Global warming (supposedly) brings record snowfall to Europe

“The reduction of ice in the Arctic Ocean due to global warming could explain the snowy and cold winters sharply in recent years in Europe and some other parts of the northern hemisphere,” says this article out of France.

“Since the ice extent dropped to a record level in 2007, heavy snowfall, much more abundant than normal were observed in vast areas of North America, continental Europe and China,” according to the article, published on February 27.

“During winters 2009-2010 and 2010-2011, the northern hemisphere recorded its second and third highest snowfall on record.”

Quoting Judith Curry, chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), the article goes on to say that the decrease of the ice cover on the Arctic Ocean in autumn “is linked to changes in atmospheric circulation in the northern hemisphere winter.”

Curry’s work is published in the online version of Annals of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) dated February 27, 2012.

There doesn’t seem to be any mention of what caused that decreasing ice cover in the Arctic Ocean in the first place.

I maintain, of course, that the decrease was caused by underwater volcanic activity, especially along the Gakkel Ridge.

The Gakkel ridge is a gigantic volcanic mountain chain stretching some 1,100 miles beneath the Arctic Ocean. With its 5,000 meter-high summits, Gakkel ridge is far mightier than the Alps.

In 2003, German-American researchers discovered more hydrothermal activity at the Gakkel Ridge than anyone ever imagined.

Thye found volcanic activity “dramatically” higher than expected. Hydrothermal hot springs on the seafloor were also far more abundant than predicted.

It’s not global warming, it’s ocean warming, caused by underwater volcanoes (which, in turn, can be attributed to the ice-age cycle).

See entire French article:

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    • That’s a great chart Siliggy; the Arctic sea ice is coming back. If the sunspot count continues downward & the Le Nino event dissipates in ’12-’13, the Russian’s prediction on 2014 (start of the next mini ice age) looks more & more credible.

    • Yes, it’s already within the standard deviations of the 1979-2000 average and going up (middle March).
      I wish I could understand why the N. Atlantic was so heat up at the end of last year. Could it be related to the moving magnetic N. Pole(NP)?

  1. Thing are looking up today only 2 sun spots.

    I feel like every drop in sun spot count brings us closer to exposing global warming fraud.

  2. Seems to me you Robert care too much about what the deluded greenie-lot are preaching. Let them dream on in their fantasies, the REAL future is coming anyway! The ones that prepares for the times ahead will be the ones to see the dawn of an new era!

    • “Let them dream on in their fantasies, the Real future is coming anyway!” Do you REALLY think that is an appropriate point of view? First, the “greenies” have the ears of the governments that are making it impossible to prepare for what is coming, since they are securing land – Agenda 21 – so that it can’t be used for food production, and they are shutting down the energy industries – carbon taxes and “pollution controls.”

      It would be the “dawning of a new era” if people would stop thinking that this is all about grabbing tax money and lining personal pockets, and started thinking that what is happening is jeopardizing the future of mankind on Earth – no food plus no energy equals no lives in cold weather.

      So many people seem just happy in their own self assuredness that the “warmers” will somehow someday bend to the real data instead of warping the data. People, that isn’t going to happen because global warming is a front for massive population reduction. Until you ACTUALLY start using that gray matter between your ears that God gave you for really looking at the consequences of what the warmers want and realize that their policies aren’t aimed at controlling carbon dioxide, but in carbon based lifeforms, as in human beings, and getting rid of those that they deem unfit or useless in their future society.

      Stop patting yourselves on the back for being “smarter” then the warmers, and start actively taking back your world from their control before you, too, are frozen to death because there wasn’t enough wind blowing to keep the electric heaters running.

      Some might call this post fear-mongering, and it probably is, but it also holds no power over you, so think it through, and play the odds. Doing something to get back the world, might seem like hard work, but letting the warmers play out their fantasies is going to leave you with no options at all. You have to realize that even a mini ice age is going to shorten growing seasons and drastically cut down on the acreage available for producing food. If the majority of man is to survive, we have to start making serious changes in food production, and start spending money on preparing for the cold.

