Grand Solar Minimum Intensifying – Video

The media is shrinking your perception of what is going on in the natural world.

Snow in Sweden. Snow in Norway. Snow in Russia. Snow in Canada. Snow in Greenland. Snow in Idaho. Snow in Montana.

Thanks to Vance for this video

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  1. apparently they banned woodstoves in sweden now, a decision from march this year. they say its because of enviromental reasons (lol).

    they did the same thing in canada right?

    makes you think

  2. I’m still trying to figure out how incoming cosmic rays are triggering volcanic eruptions. It would seem to me that the “Cause-Effect” equation is one where the position of the Jovian planets would be the cause, with the effect being increased volcanic activity due to gravitational pulling and tugging thereof. But not cosmic rays(also an affect).

    David, am I wrong here, and am missing something important? I agree with you on almost everything, but this cosmic ray ’cause’ leading to the volcanic activity ‘affect’ doesn’t make logical sense. How can cosmic rays move mountains and subduction zones.

    • You’re missing something major, during a GSM period the Sun orbit around the Solar System BarryCentre changes from variable more circular orbit to a Trefoil orbit, which can have Zero crossing point events.
      Such a change has significant impacts on the inner rocky planets from the Gravity tugs on the Tectonic plates of the earth’s crust as the Ten year orbit of the Sun progresses.
      After all the earth is affected 24 hrs of the day by the Sun and Moon gravity attraction for the oceans and the tide they produce why not the Plates and the magma ocean below them.
      The Sun orbits are produced from JPL Data in the following graphic:

    • Cosmic rays affect and increase cloud cover not cause volcanism, another process is in play for that.

    • Energy doesn’t just bounce off our atmosphere, it passes through the planet. I truly don’t know enough about it, but it seems to me, increased energy passing through the planet would have an effect.

    • Nobody actually knows. There are various theories put forward but all are speculative. Basically the few who studied cosmic rays noted over the years that when cosmic ray activity was high there was an increase in volcanic activity.
      I suggest you google it and you will find various scientific considerations.

  3. Not only the main stream media is shrinking perception. The ‘grand solar minimum’ people do the same by emphasizing again and again while there isn’t a base to draw firm conclusions. Just wait and see. That ‘warming people’are mislead by politicians and themselves is obvious: tremendous amount of taxes is waiting investment in all kind of nonsense projects

  4. Obviously atmospheric pollution comes from woodstoves and not from factories, cars, trucks, planes, ships….

    • Considering the primary fuel source in the undeveloped and third/2nd tier world is wood burning your not far wrong.
      Only the fully industrialised countries ca afford the gas pipe infrastructure to pipe NG to the home for cooking and heating.
      Add to the massive green space clearance in the tropical belt by fire and bull doser, all for p oil plantations, miles of it.
      That ash and wood smoke smutts has to end up some where.

  5. Robert i sent a link to a scare item running in aus re heatwave in canada
    thing is?
    running temp in nullearth im not seeing anything looking warm if theyd had 45c days then the night temps id be sssing should be 25c or more
    no seeum!

    as for banning wood heaters
    yeah another way to kill the poor who can scrounge wood etc but cant pay high power/gas bills OR afford the setups to buy/install em
    and they do NOT provide deep lasting warmth just warmed air.

  6. I’d like to know what “makes you think” means to you, but IF you want forced population reduction by hypothermia, you would first eliminate any alternative means for people to try not to freeze, which making sure people can’t burn trees would do for you.

    Why? Who wants all those northern populations migrating south as the northern regions become unlivable? Better to let them die from hypothermia before they wake up to the need to migrate south, as the food that has sustained population growth throughout the world has been grown in the northern plains to start with. The tropical and lower latitudes don’t have the land areas large enough to grow food for the current population OF those regions, much less take in more from the north.

    An ice age will require population reduction. There are alternate ways, but freezing people to death is inexpensive, will allow their “body mass” to be of some use – fertilizer comes to mind – and is a better alternative to, say, a massive disease outbreak since that might affect those that you want to save as well as those you want to get rid of.

    And of course, the alternative to these two is war, and that probably will be used in the northern hemisphere, too. After all, when the next ice age comes, the northern hemisphere will be pretty limited as to where it will support life to start with, so if you destroy most of it with war, does it really matter?

  7. So they ban Woodstoves in Sweden for environmental reasons? Gee a bush fire in Australia would nullify that effort. And we get several per year.

    • i think its obvious why they are doing it. they say its because “environmental” reasons but its more about power, taxes, control.

  8. Looking at the 43 scandals by the Hussain Obama’s (aka Barry Soentoro ) EPA I noticed they also stopped wood burning for heat in Alaska.( found on Drudge, at

  9. Depends on where and the density of people per square mile.
    In the middle of a western city, pushing out high particulate wood smoke, which is far worse than Diesel
    Particulary when the smoke is not filtered and simply an open fire in a smokless zone is nuts.

    A wood buring fire in the middle of a Forest with a population density of 1 person per per 100 sqaure miles is just green snowflake dictatorship, and to build it the person has burnt more diesel in their green 4X4 SUV tank to get there, in the 2nd home, coupled with their subs to CND, Band the Bomb, WWF and every other Hydrocarbon hating Green ludite NGO.

    They are only green when it dosent affect them.

  10. July 7 at 8:20 am I am sitting in shorts and shirt in 20°C temperature.

    This is “deep winter” here.

    During the 60’s when I was young it would typically have been well below zero C and I would have been dressing for school in front of a wood burning stove.

    It is not that cold in Australia at present.

    Whoever makes these videos should stop his alarmist claims.

    It used to be much colder here decades ago but it HAS changed – I’ve seen it happen – doesn’t mean CO2 has anything to do with it though.

  11. It is not Cosmic Rays causing the volcanic eruptions. More likely it is changes in either the electrical field around the Earth or the Magnetosphere.

  12. 2.5 hertz is the earth quake frequency. Besides HAARP like devices what else would cause the earths crust to vibrate at 2.5 hertz?

  13. CosmicRays emanate from Outer Space… ..
    Sol’s Sunspot Cycles correlate Inversely with CosmicRays… ..
    Ergo: Cosmic Rays Correlate as Causal to Sol’s SunSpots..
    What Drives the Cycles of Cosmic Rays?

  14. The variety of Solar Rays that are being emitted, include Plasma energy. Our Earth’s Plasma Core is expanding, causing the earthquakes, Vulcanism and the changing climate. It’s all a cycle. The planet’s magnetics are receiving more cosmic rays due to a fluxing magnetosphere. We are seeing the change on the face – and sometimes underneath the surface, of our world, but it is happening to our whole Solar System.
    Please see Dr. Keshava Bhat’s book, “Helical Helix: Solar System Dynamic Process”

  15. It looks like snow everywhere but in Britain, where for five weeks it’s been between 75 and 90F. And NO RAIN (except in Scotland, of course).

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