Gov. Christie too liberal on climate change

Says climate change is “impacting our state.”

3 Oct 11 – Presidential candidate Herman Cain said today* that Gov. Christie “is far too liberal on gun control, climate change, same-sex unions, and immigration to satisfy Republican voters.”

“Many applauded Christie’s decision to withdraw the state from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative that would have required that a percentage of energy serving New Jerseyeans come from “renewable” sources, wind and solar power,” says Alan Caruba.

“However,” Caruba continues, “in August Gov. Christie signed an act that would facilitate offshore wind power for use in the state. Had he signed an act to permit offshore drilling for oil and natural gas, the state and the nation would have been far better served. Wind power would only increase the cost of electricity.”

“Moreover, Gov. Christie is on record saying that climate change is “impacting our state,” says Caruba. “This is a position that is 180 degrees from a town hall meeting the previous year when he declared himself skeptical that climate change is the result of human activity.”

With that attitude, I agree with Alan Caruba that Gov. Christie Should Not Get in the GOP Race.

See entire Caruba article:

* According to the Star-Ledger, New Jersey’s largest circulation daily newspaper.

6 thoughts on “Gov. Christie too liberal on climate change”

  1. I agree with him that “climate change” is impacting his state – if it gets much colder this winter than last his state will be severely impacted. The climate always changes – we need to be prepared for the worst possible case which would not be getting a few degrees warmer! In that case – out comes the solar power & air conditioners – and food growing in lots more places.

  2. Look, he can believe what he wants– that’s what the Constitution guarantees– just don’t stand there as governor, president, or any government official and declare that all of US should be regulated or taxed according to those “beliefs”….

  3. It is my experience that for the most part, politicians, especially those with political aspirations, are like a mighty willow – able to bend in any direction that the current wind blows. Few are like an oak or maple that take a stand and stay that way no matter which way the wind is blowing. True, they can be taken down if the winds of change are strong enough, but few are like Dr. Paul who find that principal and beliefs are not subject to whichever way the political breeze is blowing today. The governor’s position sort of reminds me of a certain candidate for office that in 2008 told all gun owners that he stood behind the right to own and bear arms while telling those that wanted gun controls that there needed to be controls on who could own guns. Two sides of the mouth, and both work just fine, thank you. Sounds just like your average aspiring politician that is “in politics” for themselves, not those they represent.

  4. We need a President who is determined to make a reset.
    Back to the basics of freedom, free enterprise, free capitalism, with small Government, no red tape and no money wasting on fairy tail doctrines like global warming and green energy pipe dreams.

    The big task is to find a candidate who can be trusted and who’s able to defeat Obama.

    Besides Ron Paul who is the only candidate with a verifiable track record there is nobody I trust.

    Four years of Paul could be just enough to turn the US into another direction.

    But can he beat Obama?

  5. Herman Cain is right about Christie.. and not just on the climate issue. He’s currently neck and neck with Perry. His position on AGW is honest and refreshing.

    TALK RADIO: Herman Cain on the Mark Levin Show.

    Herman Cain: “Man-Made Global Warming Is Poppycock…Scientists Busted”

    And at the 3:45 mark: “We know that those scientists who tried to concoct the science to say that we had a hockey stick global warning and they were busted because they manipulated the data.”

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