‘Great snow accumulation’ in Iceland

3rd year in a row 

The city of Akureyri in North Iceland is seeing great snow accumulation for the third year in a row. This morning, residents woke up to 110 cm (3.6 ft) of fresh snow.

Snow depth has not been greater since the winter of 1995-1996.


Thanks to Argiris Diamantis and George Martinez for this link


5 thoughts on “‘Great snow accumulation’ in Iceland”

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      The Saxons of the then Wessex England had to do it the hard way, kill mostly or ensalve what was left. Which is exactly what the Muslims of the Middle East will have to do with ISIS who are Fanatics and Rapists and beyond Truth.

  1. Bardarbunga has nearly an 800M thick ice cap on top of it, as do most of the major Icelandic Volcanos.
    That Ice cap was the big worry, and still is. If Bardarbunga erupts again, which is very likely in the next several hundred years. It’s possible that Volcano’s magma chamber could empty rapidly and the entire top of the volcano and the Ice Cap slumps into the magna chamber, the Ice would flash straight into steam and blow the entire volcano into the atmosphere as ash and debris as per Krakatoa, a L6 or L7 Volcanic eruption. Similar eruptions during Maunder significantly prolonged the effects of the Solar Minimum cooling period
    The AD 600 MIA was caused by a Solar Minimum and several major Volcanic eruptions to L6, this caused significant Civilisation events, and the mass migration of entire peoples, due to famine, plague and war.

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