Going-to-the-Sun Road still not open – Too much snow

Glacier National Park blames the late opening on “guidance from the CDC.” (See note at bottom of page.) What a laugh!


In Glacier National Park in Montana, the Going-to-the-Sun Road is still not open due to on-going snow removal efforts slowed because of such a heavy snowfall this past winter. And with the recent cold weather and terrible conditions still on-going, this year is likely to break the current record for latest opening, which is 2011 ( July 13th).

Clearing of Going-to-the-Sun Road in Glacier National Park, MT. Credit: NPS

Since records began, Going to the Sun road has experienced only five openings in July: July 1, 2007, July 2, 2008, July 10, 1943, July 13, 2011, and July 15, 1933.

Notice that three of the five late openings have taken place in the last 13 years. This will make the fourth.

More and more snow later and later in the year. This is how ice ages begin!

Here’s a press kit from Glacier National Park showing open and close dates:

Why such a late opening?
Road-clearing crews encountered 80-foot (20.4-meter) snowdrifts:

The most snow in 30 years

Link from June 15 with lots of photos

Note: The Glacier National Park says many of its roads are temporarily closed due to “guidance from the CDC and recommendations from state and local public health authorities in consultation with NPS Public Health Service officers.” What a laugh!

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12 thoughts on “Going-to-the-Sun Road still not open – Too much snow”

  1. And liberals are trying to convince you that your 15 watt porchlight is melting glaciers and reducing snowfall????
    Sound silly?
    Reminds me of them trying to blame Katrina on SUV’s back in 2005.
    Remember all that non-sense??
    What was next on the list? Was it your home PC or cellphone charger that was supposed to make snow a thing of the past????
    I hope that all the third graders back in 1998 who were so brainwashed by all this garbage in school will have a talk with their old teachers. After all they are 30 years old now!

    • Don’t forget that your Christmas lights are melting Santa’s house/shop.
      Bad boy! No more toys for you.
      BTW are your liberal friends going to put travel restriction on Santa also?

  2. Incidentally, I was there on this same date in 2018 (July 7th and 8th), and while a local I talked said she was pleased to see so much snow was still there, it was nothing like this, no snow at all on the roads, just larger glacial accumulations and a lot of melt water coming down everywhere. This looks incredible!

  3. That road looks like it has been blocked by a new glacier. Look how hard they are trying to clear it.
    Suppose I came along wanting to ski? I’d only spend all week in the bar waiting for better conditions. Feeling disgruntled before I have even booked my trip.

    • Except the bar is closed due to a dreadful mankind-destroying disease…(soon followed by mankind-destroying AGW)…perhaps person-kind would be more up to date?

      • Hi Tim. The pubs are open in England but not Wales yet. Not sure why. Not sure about Scotland and Northern Ireland either. I have spoken to lots of people who think some sort of Bioweapon was created in a Biolab or even labs in both the US and China. I call that murder or at least conspiracy to murder if the labs are so far following all procedures to safely contain their diabolical creation.
        Stay safe my friend and join me for an online drink if there is such a concept.
        Cheers mate!

  4. Yeah, I can tell you, middle of the night here and it is COLD. I gotta move out of here. In July. To a place with more insulation ASAP.

  5. More cold and rain in pacific northwest with no sign of summer yet. Morning of July 9.

  6. It’s not the snow or the advancing GSM that’s the problem in NW Montana. It’s the California license plates that suddenly are everywhere! They are moving in and it is only a matter of time before the traditional values based Montana lifestyle disappears!

    • “California license plates…”

      They’re like locusts. They swarm in and destroy a place, then move on to destroy another.

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