Great Lakes ice coverage FAR greater than last two years

Interesting Comparison of great lakes ice coverage on Jan 6 over past few years.

“I assume this page will update with more recent data,” says reader Greg C. “But today ( Jan 6, 2018 ) it shows percent coverage ( rounded ):

2018 – 30%
2017  – 9%
2016 – 2%

“But, then again, the sheeple were told that AGW causes Global COOLING. And they happily drink the cool-aid. ( no pun intended !! )”

Thanks to Greg C for this link

13 thoughts on “Great Lakes ice coverage FAR greater than last two years”

  1. Global Warming leads to cold and snow in the same way that economic growth leads to poverty.
    Ha ha I have an even nicer theory:- Drinking whisky is the leading cause of sobriety.

  2. Suggesting that record breaking cold is caused by AGW is not an indication of how much AGW scientists believe in AGW. It is only evidence of how much they believe, after 25 years of mass conditioning and a couple of the right “scientific studies” they can convince the media and, subsequently, the public of absolutely anything.

    Cold caused by warm when cold has never been blamed for warm before, ever, is the height of arrogant, technocratic cynicism.

  3. Fact is during transitions to either cold or hot periods it should be expected that one would see repeated events. Example: When transitioning to hot periods weather events drought and other events should repeat. During Cold perods one should also see repeating weather event occurring in areas where it happened previously. Ad to this the fact we have solar events repeating and planets in specific alignments as has occurred previously and one must conclude that one side of the cycle is in play or the other.

    Today we can see repeats in the weather taking place in weather, droughts, floods etc… as well as the sun and planets behaving and aligning as they have in previous extended cold periods.

    Bickering about these things is a waste of time. We might be better served to hammer the crap out of the scientists who have fabricated temp records, removed various monitoring stations and created false narritives like the 97% of scientists who have signed on to the global cooling side of the argument. False science is crippling our political elites who rely on scientist to make sound decisions to protect America.

    The national security issue created by the Progressives and the AGW agenda is real but it’s because of them that AMERICA IS NOT PREPARED for the coming big freeze.

    In my view, those scientists who falsified scientific reports/studies and taking critical monitoring stations off line should be held accountable for deaths of those who have not been prepared as a result of their complicit actions in creating in false science.

  4. I was told yesterday by an alarmist that snow and cold was a ‘manifastation’ of climate change.

    I inquired as to what had changed in our climate system that has caused such widespread cold events across the northern hemisphere (Including Sahara snow) I was met with derision!

    Only last week the AGW mocked Trump for linking the cold weather events to climate change. As soon as the obvious was pointed; ‘then how do you link heatwaves and hurricanes to climate change’. The rhetoric changed direction!

    People rely othe integrity of scientists and journalists for accurate unbiased information, and instead being fed more and more fantasy.

  5. All the Great Lakes entered 2018 at their 25yr average temperature. This despite a significant warm up in 2016. Here is Superior 2017:

    Rest of data here, other lakes as above 2nd box, bottom row:

    We have been told in recent years that the Great Lakes were “the canary in the coal mine”. In 2012 Nat Geo ran an article about low water levels and high temperatures that featured this exact summation. Today levels are near record highs and temperatures, normal.

    Ice is very visual, but temporary year to year. Temperature and level (since evaporation is a trade-off to temp) are the most fundamental measures and the data says the Great Lakes are fine despite all the predictions and alarmism

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