Great Global Warming Swindle – Al Gore Excerpt – Video

Great Global Warming Swindle – Al Gore Excerpt – Video

Al Gore says that the relationship between CO2 and temperature is “very complicated.” “But there is one relationship that is far more powerful than all the others,” says. Al. “And it is this: When there is more carbon dioxide, the temperature gets warmer.”

Here’s what you’ll see in this video:

“Al says that the relationship is complicated, but he doesn’t say what those complications are.”

“What Al doesn’t say, is that the link is the wrong way around.”

Turns out that the ice-core record from Vostok shows that the CO2 increase lags behind the temperature increase.

In other words, rising CO2 levels do not drive climate, they respond to climate.

“There have now been several major ice core surveys, and everyone of them says the same thing. CO2 clearly does not cause temperature changes, it follows temperature changes.”

“The fundamental assumption, the most fundamental assumption of the whole theory of climate change due to humans is shown to be wrong.”

If for some reason this video does not play, you can see it here:

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  1. Whether the bore has it backwards or not how could mankind be responsible if mankind was not around 400,000 or more years ago? Or could mankind be responsible retroactively? Duh!

    • So high CO2 concentrations never could stop temperatures to fall in the past, even when CO2 concentrations stayed high several hundreds of years after temperatures dropped

  2. There are three reasons why I don’t like Al Gore.

    1. He is not a scientist.
    2. He uses alarmist scare tactics and hype to get
    his chicken little the sky is falling vision
    3. He has no idea what he is talking about.

    You can sum up Al Gore with one word—CHARLATAN.

    • Back in the late 80s when Gore was a Senator he was peddling the view that we need to de-populate and de-industrialise. Carbon dioxide taxation is a neat proxy for hobbling the Western Paradigm.
      I’m not saying that Paradigm is right or sustainable but what he is doing is dishonest.

  3. A but for a few hanging chads and a couple of doddering oldsters this man could have been President. Who says there are no miracles?

  4. surely you all know?
    Never! let the Truth…get in the way of a good “story”
    or a chance to make mega bucks.
    the Goracle has used the same ploy as all marketing know how says, very little fact and a lot of bells and whistles.
    bread and circuses in action

  5. Yep I’ve seen this long ago, ever since I heard all the Rush Limbaugh soundbites on this topic. He explained that very well too back in 2007/08 when the fraud was exposed. The whole warming thing is the biggest lie and fraud in history lol. (George Soros ??) Here are some entertaining soundbites I saved in the past few years:

    Rush and meteorologist debunk global warming. This was an earlier one from 2002. At that time Rush didn’t know too much about the climate issue yet, but now he’s much more educated on that. I especially liked when Chuck explained in detail that all these “gases” are not producing a positive feedback, according to satellites:

    I caught a discussion between Dr Roy Spencer, atmospheric scientist, and Rush Limbaugh, debunking global warming completely. He says it has all to do with the cooling effects of weather, such as precipitation being the most important, next to cloud cover, and solar radiation to keep earth’s temperature cool. It’s not CO2 that determines the temperature, it’s the factors mentioned above !

  6. Robert, am I thrilled to see this video up here!

    Truth is, in ’08 I had watched the entire Great Global Warming Swindle, but it was just this ~3 minutes that converted me from a believer to disbeliever (I did google around [a lot] afterward to look for valid rebuttal, but found none!). The entire show is good, but this 3 minutes is the key, and all that is needed.

    I recommend to everybody here that you also can link to this video in your comments or blogs. Now it has about 6500 views. Let’s see how high we can get that! Also, I have a compact “repeatable comment pattern,” and anybody could modify it as they like and work it into your own posts. It is:

    Two points: 1. current temps are not unusual (no hockey stick), and 2. trace gas CO2 has been shown only to be a result (NOT a cause) of warming:

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