The Great Lakes have 9X the ice coverage of last year at this time

And 33 times what it was two years ago. Where is that global warming when we need it?

“The Great Lakes have 9 times the ice coverage of last year at this time,” says reader Marque2. “And 33 times that of two years ago.”

Here are comparison maps of ice concentration on Lake Superior.

Lake Superior-2 Jan 2018
Lake Superior – 2 Jan 2017


The comparisons are similar – or even more pronounced – on the other Great Lakes.

Lake Superior comparisons:

Lake Michigan comparisons:

Lake Huron comparisons:

Lake Erie comparisons:

Lake Ontario comparisons:

Thanks to Marque2 for this info


24 thoughts on “The Great Lakes have 9X the ice coverage of last year at this time”

  1. Little harder to fake ice coverage than it is temperature. I seem to remember they blamed the heavy snow in Erie PA on above normal water temperatures?? Water must be freezing at a higher temperature now.

    • You are on to something !!

      AND. you’ve given the Man Made Globalist Warming crowd an excuse, as well. They can claim that Warming (Man Made) has changed the temperature of not only the World, but of water itself. Thus it appears to be cold. !!!

      Yeah, that’s brilliant !! What appears to be snow and cold is really the result of the altered water temperature caused by….you guessed it….Global Warming !!!


    • The irony is that above normal water temperatures paired with colder than normal air temperatures would yield higher than normal precipitation. It was an active area of argument among grad students in geology in college. So there was a school of thought that suggested that very slightly higher solar input could trigger a glacial. As it is, while there are lots of ideas, we really don’t know much about how glacials come and go.

      • As a bit of interesting factoid, if you have access to long-duration ice core record data from Greenland or Antarctica, examine the relation between temperature and ice accumulation. During the Pleistocene the relation between ice accumulation is positive. The colder it was the dustier it was and the less the ice accumulation was. This is clear in both hemispheres.

        The BIG change with the onset of the Holocene is that the relation between temperature and precipitation inverts. There is now a negative correlation between temperature and precipitation – cold periods tend to be wetter and warm periods drier. This is one of those intriguing bits of evidence buried in the ice core data that are neither addressed nor adequately explained in current theory.

  2. Its the Russians fault…they started this cold front 3 weeks ago and sent it over the bearing straight and the north pole to inflict maximum collateral damage to our southern crops located in Mexico (sarc).
    The more important and informative maps of the ice are yet to come. Show us what the extent of ice looks like in mid_February with a comparison to last year overlaid. And while you are at it, show us the ice thickness too. The thicker the ice, the colder the air and water…which in reverse thinking…can lead to the calculation to how many days the lake(s) are ice free.

  3. Somehow global warming is making some areas colder, coincidentally the same places that were once covered in glaciers . . . when it was colder.

    It’s quite scary that one of the biggest lakes in the world is a few cold winters away from becoming a massive glacier . . . and it’s all the fault of humans! 🙁

    • Dingrosby please expand upon your knowledge base. I hope you have in front of you a quick study guild on northern hemisphere geologic history. Now you have to absorb this — the lakes were made by ice… they were dug out by a sheet of ice that was thicker than the empire state building is tall. And NOT just once or twice but at least 5 times over. In all those times of freezing… only the last one had any humans occupying the continent. However, we did have volcanos, tectonic plate shifting and that yellow ball in the sky going to sleep on occasion.
      Oh…and the rest of your comment…go get a book on thermal dynamics. That should help you figure it out.

  4. If you explore the website in the links above, the “scientists” predicted a maximum ice concentration of 26% of the Great Lakes surface area for 2018, which they exclaim is less than half the long term average of 55%. They blame this on “global warming”. Well, on January 2nd, we are already at 20% coverage, and ice doesn’t historically peak until around March 1st. And with the coming cold shots just in the near future, we will probably exceed the long term average, let alone the 26% they are predicting. These people are idiots.

  5. SURE makes me glad I did not get the job I applied to years ago (in northwest Wisconsin, but would be working with the various Indian tribes in Michigan).

    The UP is beautiful, but darn cold! I noticed in the apartment buildings I looked into in Wisconsin they have little heaters you can plug in when you park… something I never saw even in Maine.

  6. Last yr was a low ice yr. this depends a lot on which way the wind blows,and cycles,and trade winds and more. Sorry but NOAA is about all you can get for info Now I think they know more. They have 50,000 ice photos from 1963-1973 for on site use only-by appt. Highly secret national security photos & documents. Looks like an info cover up to me, see it’s not so much the little bits of crap they tell us it’s the mountains of evidence they don’t tell us.

  7. I’m surprised anyone thinks it’s global warming causing the cold, when it’s really collusion by Donald Trump.
    Either way, it’s worse than we thought.

  8. im looking forward to the spooky land invading ice shards film clips again.
    btw the suns been spot free for 7 days now.

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