Great Global Warming Swindle – Al Gore excerpt

CO2 build-up FOLLOWS temperature rise. It doesn’t cause global warming, it comes AFTER the warming. Mr. Gore has the cart before the horse.

This video disproves Al Gore’s false assumption on the relationship between CO2 and temperature.

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  1. Zbigniew Jaworowski – an expert in ice core analysis – argues that the ice core samples that show that CO2 levels in the past were consistently lower are not credible.

    His arguement is that the ice cores are not a “closed system” and that under the pressure CO2 can move throughout the ice – the natural direction of this is upwards hence giving the impression that CO2 levels at deep levels in the ice, ie further in the past, were less than levels near the top, ie the present.

    I believe he agrees with the CO2 lags temperature arguement BUT he argues strongly that there is no evidence that CO2 levels today are unprecedented based on ice cores.

    Makes sense to me.

  2. ALGORE doesn’t give a rat’s ass about being correct, scientifically– because he is on a religious MISSION– and his religion? The religion of HIMSELF. Hint– it’s the SAME RELIGION of Barack Hussein Obama, and many other so-called “leaders” as well.

  3. Al Gore knew exactly what he was doing. He is no dummy. He knew what he was presenting was false, but you can’t make big money telling the truth. The carbon credits scam was already worked out, and there was a need for a front man with some sort of credibility to set it up.

    Although money could be skimmed by selling carbon credits, the real purpose of AGW was to set up the maximum loss of life when the cold came to roost. I doubt if that wasn’t known to him as well, so as far as I am concerned, all the AGW front men KNEW they were setting millions of people up for starving and freezing to death, and knowingly doing what they were doing means they were planning murder by natural causes.

    In my book, intentionally setting people up to die is the same as premeditated murder. They should build a 100 foot tall wall along the entire perimeter of Devil’s Island, and drop the whole sorry lot inside with loin clothes and pocket knives and let them work out their own means of survival.

    • This video is wonderful for the first 3:36 minutes. It describes the Milankovitch Cycle that I speak of in “Not by Fire but by Ice”.Though the numbers may be a tad off, it explains the cycles wonderfully. It talks about precession (about 23,000 years), obliquity (about 41,000 years), and orbital stretch (about 100,000 years. It also shows the extent of previous ice cover in the U.S. and Europe.

      However, it then veers off into trash, accusing humans of being the culprit this time around. It also bald-facedly proclaims that the sun has not been a significant factor in the past 50 years.

      I don’t know whether Jared is trying to sneak global-warming propaganda onto this website or not, but as I said, the first 3:36 minutes are great.

  4. Great, Robert, that you’re covering this again. The video is now up to 8520 views, up from about 6500 when you covered it last year.

    It’s amazing that probably 99% of the public doesn’t know the info presented in the video, and still accept the ipcc / algor deception on the causal correlation between CO2 & temperatures. That is why it is important for us all to try and share / promote the video.

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