Is it Gov. Inslee’s 59 days before we burn in hell? Or Prince Charles 33 years?

Which doomsday, tax-riddled, economy-busting scenario do we believe? Or is it possible that they are both blathering idiots?

“Prince Charles has extended the period during which the planet is to be saved from man-made climate change by 33 years,” says reader Jim Strong.

“Eight years ago, the heir to the British throne predicted that the world had 100 months “before we risk catastrophic climate change,” as pointed out by Climate Depot’s Marc Morano.

“Meanwhile, in a tax-driven political panic mode, Gov. Inslee of Washington state is pushing for another redistribution of other people’s money based on unproven and continually statistically manipulated data, given the current decline in temperature actually occurring by virtue of apolitical, objective data analysis.

“So, is it Gov. Inslee’s 59 days, Prince Charles 33 years, or probably never that man-made climate change is proven to be true and possible to deal with in a scientific manner and not a corrupt political manner?”

Washington Gov Claims ‘Just 59 Days’ To Save Children From Global Warming

Prince Charles gives world reprieve: Extends ‘100-Month’ climate ‘tipping point’ to 35 more years

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21 thoughts on “Is it Gov. Inslee’s 59 days before we burn in hell? Or Prince Charles 33 years?”

  1. Mr Charles Windsor is following the old stock market maxim which says if you make a prediction and it does not work out, make another prediction.

  2. The only certainty in predicting the future is that you will almost certainly be wrong – surely these fools can understand this ?

    This applies to those brave enough to definitively predict future cooling as well.

    All one can say is that events from the past show a cycle of glaciation and interglacial periods and if this cycle continues –
    why wouldn’t it ? – mankind may face another period of glaciation within a few millennia or even significantly less.

    I wouldn’t bet my house on mini ice age conditions in 2030 but I also wouldn’t be surprised.

  3. My Wife thinks CO2 controls the climate and even she thinks Gov. Inslee is stupid. Her thought “Tax CO2 and spend it on everything except the Environment, all they want is the money”. He may convert her.

  4. I had hypothermia as a teen, fell into Lake Pomona, KS, was February 1976. Held onto a buoy for over five minutes before being rescued. After the feeling of fire over every cell of body subsided and the numbness of no feeling at all set in, I began to worry, was not sure how much longer me and the buoy’s relationship would last?

    It took over 10 hours for my teeth to stop chattering as my body was slowly warmed. Then the next fire hit as the cells had blood movement again, twas much more intense than the first fire!

    The elites are no doubt alluding to this kind of fire through ice and sub-freezing temperatures that is well on the way, and the many who will stay in harms way believing the religion of the pagan inbreeds and false prophets of science, will experience the fire of ice and snow!

    Surely, the liars and haters of mankind shall their righteous judgments of Yehovah, as they are wishing for the walls of the dens under the mountains to fall upon them!

    Peace and well being to all you fine folks. Get out of harms way while you have the chance eh?

  5. 2nd option is the correct answer
    both blithering idiots
    meanwhile i see the donalds “considering” signing pari agreement if its changed to suit americas interests
    its in NO nations interest to sign or play their stupid game!!!

  6. Washington state needs Governor Dixie Lee Ray back, the only Democrat who ever had the spine to stand up to the Environmental frauds. That’s because she had a degree in Science, instead of Law., and fraud.

  7. Blathering genocidal maniacs. Now I got another lie, no wait, you just were Not informed. I HAD a summer solstice marker in my kitchen because I have a large east window, Been watching it for 18 yrs. now just for fun. About 4 or 5 yrs ago I noticed that the sunlight went a couple of inches past and just scratched my head, my house hasn’t twisted, I know where it was for 12 yrs prior, I’ve seen these solstice markers all over the world in stone, little holes drilled through a couple of walls that show the light through on the solstice day only, right? Quite accurate right? Now I would guess this may vary on where your at on the planet just like the sunrise & sunset times are for your zip code area. The light on my kitchen wall, on 2017 summer solstice went almost 4 feet past the the old normal point, which means the sun went much farther N. ,which means either the sun moved or the earth has tilted. The fact is that if my marker hasn’t worked in 4 or 5 yrs. neither do the rest of them. how come this is covered up and what effects does the tilting of the earth have on climate- not even begun to be factored in yet, has it? Does anyone else have a seasonal solstice marker or know anyone who watches those markers? I have local sunrise and sunset times that are about 5 yrs. old, I will get some new ones and see if that’s the same, Don,t know how much but I would think the sunrise&set times would be off a little too if this is true. Like I said, my house didn’t twist in my yard. I recently had someone who does not follow this kind of stuff tell me they thought the sun was farther south this winter than it usually is and I too think so. I know by an old mark it’s further N. in summer. mid west USA.

    • Water receded over 90 feet in Uruguay, over 30 feet in Bolivia a couple days prior the 2017 full solar eclipse. On the west side of South America were unexpected tidal surges, suggesting that a rotational axial shift or larger wobble event transpired? Imo the depletion of magnetosphere, shifting of magnetic pole north and south toward one another, planetary alignments shifting, play a major part in the axial unbalancing.

      • Thanks Guy ,never seen anything on it. I stand with the Inuits. So the Mayans in SO.America were on it when their calender started over or ended in 2012. When some liars said it was the end of the world and were all gonna die and then it’s- aawww don’t pay no attn. to those people they don’t know nothing. Seems now the Mayans did know, it was someone else who trolled everyone else to disbelief. Oh well like I said- not factored in is it.

        • squatterman, the oldest known calendar, the Chinese, stated the same precession. Murals of the Chinese, Mayan and a handful of others are identical as well, describing the 2012 event. The U.N. had a gentleman in 2000 if memory serves me correctly on the date, paint the mural in the inner working the U.N. Security Council Chambers. It was then after the 2012 event painted over to show something totally different.
          Amazing how just before the starting and ending of ages things get hidden, makes those interested in why those in power are hiding truths search harder to find the truths. Then after it is all said and done, we are in the dark again, leaving it up to the next age to start the hunt for the next generations.
          I have had fun in my hunts, whether they were prosperous or not,
          Good day sir

  8. Prince Charles was born November 14, 1948. He is 69 years of age now. In 33 years from now he would be 102 years old, an age he is not very likely to reach. By the the time his new prediction turns out to be wrong, he will be either dead or so very old that people will not hold him accountable. This confirms the wise words of professor Fritz Vahrenholt ( who analyzed many climate doom predictions: by the time these longer range predictions turn out to be completely wrong, the man who made the false prediction will either be dead or he will be staying in a nursing home for the very elderly. The government funding for their so called ¨research¨ is being paid now, and the complete waste of tax payers´ money will be forgotten after so many years.

    • And do they ever know that, and they know their will be more to replace them. Inbreeding I doubt, the few Inbred people I ever saw were stupid or deformed or both. I think it’s the least of our worries at this point.

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