their crops are done for.
    and gates and the rest of the haters of humanity have the keys to Svaalbard and access to all the cold and short cycle crops.
    fortuitous isnt it…
    just loke the Bilderberg scum having global COOLing as subject topic in last years meeting agenda…join the dots.

  12. From the article:

    “Even Prof Jones admitted that he and his colleagues did not understand the impact of ‘natural variability’ – factors such as long-term ocean temperature cycles and changes in the output of the sun.”

    Incredible! This emphasizes what they depend upon to determine future climate changes. They use computer simulations that do not factor in changes in oceaan temperatures or insolation.

    According to their computer models, the most significant influence on climate is the wind.

    They didn’t understand the impact of “natural variability.” Bull.

  13. Oh thank god, I thought we were going to burn up in a couple of years …under the new glaciers that will form…

  14. It is good to realize that what at first sight seems to be a plateau or standstill in temperature, is really a downward trend. The data have been manipulated, as is explained bij Anthony Watts. Urban Heat Island effect has increased in the course of time, but data have not been “corrected” a little bit downwards to properly correct the UHI effect, but a lot upwards in order to be able to conclude that there is global warming. Much of the global warming of the late 20th century has never existed at all, a big part of it is the result of “correcting” the data, which means trending these data upwards each time a little bit more. In the period 1938-1940 the earth was warmer than in 1998. And in the Medieval Warm Period it was even a lot warmer, the Vikings settled in a green land that they called Greenland. In that time it really was green.

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