Gore – Debating him on climate is the moral equivalent of racism

29 Aug 11 – Here’s Al Gore being interviewed by Alex Bogusky of The Climate Reality Project. What a sleaze ball!

This man is disgusting.

By the way, The Climate Reality Project, which is dedicated to “bringing the facts about the climate crisis into the mainstream,” was founded by Gore.

See a longer version of the video here:

Thanks to Marty Gerold for this link

“I, along with tens of thousands of scientist, am insulted,” says Marty.  “Always the last defense in a losing argument,  “you are a racist”.”

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  1. ManBearPig at it again– some articles haven’t been getting it exactly right about what ManBearPig really means– he’s not saying that people who are not climate alarmists such as himself, are racist– but that skepticism about the alarmism is supposedly a lack of acceptance of “conventional wisdom” about the subject. In other words, we are to accept his notion about manmade climate change, because “everybody’s doing it”. Which is of course, LUDICROUS.

  2. Gore’s insistence of continuing down this avenue of GW is proof to me that politicians usually act only in their own interests and should not be allowed within 100 miles of any truly scientific project. They can’t help themselves but to politicize their point of view. Also, doesn’t Mr. Gore have a good deal of money invested in the marketing of products and such revolving around GW?
    I fervently hope that scientists of international standing will loudly set the record straight. I say loudly as they will have to shout to project over all the public relations and political hoopla.
    Big money in the global warming racket, no doubt.

  3. It is obvious that Gore and his buddies want your money via carbon taxes and power over you all via more laws,regulations and peer preasure.
    I would say that makes him and his fellow travellers public enemy number one.

  4. Yes, in debating terms, I think it’s called “poisoning the well.”

    The interesting comments – to me – come from the interviewer. He mentions 3 things that he believes are easily dismissed, but really they form a bulwark against their whole case:

    1. carbon (dioxide) doesn’t trap heat – well, the case of Mars with its 16 X as much CO2 as earth shows just that. (http://skeptic-dave.blog.ca/)

    2. Sunspots – every minimum we’ve seen since the invention of the telescope has been accompanied by lower terrestrial temperatures. The deeper the minimum, the lower the temperatures.

    3. CO2 increases go with temperature increases, according to the cores – again, which causes which? The core data don’t have the resolution to show us, and the data from the el nino of 1997-8 showed us that a temperature increase caused a LATER belch of CO2 from the ocean – not the other way around! It’s to be expected anyway, since CO2 solubility drops with increasing temperature.

  5. Its a pity politics is part of the debate about the science of climate change.
    It interferes with the objectivity of the argument and undermines credibility of contributors of such argument.

    • The point is that politics IS the basis of the debate about the science of climate change. If it weren’t for politics, the science would go back to being just ordinary science. Politics has always been a part of science, unfortunate though that may be. But it was usually politics of the scientific establishment, not politics that uses a certain scientific position to push an agenda. That’s what has gone wrong with the Climate Change debate.

  6. Gore, obviously, is a few sheep short of a full paddock. He would find it difficult fighting his way out of a paper bag. Honestly, the stupidity of the GW debate is very frustrating. I came accross another Australian saying that is crude but says it all.

    This whole debate is “like wiping your bum with Glad Wrap ……. it goes on, and on, and on for ever.


  7. Gore should be in jail for fraud (criminal defrauding the people of trillions in CO2 scams). With Mann as his cell buddy.

  8. Nobody likes Al Gore here including me, but remember one thing, he gave us a tipping point date:
    January 27th 2016 !!!


    Politicians never tell us the truth but they give us the clues. It is up to us to make rational conclusions.

  9. All part of the global population diversion tactics, now that the 25,000 mile diameter “comet” Elenin is on it’s way in october!

  10. What can you say after watching that? Equating treating humans as equal is the same as debating the correct way to deal with a scientifically unproven theory? The utter depths of manipulative behaviour – I really want to hear the backpedalling if the converse of his current beliefs turns out to be true (except I’ve already heard people saying that even if we are entering another cold period – which of course is nothing to do with humans! – there will still be the CO2 legacy to deal with after the event, so we should still continue with the current insane policies).

  11. The stench of desperation is formidable. If the globalist/warmists want to influence more than politicians and main stream media they will have to openly debate!

  12. The racists should wake up, the science is settled! its going to get warmer, colder, wetter and dryer; and then warmer again. Unless we act now. Like the interviewer says at the end, the science is simple.

  13. I finally got it!!! If the snow is piling up around your ears and the tip of your nose is frozen – you are a racist! Why didn’t I see that before, it is all clear now.

  14. Sleaze Ball?… He’s totally lost the plot. The man is a raving lunatic, he should be locked up before he hurst himself, or someone else!

  15. Its easy if you don’t agree with opposite views just don’t admit that they exist which is something that most politicians have been doing for years.Like they always say follow the money and then you will see the fault with the GW arguement. Why else was global warming now become global climate change?

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