Greek farmers announce nationwide road blocks

To force compensation for large losses from frost and snow damage

“Robert Felix was right when he said people will be fighting in the streets for food,” says reader Argiris Diamantis. “It is already happening in Greece, but the MSM do not bring this kind of news. They keep silent about snowfall in Greece and when they bring news about it, they show pictures of children happily making snowmen.”


Heavy blow to small and medium farmers income caused by snow and frost affecting the whole country.

Because of the cold, milk production is dramatically reduced (more than 50%), while newborn animals dying.

The new blow comes at a time when small and medium farmers income has been affected by the unpopular government taxes and measurements to produce low prices for milk and other household products, high prices for feed and drugs, drastic cuts in equalization compensation.

The Committee of Nationwide block requests the Government cover the lost income of small farmers from losses in production and livestock and immediate 100% compensation to all the disasters (facilities, infrastructure, production, capital).

Furthermore, the Committee asks for direct government intervention to supply free feed, drugs etc.

The Panhellenic Committee of blocks invites all small and medium sized farmers to join massive rural demonstrations by setting up powerful roadblocks in key road junctions and other selected points from Evros to Crete on January 23.

Small and medium farmers and ranchers, with the support and alliance of workers and popular strata, can battle for our survival.

Thanks to Argiris Diamantis for this link

2 thoughts on “Greek farmers announce nationwide road blocks”

  1. The same mentality, re: Britain & their food security will also govern what the Greeks do: screw the EU, we’re not starving for those buggers & their bureaucracies.

    • If they can get their farm vehicles out onto the roads.
      The projected weather for the whole of the Baklan regions upto the 23rd Jan is for snow and very cold gale being dragged from Siberia, coupled with a South easterly warm wet air riding over the top of it from a large Low sitting over the Ionian.

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