Going into a Maunder Minimum Mini Ice Age – Video

Total Solar Irradiance (TSI) is dropping.


Falling total solar irradiance means we are entering a cooling period on Earth.

Rather than ‘global warming,’ what we really need to think about is the impact on agriculture.

Video from Adapt 2030.

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Thanks to Jack Hydrazine for this video and the link


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  1. I still think that this continual chemtrailing must be having a cooling effect of it’s own. Surely it reduces the amount of heat reaching the surface.

    If you haven’t made up your mind about chemtrailing I recommend that you notice the next time you have a high-domed very blue & beautiful sky– perhaps after a hard rain. In the next day or two you will see the white trails being emitted across the sky. You can then observe that these spread out, turning the sky grayish-bluish-whitish. And that high natural dome becomes a much lower ceiling. This happens quickly; if you check the trails every 10 minutes you can SEE it happening.

    • very noticeable in rural areas..cities tend to have so much murk in air anyway the sky is always hazy
      even way out in the sticks here is see the chemtrailing some days
      suddenly a series of parrallel trails appear over a few hrs
      and its NOT 6 damned melbourne to adelaide flights as some said..its often midday to late arvo and not regular like flights would be.
      recently some no chemtail flights went over and the vapour trails vanish in 3o mins or less

  2. Oppenheimer Ranch Project ran a video several days ago that caught me off guard. Showed an on line posting for The Weather Channel, with TWC stating that is becoming self evident that we could be entering into a 50 cooling cycle? TWC starting to direct a little damage control to cover their buttes? HA HA!

    There is no doubt that if U.S. citizens knew the total components laced within contrails, that we have an overnight outcry directed solely toward our politicians and a possible uprising!

    Prepare for war against the GSM all, God Speed

  3. I loved the video, excellent work …and the guys “hey, dude” surfer-voice touch of sarcasm?

    Best closing statment I’ve ever heard on a video. Not to be missed!

  4. but skeptical science’s site and every liberal know it all has already told me that solar irradiance has no effects !

    and if you believe that, I have some oceanfront property in Arizona for sale.

  5. Penelope, chemtrailing maybe keeps temperature more stable. I heard it was observed some days after 9-11, when all planes had been grounded, that temperature went lower at night, and higher in midday. Clearer skyes mean more instantly evaporated water, and also better cooling effect after sunset, and that means more weather. Airplanes make skyes dull, which is sad.

  6. How do you know that there are chemicals in those exhaust vapor trails? I know that there are weather conditions that create long lasting vapor trails to persist in a specific meteorological environments.

  7. M Simon, yes there are reports as to the chemistry of chemtrails. I refer you to this public meeting of ordinary citizens.

    I have a small background in aviation, and know others with a longer background than mine. The ordinary contrail of commercial passenger and freight jets do NOT persist in the atmosphere. They cannot; they are only water vapor, sometimes frozen to ice.

    The chemtrails which I see occurring in my area do not coincide w regular airtraffic. It is part of the airtraffic control system that planes fly in certain air “paths” from VOR to VOR. They cannot simply fly anywhere, anytime. And airtraffic doesn’t create grids all over the globe.

    If you are old enough to remember the sky before the 80s when this first began, you know that a very beautiful high-ceilinged blue is the norm. Ordinary airtraffic does NOT cause this low hazy ceiling. Only nanoparticles, or localized automotive or industrial smog can do that.

    None of the excuses for why this is being done can explain why it is being kept secret.
    Here’s a doctor’s comments on it.

  8. A solar minimum is not about TSI !

    Someone should explain this to the guy making these movies.

    Climate “scientists” clearly have no understanding of what 1 watt per square metre actually means in terms of heat transfer.

    Using established physics Q = mass x specific heat x change in temperature and using the 1 watt per square metre mentioned in the video we can calculate the temperature change due to a continuous input of an extra 1 watt per square metre.

    Q = 1 watt per square metre = 1 joule per second per square metre.

    Specific heat of air = 1004 joule/kilogram/Kelvin.

    A column of air 10 kilometres in height with one square metre base contains about 10,000 kilograms of air.

    Thus an extra 1 watt per square metre should cause a change in temperature over a year of :-

    365 x 24 x 3600 x 1/(10,000 x 1004)

    which equals 3.14 Kelvin or 3.14°C per year INCREASE in temperature for EVERY year that the “forcing” is 1 watt per square metre.

    Clearly this claim of 1 watt per square metre forcing is ridiculous nonsense and shouldn’t even be acknowledged as any sort of reality.

    Jo Nova is a staunch defender of the “greenhouse effect”. If you acknowledge the IPCC’s fundamental principle then you acknowledge their models are possible !

    Just because the Sun may be entering a period of prolonged minimums does not mean there cannot be places on Earth where high temperatures, even record highs, can occur.

    To the best of my knowledge no-one asserts the tropics will suffer glaciation.

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