Grand Solar Minimums bring the collapse of Civilizations

About time reality was shoved into the faces of the IPCC and the UN. Our enslavers are middle class elitist socialists. – J.H. Walker___________________________________

Grand Solar Minimums bring the collapse of Civilizations

By J.H. Walker

During the Dalton (sunspot) Minimum and the early part of the French Revolution around 1789, when told that her French subjects had no bread, Marie-Antoinette (bride of France’s King Louis XVI) supposedly sniffed, “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche”—“Let them eat cake.”

At that time, cake was a lower value food item than whole grain bread, which was the staple food item of the working classes. The result of that single Grand Solalr Minimum was two hundred years of political warfare between left and right political systems, with the workers stuck in the middle.

The modern version of “let them eat cake” for the (socialist) Governments in Europe has been to levy massive taxes on energy used by the working masses to get to work, whilst at work, for cooking, and staying warm in the winter.

This is after the excessive taxes levied at source on a worker’s efforts to keep a roof over their family’s heads and food on the table for the small number of children most western families can afford, following a worldwide Financial Depression far worse than the 1929 crash.

Our enslavers are middle class elitist socialists

What happens when the workers realise their enslavers are middle class elitist socialists and not the so called right wing Republicans or the UK Conservatives.

Even in France the socialists are no longer electable. To get elected they have changed their spots and called themselves something else, yet they utter the same Green clap trap of conformity, and climate consensus based on lies and intend on spending lots and lots of US dollars, the US is not going to give.

Grand Solar Minimums not only bring cold, wet and windy weather on a world wide basis; they bring the collapse of Civilisations* and the birth of new ones.

(* Civilizations, if you’re in the U.S.)

“The above is what is affected by a Little Ice Age crop yields decrease on a worldwide basis,” says J.H.

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    • It was probably never said, it was meant to show how hopelessly out of touch the royals were with the vast majority of those they ruled. The poor ate full grained dark brown bread as a mainstay. The elites ate a wide variety of foods and did not need to eat anything but refined white breads known as cake. Hence: So there is a shortage of (affordable) brown bread? Surely they can eat white!

    • The “cake” was the leftover bits of bread on the edge of the pan when the bread was taken out.

  1. The end of communism was initiated when Polish steelworkers could no longer feed properly their families . Has absolutely nothing to do with American policies or US military power .
    Because of lack of welfare-systems their pensions are based on families with 6 to 9 children guaranteeing lifelong care when these children contribute approx 15% of their earnings. After 3 generations of this praxis their populations have exploded in such a way that all islamic countries are dependent on food imports to feed their people . Their disaster is preprogrammed .
    And praying to Allah will not help when the consequences of the cooler climate start hitting after a couple of years from now. Will this bring an end to islam ?

    • Not sure I’m with you – are you saying Poland is an Islamic state ?

      Poland’s “end of communism” was brought about by Lech Walesa and a socialist union movement called Solidarity.

      Curiously, according to Wikipedia, Lech Walesa was “Born 29 September 1943 (age 73)”.

      To me this “fact” seems as magical as 0.04% of an atmosphere controlling everything from heat and cold to cyclones.

    • Welll…….. No, it will not bring the end of Islam, but Jihad. In there core the Arabs are nomands, If it is getting to though in one place, you move to someplace else (and killing/deporting those already living there). This is also repeating through history.

  2. The latest nonsense I have been reading lately on ‘climate change’ is articles on pacific islands being drowned by rising sea levels!! This is utter rubbish of course. If the sea levels are rising nowhere else then how can they rise for just a few islands? Of course they are talking about impending doom for the wildlife one the islands up to all out extinction of some creatures. I wonder if possibly some of these ancient volcanic islands are finally sinking down into the ocean? I’m not an expert on that though so I’ll leave it from someone else.

  3. In the Great Lakes region of southern Ontario, we have experienced the most dreadfully wet, cool Spring and early Summer in decades. A substantial percentage of crops were planted late, often into less than ideal conditions. Many fields have had to be replanted. Hay harvest is running as much as a month behind normal.

