Grand Solar Minimums though history have caused civilisations to fall and others to rise.

Along with mass migrations

Grand Solar Minimums though history have caused civilisations to fall and others to rise

J.H. Walker

You could argue that the westward migration of the Hun, Angles, Saxons and Franks into Eastern France, and the Normans (Norwegians) into Northwestern France were due to cold-climate changes stemming from the Late Antique Little Ice Age (LALIA) period from 585 to 630AD and other Grand Solar Minimums (GSMs) since.

That LALIA cold-climate-change period started the movement of many of the then Russian steppes horse tribes westward over a three-hundred year migration on foot and horse.

It also created the conditions for the rise of Islam and ability of Middle Eastern grasslands to support horses for their light cavalry tactics.

The descendants of the European migrating tribes formed new nations and recommenced the move westward via sea during the next series of GSMs (which form the Little Ice Age) to what they hoped was an empty continent, but was already occupied by similar human migrants moving eastward via the glaciation land bridges.

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  1. The Little Ice Age beginnings c.1250 AD .. coincides with the Western Movements of the Mongols . along with the movements of the Black Death.. From field work, the Cause is strongly believed to have been as the result of a massive Volcanic Event – Savalas, Lombok Island, indonesia.

  2. If this is true, it brought the English [ Angles and Saxons] to Britain in the 5th and 6 the centuries from their native Germany.They called the British, WEALAS ,meaning Romanised Foreigners foreigners [in their OWN lamd ,because they did not speak a Germanic or English language.

    From WEALAS comes WALES, because the Welsh are the original British.The Welsh language ,especially in its earlier for of BRITONNIC or BRITISH was spoken throughout England and Southern Scotland for a 1000 years before the English came from Germany and the Scots from Ireland in the Fifth Century.
    Do you know that when Hadrian built his Wall…they spoke WELSH both sides?
    The Scots did not arrive from their native Ulster in Ireland until about 350 years LATER.

  3. The Vikings also farmed Greenland later in the Mediaeval Warm Period. Natural climate cycles indeed do profoundly affect Man’s migrations across the world.
    It must be said that droughts and floods also play a part, in human migrations not just solar cycles.

  4. I tried to esplane some of this to two different useful idiots in the past month. One called me vulgarities and said 99% of all the scientists in the world agree that the planet is warming. The other one simply walked away .

  5. As a Norwegian with more than 80% Scandinavian genes I miss my lost ancestor settlers of Greenland. They starved and died when the climate turned cold around 1200 A.D.

    Today they are called stupid by the MSM for not adopting the Inuit lifestyle. Maybe they were, or maybe the Inuits also have some advantages from their genes, making them more fit to living in cold regions.

  6. It will be interesting to see how modern, technologically advanced cultures deal with this.
    Of course for anything to work, the Global Warming Myth, must once and for all be put to bed.

  7. I worked at a public school on an Indian reservation for 6 years. One of my projects included teaching 3rd graders to make a presentation in front of an audience. I researched topics of interest about Indian people including notable personalities such as Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse and made little booklets from which students were to take their talks. As I was researching topics I discovered that there seemed to be a movement of people from NE to SW with one of the most prominent exmples being the movement of the cheyenne west after they were displaced by the sioux in the dakotas.

    • There’s also oral histories amongst the indigenous of the fire going South and the tale of how the Raven lost it’s multi coloured coat by having to fly into the Sun to light a branch in order to warm the Earth again thereby scorching itself black.
      The first one is in a collection of tribal histories I’ve been unable to locate again but there is actually a youtube video of the second, I’ve been in touch with an ethnologist about the former but am yet to receive a reply and can’t find the volume of oral histories buried somewhere in amongst my books that contains it.

  8. Huge movement of retired people to the south since the 1950’s which really accelerated when AC became more accessible.

    Its why Canadians are mostly settled along the US border, and would go further south if they could, and why places like Buffalo has lost population at a time of population growth.

    Native Americans would have likely moved to better weather even quicker if they had weather reports, TV and other modern methods of communication.

  9. Australia settled by ‘convicts’ after the little ice age of Europe because people were starving and stealing a loaf of bread could have you end up on a ship bound for Australia to one of the penal colonies.

  10. The onslaught of the Little Ice Age led to the total collapse of the Pueblo Indian city building in Arizona and New Mexico. There was a horrible 100 year drought as it got colder and colder. The desert where once there were many farms in 1200 AD ended up abandoned in southern Arizona with broken pottery and bones scattered all over the place, 70 years ago when I was a little girl out West. It was very tragic. All farming/city building ceased by 1400 and after that, the Europeans invaded.

  11. ‘…stemming from the Late Antique Little Ice Age (LALIA) period from 585 to 630AD.’

    This would be too late because the Angles, Saxons and Jutes moved into Southern Britain (now England) after the Romans had left in roughly 450 AD. Since they must have been settled in their various little countries in Western Europe before this their migration must have been earlier.

  12. Also about 585 to 630AD was a very prosperous time for Chinas Tang Dynasty. China at that time was very rich.
    Interesting times.

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