Greek islands declare state of emergency after record snowfall

Several Greek islands, otherwise known for their sunny warm weather, grappling with record snowfall and freezing cold.  

The storm dropped more than two meters (about 7 ft) of snow on three islands in the Aegean , hitting Euboia, Alonnisos and Skopelos the hardest and forcing Greek authorities to declare a state of emergency.

Communication lines and roads are out of action on several islands and schools remain closed in many parts of the country.

The cold is forecast to continue, spreading to eastern Macedonia, Thrace, Halkidiki, the northern Aegean, the Sporades and across Crete.

Temperatures are set to drop to -16C (3.2F) in western Macedonia.

Humanitarian agencies warn that refugees in Greece may die as the country continues to be gripped by freezing winter weather.

Parts of the country have seen more than 3 feet (1 m) of snow and temperatures as low as minus-18C (-0.4F) over the weekend.

See photo of snow-covered refugee tents:

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3 thoughts on “Greek islands declare state of emergency after record snowfall”

  1. Tell the PRESS, especially Daily Mail in London.

    Here is CON CRETE evidence of lack of global warming !!

  2. Maybe the Democrats pressing Mr. Tillerson on issues of Climate Change should be given access to this web site so they can see all the weather change happening around the world that goes against their position.

    Frankly, politicians who live in states affected by drought have a political issue. They want to be re-elected. To be re-elected they must make speeches to be seen fighting for their State’s need’s. Even when their science is wrong they go against reality to give the impression that they are fighting for their constituents.

    Too bad they keep refusing to learn the truth and prepare their citizens for the expanding cold. If they want to be re-elected, what better way than to follow good science and truly protect their citizens.

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