    Media coverage of this situation? Virtually non-existent. I guess no one cares, or is it a matter of not being a good fit for the climate change narrative?

  4. It is not just the bad and unpredictable weather that causes the collapse of civilisations during solar grand minimums it is the increased incidence of large and great earthquakes (related to the lack of sunspots and the increased numbers of coronal holes) and the increased incidence of large, explosive volcanic eruptions (indirectly caused by the increased cosmic rays due to the reduction in the sun’s magnetic strength).

    • It isn’t the Sun spots or the coronal holes you need to be concerned with, they have no effect on the Earths tectonic plates floating on a sea of magma.
      But tidal, gravitation effects of the largest mass object in the solar system abruptly changing its 10 year orbit around the Solar System BarryCentre from a benign semi-circular orbit to a Trefoil shaped orbit. It is this abrupt change in direction which has profound effects on both Venus and Earth.
      The Earth has two celestial bodies which have visible daily effects on the earths water surfaces, there called tides and can range from a 1Ft to over 40 Ft in some locations of the world. This tidal effect also affects the magma portion of the Earth’s core.
      The gravitation stresses on the inner rocky planets is not instantly measurable except over time of tens of years, However every Grand Solar Minimum is accompanied by several lagging geological events which could be volcanic rifting as in Iceland, or earth quakes as in Montana, or volcanic as per Tenbora.

  5. interesting thing…the current solar cycle is way low already and the actual min of the cycle has some time to go
    how low can/will it go is THE biggie

  6. The 2008 crash hardly compares with 1929. I don’t recall people being destitute and out on the streets starving.

    • Yet we have a significant number sleeping rough, and community food banks in virtually every town in the UK and taxation credits for those in low paid work.
      The social difference between 1929 and 2008 is that the UK was still bankrupt from the First World War which ended 11 years previous, and an economy attempting to recover.
      In 2008 the UK had 64 years to recover from the effects of the 1st Atomic World War and had only just finished paying off the Americans for their war loans.
      Fortunately the social safety net put in place after the 2nd world war and amended over time has mitigated the social effects of the crash to some extent but at the expense of hourly paid wage rates to below the living wage, and inflated the UK debt to the third largest in the world at the time of the crash, but is now 13th in the list with the worst being Japan at the moment.
      But in financial terms,the latest 2008 criminal financial fraud originating from the US banking system has caused the worst financial depression and in the number of people it has affected on a worldwide basis.
      Not one of them has gone to jail over this, who says crime doesn’t pay; it has paid in spades since 2008 and it still doing so. I see no starving bankers visiting a food bank.

  7. So was being ruled by French Royalty a better system? Sometimes the collapse of certain civilizations are a good thing. So really, what is the point of this article? That we should eschew better and more efficient technologies and stick with whale oil? Whether the climate gets warmer or colder?

  8. Whatever Marie A said, Louis implored the French to grow and eat potatoes, turnips and other root crops. The English and Dutch had considerably changed in this regard, much more practical than wheat with the wet and cold summers of the time. Not for the first or last time, the French were too set in their ways to avoid disaster. Naturally, they choose to remember only the dismissive ‘cake’ remark.

    • Yes, that’s true. They couldn’t be persuaded to change their eating habits. Just in the same why that most people nowadays are not interested in learning about the coming LIA. Nothing changes.

  9. When you add this to all the social, and political instability in the world, it could be a recipe for radical change, and things could get very bumpy indeed in the near future.

    PS I won’t quibble over an s or z in civilization :).

  10. The princess said let them eat baggette, then a type of bread royals ate made in the recipe of sponge cake. She would have seen row after row of it in the castle bakery.
    Potatoes is great advice, perhaps in raised rows of soil for drainage remembering that the plant must be covered with a few shovelfulls of dirt every month or so to rebury it as it grows.
    Potatoes and powdered milk can provide a near complete nutrition in hard times, it supposedly has every requirement.

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