Grand Forks breaks 71-year-old record-low temp

14 May 2016 – The temperature at the Grand Forks International Airport dropped to 23 degrees this morning,breaking its 1945 record of 24, according to the National Weather Service’s Grand Forks office.

The Friday low in Grand Forks dropped to 28 degrees, according to NWS, just shy of the 1945 record low of 25 but well below the average of 40.

The thermometer topped out at 46 degrees, according to NWS readings, below the average high of 67.

Snow fell sporadically throughout Friday morning and afternoon, though not enough for accumulation.

Meanwhile, Langdon, N.D., reported a low of 19 degrees, the coldest temperature reported in the state.

That was a possible record low, but NWS doesn’t keep records for many smaller communities, said meteorologist Vince Godon of the Grand Forks office.

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12 thoughts on “Grand Forks breaks 71-year-old record-low temp”

  1. Just when it’s obviously cold to everyone that steps outside, especially in influential places like New York City and Washington D.C., or perhaps East Anglia or London, they have to bring out the scientific evidence from satellites to prove human senses wrong, that despite the fact it’s oh, 30 degrees below average, it’s actually super hot, in fact the hottest ever.

    Well, the majority of the people don’t live on the majority of the Earth’s surface, so, if as you say, the oceans have increased geothermal activity, that’s all it takes to have a record warm planet, whether where people actually live is warmer or not. Just because it’s a warmer planet doesn’t mean it won’t be an ice age.

    Plus, you can’t have consistent recordkeeping with a brand new satellite anyway. Temperatures were measured by a specific method, six feet off the ground, in the shade. I’m thinking the satellites probably aren’t measuring the temperature only six feet off the ground? Just a wild guess. It’s irrelevant.

    • UAH satellite data represents the temperature between 0 and 2,000 feet. So far, it is the only database that NASA and NOAA haven’t been able to tamper with. Ground measurements are a joke. The data, particularly the past data, has been so manipulated to support an agenda it has become a work of fiction. NASA’s so called temperature maps use infilling of temps, skipping over available stations in the countryside and using the warmer temps of the city sites. The entire African continent is infilled using data from a handful of weather stations.

      That said, the UAH world temperature is +0.71C above the mean, and 6 of 7 months have seen record temperatures. It is what El Niños do and this has been one of the biggest (not the biggest) on record. It also appears that the La Niña event will be even bigger, perhaps record setting and it has already started.

      Check this out:

  2. It’s cold here, too. Not record-breaking, but it’s cold. A stranger was also commenting on the cold, and said a few days ago the weather service was reporting it warmer than it actually was. Said she looked at a traditional thermometer outside and compared it to her smartphone’s satellite-link up temp. 11 degree (f) difference.

    Is this a single event, or a new tactic?

    • Looks bad all over farm land, like I been saying, nothings growing here in IL. either. Some corns been in over 5 weeks and you can still see dirt all the way across the field, gardens are no better, I have transplanted trees in spring since I was 10, and I never seen them look so bad, and if the trees can’t even take this weak UV& lack of heat units our food crops are surly in reduction. Started 2 yrs ago for my veggie crops & corn.

  3. id bet a few of the oldtime residents of grand forks DO have some decades of daily records though
    same thermometer same place never moved year in year out
    and so very reliable info
    that the media doesnt want to know about

    • That may well be true but in ‘the hottest years the earth has ever seen’ there all this snow in May around the world does seem anomalous to me.

  4. The fact that record low temperatures are happening all over the Earth doesn’t mean it is getting colder.
    Our official statistics show this has been the hottest May on record.
    Trust me… Al Gore

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