      • We must be prepared, but we can’t fight them directly.
        To spread consciousness specially among those who divulge the “hype” without too much knowledge-because they think they’re doing the right thing- could be a starting point.
        We also cannot be afraid of talking to our friends and family about what we already know is happening and wait for the “sign” of Mother Nature to start something more in a global scale.
        It may seem impossible at first, but there are many people that believe in GW just because they don’t see how bogus all the GW models are.
        I believe I’ve changed the minds of a few already.
        Now, the MSM is another story…

  3. They should learn how to predict tomorrow’s weather instead of babbling about what the weather will be like 100 years from now. The Weather Channel said that the weather yesterday here in Ashby, Massachusetts would be 54 and sunny. It was 42 and rainy. Today’s weather was supposed to be 58 and sunny. It was 41 and rainy. I rest my case.

  4. “…could explain the snowy and cold winters…,” says the article, but doesn’t explain it, in reality. I really think these believers in AGW have a mental disorder and the inability to use logic.

  5. It’s not as important to expose the fraud (which will happen eventually no matter what we do), as it is to plan and prepare for cold hard winters. I’d rather be wrong, frankly, then stare down the barrel of an ice age. So, I can’t see any reason to cheer the lack of sunspots.

    • I believe we-as species- will become stronger and more humans if we face this challenge successfully.
      It’s a natural process that happens recurrently, as the seasons of the year, etc. and humanity probably must have survived more than one already.
      We could have survived as many as 7 Ice Ages already!
      We have the technology, but we need to change some important aspects of our present social structure to do it correctly, without unnecessary pain and violence.

  6. The greens and their followers and fellow travellers have to find out the hard way.
    Unfortunately it is that simple.

    • Mini iceage or all out snowball will happen sooner or later. We are all mortals,all the U.S.presidents,other world prime ministers,dictators have never been pagans,atheists or godless. I hope our leaders never drag us to death,again,the ultimate resonance and conscience,allows modern man to live humbly. Were all pawns in the wheat fields,which feed us,and industrial assembly lines,that move our “important carbon carcasses”elite they control it all.But Christian as I am,and a true Catholic ,my belief in science of god put us all here,don’t let the sunspots control impending iceages on earth ,to destroy us all. Please all believe,were here for purpose,the moon is dead,and the rest of our solar system,brutal environments of elements, cold and dead to life because were here for a reason, open,ur minds nothin we do on earth matters scratchin soil and planting buildings,and fucking,it will all be erased except our good deeds.Besides, Earth is controlled by One God,Christianity will hold society together…iceages are just Gods way to remind us were not in control,come-on,its not that strange we follow bible callendar,B.C.and one has been able to change our callendar b/c its true. Lord is with us,let’s not fear an age of ice,God is here… always has been!

  7. Well the air temp cant melt the arctic ice unless its over 0 deg C!!!! and most of the time it isnt! So then to melt the ice requires some warmth or other energy source from below. Figure it out. Either theres some under ocean volcanism like Robert mentioned or theres less sublimnation of ice from the air, lower levels of water vapour in the arctic air, as its doesnt actually snow at the poles.

  8. Well stated TomO, i’m finding myself reguarly watching volcano activities and earthquaks in and near N.Z. Why? Because i need heaps more time to prepare, the more i prepare the more i realise the lack of my preparedness ! I’m slowly getting there but if you think of Ice-age’s ramifications, it’s quite overwhelming. Go on people go shopping and yes it costs heaps ! Stay safe.

    • The initial period of the new Ice Age (if it comes) will not feel it much different- I believe- than what happened during the Maunder minimum. Only after many centuries it will be harsher and more difficult, and even so there will always be oscillations.
      At least that’s what the records of previous glaciations tell us.
      I believe we’ll have some time to prepare, not only for us but for the future generations too.

  9. Volcanic activity can be directly linked to “warming of oceans and jet stream disturbances.”This can cause erratic weather patterns all around the world to what we are “experiencing now.”This is nothing that hasn,t happened before.Scientist and Warmist pull up records and say this is the “warmest Winter and Spring” in the U.S “however,” they only compare it to the past 40yrs. here are 2 other years 1949-1950 1906-1907. First the Oceans Volcanoes then the surface Volcanoes.Im not 100% sure,but I beleive there were alot of surface volcanic eruptions in the second half of 1908 and 1950 that cooled the U.S. the following years.

