Great video showing the power of a category 5 hurricane

What difference does a hurricane category make?

You often hear meteorologists refer to a hurricane’s intensity by categories. If you don’t know the difference between a category 1 and a category 5 hurricane, this video from The Weather Channel makes it abundantly clear.

7 thoughts on “Great video showing the power of a category 5 hurricane

  1. The reason they are important is to redistribute the heat from the tropics to the poles and to dissipate the excessive heat in summer from the tropical oceans as the currents flow from south to north and vice versa. If there were no low pressure systems anywhere on Earth or any precipitation, the average temperature of the planet would be unbearable. Climatologist Roy Spencer made that point.
    Low pressure systems are nature’s air conditioning system.

  2. Storms especially hurricanes happen when there is an imbalance in heat energy. The more intense the storm the bigger the imbalance. We are quickly going into Dalton Minimum conditions at least and the poles are trying to cool off rapidly, the heat that we have been enjoying is still present at least in the tropics. That means the temperature spread will be greater hence more instability and stronger storms.

  3. Very true Kenneth, but I’ve met people who actually think that hurricanes are a result of AGW! When I tell them that we need these storms, and that without them Earth would be a completly different place, they are amazed. This stuff should be taught in schools. If it was, these stupid warmists would not be able to hoodwink everyone so easily.

      • You see if they called it Geoengineering class mom&dad would ???. But just learning about clouds well hell that’s ok ,even if there is 30 new types, mom&dad probably don’t know the first 2 basic ones anyway,so they could learn too. Gee science has changed so much ,it must be settled.

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