Grand Solar Minimum at work – Colorado snowpack more than eight times normal in places

And still rising ! ! !

After an historically snowy spring, Colorado’s snowpack currently stands at 473% of normal (almost 5 times normal), with highs peaking at 846% (more than 8 times normal!) in the San Juan Mountains, according to the Natural Resources Conservation Service.

Natural Resources Conservation Service


“Snowpack is holding on late,” according to the Colorado Water Conservation Board. As we enter June, only 38% of the statewide snowpack has melted.

Snowpack percentage still rising

However, the melting “significantly” slowed in May as winter-like conditions returned to the state, with the snowpack percentage actually rising last week.

Now everyone is worried about flooding, because “a much higher amount of snow is still available to melt as the state heads into the much warmer month of June.” -grand-solar-minimum/?fbclid=IwAR1Zuy_WVpBXMItuTTeeoY9SnQQ2BbirEhC5KCYCxDwwgWgWh6M9sdvZZLM

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13 thoughts on “Grand Solar Minimum at work – Colorado snowpack more than eight times normal in places”

  1. rock n a hard place?
    it melts they flood
    it doesnt melt much and next winters adds on and hullo iceage;-)
    because the cold from the pack will influence air and surrounds rather a bit Id say

  2. I would like to note that I’ve been watching the sunspot count for the last 2 years and haven’t seen it go over 100 since 2016 I believe it was. Also I’ve seen several months and weeks at a time with no sunspots. As of now we’ve gone 18 days without a single sunspot. It’s looking a lot like the little ice age is starting, or maybe the next full ice age. Either way people need to start preparing. Extreme droughts, very long and cold winters, famine, disease, social unrest, and the government taking advantage of it all to make more money and gain more control over the masses. It’s the great depression all over again. Things are going to get pretty interesting in the 2020’s.

  3. Rich,
    ‘You people’ are constantly studying actual science, not United Nations wealth redistribution models intended to rob Western society of its wealth and well-earned privilege. You’re sad.

  4. Hello Jacob, I have been engaged (on an amateur basis!) in monitoring sunspot activity and solar behaviour in general for several years. There are a number of factors that indicate a general slow-down in activity. Trying to relate observed solar activity to known events, it became evident that a better indicator of interaction was shown in the ‘Ap’ index (see: NOAA ‘Solar Cycle Progression’), I have put together a string of data related to this on –
    If you check NOAA’s present charts, the ‘Ap’ has basically ‘flatlined’ for a while although it still has room to go further down.
    Much of the present situation comes from the ‘Deep Loop’ shape of the jet stream which arises from the atmosphere profiles locking in to the ‘sea-land’ profile and which seems to have become fixed.
    If solar activity stays quiet, this situation could become prolonged, but we are in to a ‘watch and learn’ situation !

  5. What’s sad is that many people believe that the gov’t, the media and Big Business (all pretty much the same thing) are on the side of the people.

    When the farmers can no longer produce enough food for everyone –due not so much to climate change as to their inability to shift paradigm– pay attention to all those who are working to enable you to produce and store your own food. These are your true friends, and I highly doubt it will be the gov’t or mass media.

  6. Rich, who is “dangerously delunded”? The ones still pushing man-made warming after years of no warming, or the ones who have the crazy idea that the sun might just have something to do with global climate patterns?

  7. Probably everyone who reads this site knows, but anyway, in 2007, Henrik Svensmark made a documentary, The Cloud Mystery, which
    propounds that several galactic activities control(!) our climate. This includes the sun, the cosmic rays and the Milky Way. I saw it on youtube and recommend this one.

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