“Great cold” in eastern France

“Grand froid: – 15°C dans l’Est de la France,” reads the headline.

5 Jan 2017 –  Temperatures will reach -15 degrees (5°F) in parts of France tomorrow.

You will want to don several layers of clothes before going out. A cold spell coming from Scandinavia, then to Central Europe, will affect France today and continue on Friday.

This powerful icy descent is expected to result in “frosts all over the country” tomorrow, warns Christophe Person, weather specialist BFMTV. Risks of ice are reported in northern France.

This Friday the thermometer could drop to -8 and -10 degrees in the plain of Alsace, in Strasbourg and Mulhouse, said Person.

Some parts of France could reach -15 degrees.

The high temperature for the northeast quarter, from the Ardennes to the Rhône-Alpes region, will range from -4 to -1 degrees.


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2 thoughts on ““Great cold” in eastern France”

  1. Son of a gun! I know Strasbourg well…..I used to be with the RCAF deployed in Alsace-Lorraine in the 1960’s. The base was near Grostenquin, a small town not far from St. Avold and a half hour from the German border. Winters were generally mild but the winter of 1962 was an icy one for norther Europe but temps where I lived were more in the -4 range with quitechnology a lot of snow. Apparently now the “global warming” has now made it much colder(lol).

  2. A High Pressure over Sweden in in winter, is BOUND to suck air clockwise around it !! It is then called an EAST WIND, and it emanates from Siberia….where they are having down to MINUS 53 CELSIUS ! So that really cold air is bound to be drawn across Europe !!

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