  10. What nonsense. I worked for a time with psych patients at a military hospital. No matter how much you tried to use logic or reasonable arguments with them it wouldn’t work. The truly psychotic could understand intellectually what I was saying but could not change the way they felt and thus could not see reality. It always broke my heart but in the end the only thing that would help them was meds. I believe we are dealing with a pandemic psychosis that future historians will look back upon, shake their heads and say “Why didn’t they just medicate them”?
    In the new Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, fifth edition belief in anthropogenic global warming should be listed as symptom of a very severe and debilitating psychosis.

    • careful here.. the dsm adherents tend to be of the warmist mindset, it keeps em in business shrinking us deniers..
      and WE are the ones they want to medicate to turn us into zombies.!!
      all we would need to restore sanity is for the liars and thieves pushing warmist claptrap to be told to prove it with NO doubt, or STFU for a few years.
      the hysteria and panic in the general populace would drop amazingly, and without the MINDwashing going on..
      somefolks, those who are capable of thought when not continually presented with Lies as fact, would soon wake up.
      you see we who do NOT belive in the “church of big al sexpoodle” will also cop the Oppositional Defiant label enabling forced treatment and meds..
      the whole scam of warming relies on biddable, uninformed and unwilling to take the time to learn mentalities which is exactly what our system is set up to create.
      we’ve all heard it….
      its all too hard,
      I am too busy,
      I dont have time or interest to do research.
      I am happy to be told in sound bites on TV and by media stars..
      that! is the majority mindset and its scary!

  11. They should get good information from daily logs from companies such as the VOC that operated within the maunder minimum and had 3000 ships. The captains made accurate logs of climate etc. This could still all be find in the Netherlands! Should be interesting???

  12. Regarding sunspots, could Robert or someone please give the average number of sunspots which should be occurring at this time so that we can see the difference?

  13. more Global warming

    Evidence suggests Vikings grew grain in south Greenland
    Posted on28 January 2012.

    Archaeologists from the Danish national museum have finally succeeded in confirming that Erik the Red and his people could indeed brew beer in Greenland when they lived there.
    There has long been a question mark over whether or not the southern Greenlandic climate was warm enough in Viking times to grow grain for beer, mead, gruel and bread.

  14. In the USSR the government was always lying to the people.
    Today our scientist and our Governments are lying to us. There is nothing wrong with the Arctic, Global Warming simply didn’t happen over the past 17 years.

    We’re having snow in Europe because it’s cold winter weather. Nothing more, nothing less.

  15. For years the AGW followers had a simple theory. CO2 goes up then global temperatures rise. Now for the last 15 years global temperatures are actually in a cooling trend despite the fact that atmospheric CO2 is actually higher.

    When facts learned from observations don’t fit the theory its time to disgard the theory as bogus.

  16. Just for the sake of the argument, not that I really believe that the warmists will EVER change their minds-even if a new Ice Age begins. I’ve just rediscovered the following interesting article of Anthony Watts:

    Arctic Non Warming Since 1958-May 13, 2009-Anthony Watts

    where he points out that
    “Everyone (including NSIDC) … acknowledges that most of the Arctic was warmer in the 1940s than now”


    “Temperatures have warmed since the start of the satellite record, BUT they cooled even more between 1940 and 1980.“,

    which IMO points to the direct (accumulated) influence of the Sun as the main cause of the oscillations.
    Another point that seems connected with the relative warmth of the North Atlantic is the movement of the North Magnetic Pole (NP) at very high speeds now, here is an estimate from NOAA

    and comments here

    It shows an increase in longitude of approx. 4 degrees per year from now until 2015! The change in position is dramatic and could be altering the cloud formation in the North Pole region due to deviation of the cosmic rays away from the old direction of the NP.

    • sorry, I inadvertently addressed my own comment in “”, but all comments there are interesting 😉

  17. 2+2=3 I can say it, but that don’t make it so..! Although there will always be a few dummies who can be convinced it’s true. “There’s a sucker born every minute” “And fifty-nine fools in between.”

    AGW is no exception.

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