Great Lakes ice cover could lead to chilly summer – Video

And a chilly fall — and an early start to next winter — and beyond.

At least one Great Lakes ice researcher thinks the brutal winter of 2013-14 will lead to a colder-than-usual summer locally that could continue into a chilly fall and an early start to next winter — and beyond,  according to the Detroit Free Press.

The reason? Heading into May, the Great Lakes combined remain 26% ice-covered, with Lake Superior still more than half-blanketed in ice. By comparison, at this time last spring the lakes were less than 2% covered with ice.

The remaining levels of ice cover are amazing, said Jia Wang, an ice climatologist at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory in Ann Arbor.

“This prolonged winter will affect summer temperatures. This summer will be cold, and then a cooler fall,” he said.

“All that sunlight that would normally heat up the water is just bouncing back up into space,” said Jay Austin, an associate professor at the University of Minnesota-Duluth’s Large Lakes Observatory.

Crippling start to shipping season

“The factories can’t do their work without coal to run their power plants,” says Captain Michael Davanzo in this video. “I do know that 79 percent of the iron ore that’s used in steel production in the United States comes out of Lake Superior. So when you close that waterway down, it has s significant impact on this economy.”

“Eight Great Lakes states rely on movement in the Great Lakes shipping industry, both U.S. and Canada,” says Davanzo. “So if you look at the size, and the amount of people, that rely on the movement of ships around here, you begin to understand how integral and how important this is to everybody’s lives.”

The persistent ice led to “an absolutely crippling start to the shipping season,” said Glen Nekvasil, vice president of the Lake Carriers Association, a trade group representing Great Lakes cargo haulers.

Icebreakers are still escorting convoys of barges hauling iron ore, cement and other products through the ice-jammed lakes, he said.

Iron ore shipments in March were down 43% over last year.

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“It is incredible that such news is suppressed,” says Greg. “Mention global cooling and most people are ready to send you to the “home”.


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  1. Well down here in Houston Texans anything would be better than the sweltering 8 months of summer we had last year. It was one of the longest summers I can ever remember and every day the high was above 90 degrees F for 5 months. So this year it’d be nice to have our weather fluctuate back to a more cooler side, like it used to be in times past.

  2. The other big story for the Great Lakes is the water levels.

    Superior is running 2 inches above normal and is already at July’s average from last year.

    Michigan-Huron are already four inches above last year’s peak. According to the NOAA, MI-HU are 12 inches below the average peak and rising 7 inches per month right now.

    If MI-HU doesn’t reconnect with the average this year, reduced evaporation this season will bring these up further with normal precip.

    Lake Superior has been called the canary in the coal mine of global warming. Superior then rose 2 feet last year. A similar rise is under way this year and would put it near record highs in just two seasons from record lows. Tweet, tweet.

  3. Looks like the albedo of regional climate is changing. I think at this stage if you want to play the AGW game of extrapolating future temperatures, by regression, you will clearly see that what is trickling in as regional anomalous weather patterns will over the next 18-24 months become the norm as we plunge headlong toward Maunder style global temperatures.From there it’s been over 10K years since the last glacial period ended. What grand super cycle line of events do you really think we are trending along?? It’s not global warming..

  4. The first person to address the cool summer due to the frozen lakes was Joe Bastardi.

    I posted the like of his Weatherbell weekly weather summery on this blog at least six weeks ago.

    Honor served where honor is done.

  5. “All that sunlight that would normally heat up the water is just bouncing back up into space,”

    Color me dumb, but isn’t that the way Global Cooling and Global Warming are feed. More snow cover less heat absorbed; less snow cover more heat absorbed. Warming feeds Warming and Cooling feeds Cooling.

  6. Every Winter, there are stories of a drunk on a snowmobile who would go out on the frozen lake after getting plastered. He would never be seen again…glug glug glug. The one good thing about the ice age…the drunks won’t fall through the ice!

  7. Yes exactly domino effect! Looking at the solar cycle we have approx. 4 years left for this cycle to end and has to come down now so no way it will get warmer, just colder

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  9. Just take alook at the ice age maps you have posted along side these comments. Do you see the similarity from the winter we just came through ? It looks like the trend is going the same way. The areas effected then are the areas that are freezing again.

  10. I conjecture that as the climate cools ,southern hurricanes
    will be MORE intense , as they were in the past .Look to
    the sunken galleons , the hurricane cut passes , the gulf coast
    wave built terraced land forms , the clashing air masses may
    fuel this cycle , do not move to Florida , there is risk with that
    gambit . I learned about these land features from a Dr. of
    Geology. The tendency of humans to populate the coastal
    regions seemed to worry him .

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