Green Energy is Not Green  

“It’s green stupidity.”
-Viv Forbes


Green Energy is Not Green  

by Viv Forbes with help from a few of his Peers
14 Sep 2020>

Solar energy is very dilute, so solar collectors usually cover huge areas of flat arable land, stealing farmland, starving wild herbs and grasses of life-giving sunlight thus creating “Solar Deserts”.

An expanding Solar Desert at Gannawarra in Victoria, Australia
Not so Green
Picture Credit ARENA

Wind turbines steal energy from winds which often bring moisture from the ocean. These walls of turbines then create rain shadows, producing more rain near the turbines and more droughts down-wind. Turbines work best along ridge lines where eagles also seek thermals, so birds and bats get chopped up by these wicked whirling scythes. They also annoy neighbours with noise and increase bushfire risk.

They even spread their wall of wind towers offshore, so that less wind and rain even reaches the shore. Not green at all.

A Wall of Whirling Scythes stealing energy from the Winds
Not so Green
Picture Credit Pixabay

Then we have the biofuels scandals. This is UN-promoted stupidity where forests are logged in America and shipped across the Atlantic to burn in a British power station; where native forests are cleared in Indonesia and Brazil to grow palm oil for bio-diesel; and where food grains are distilled to make ethanol fuel for motor vehicles.
Nothing green about any of this.

Now green dreamers want to use our precious water to manufacture hydrogen in a round-robin electrolytic process that consumes far more energy than it can ever produce.

Electrolysis consumes nine tonnes of water plus heaps of electricity to make one tonne of hydrogen. This processed water is not recovered until the hydrogen is burned (unlike water in steam turbines where most water is reused and any that escapes is recycled back to the atmosphere.)

“In the beginning there was nothing, which exploded.”
Terry Pratchett

Hydrogen is a low-energy explosive gas. Collecting, storing and exporting it will be a hazardous business and producing it will consume scads of Australian water and electricity to generate the latest trendy “green” fuel for Asia. Burning this fuel will release pure Australian water into polluted Asian skies. But the Australian tax payer is funding this hydrogen speculation with $70 million.

Green Energy isn’t green. It has a huge cost in rare metals; it creates toxic waste problems; solar panels create solar deserts; turbines chop birds and steal wind and rain from inland areas; the ethanol scam destroys forests and food crops; and now they want to steal fresh water and energy to export low-energy explosive hydrogen.

In contrast, coal is stored solar energy extracted from sunshine by ancient plants. Burning it releases its stockpile of energy for industry and its combustion products bring great benefits for the green world – water vapour, carbon dioxide plant food, and valuable plant micro-nutrients.

Why export our sunshine, wind and fresh water via hydrogen while leaving our abundant fossil sunshine locked underground as “politically stranded assets”?

All that is not green – it’s green stupidity.

Viv Forbes
Washpool Qld, Australia.

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Viv Forbes
Washpool Qld, Australia
14 September 2020

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15 thoughts on “Green Energy is Not Green  ”

  1. Actually I thought most hydrogen was to be extracted from methane and other long chain and aromatic organic chemicals initially to kick start the uptake of the “hydrogen economy” – it is cheaper than electrolysis.

    So just how does this replace fossil fuels ?

    And how is really ramping up the emission of the “most powerful greenhouse gas” – water vapour – going to prevent the (imaginary) “heat trapping” capacity of the atmosphere when even blind freddie can look at the IR absorption charts and see that CO2 is insignificant compared to H2O ??

    However, I have been listening to predictions about the “hydrogen economy” since the 70’s. None have come even close to fruition – not one of them.

    I remember the water fueled hydrogen powered car –

    “There was the Horvath hydrogen car, a 1974 Ford Fairlane V8, which, according to its inventor, Stephen Horvath, was powered by water turned into hydrogen via nuclear fusion – a world-first. At least, by Queensland’s standards.

    Joh was so impressed he showed up at a media launch in King George Square, which turned into a farce. No one could find the keys to start the car or open the bonnet to look at the engine.

    An insider told me later they’d had to lose the key because the secret gas cylinder providing the power for the stunt had sprung a leak.

    “We were worried that if someone lit a match, we’d blow up half the city,” he explained.”

    It makes no sense to take an energy source with high calorific value, expend precious energy on transforming it into a significantly lower calorific value energy source and then claiming success because burning more of it produces no CO2 emissions whilst ignoring the manufacturing input – as is done with EVERY “renewable” technology including the incredibly stupid battery electric vehicle lie – apparently it is easy for ALL OF US to own one – 1.4 billion cars are easy to replace at no environmental costs and replacing all those batteries will be a piece of cake as lithium and cobalt are so plentiful now aren’t they ?- really these people- “renewable energy” advocates – are just stupid beyond belief !

  2. Whistleblower William [Bill] Binney: NSA Goal Is ‘Total [De]Population Control’
    Bill Binney worked for the National Security Agency as a code-breaker for more than 30 years. At a recent conference, he said their ultimate goal is total [de-]population control.

  3. 100% agreement with Viv
    vic is following sa in he lemming race to oblivion re renewables
    our states the worst hit re covid
    so whats Dan do? he throws more billions at solar farms while the grid operators are legally(in sa) and coming to all states soon resorting to the ability to run a surge to lines to SHUT OFF invertrs to solar setups to stop input to grid on hot days
    thats right oddly on days eveyone is using aircon poolpumps whatever to stay cool
    they reckon the grid overloads despite that and needs be shut down to save the actual RELIABLE generators from harm

    the hydrogen idiocy is pushed BY ross garnaut
    hes NOT worth airtime but gets it
    glorified accountant thats already screwed aus over before
    think of any stupid green scam and hes in it somewhere.

  4. Trains loaded with coal go through Seattle every day and night, headed for the export terminal in Canada where the coal is loaded on ships and goes to CHINA !!!!!!!
    We could be using that coal here !!!!!!

  5. Did you mention the growing crisis of how to dispose of used solar panels? These are now piling up all over the planet and so far, no good way to recycle the toxic metals/chemicals out of these things. If those panels break, you now very bad stuff leaching into the soil, into groundwater … but oh well as most people don’t think twice about getting a vaccine also laced with toxic metals, it really doesn’t matter! Idiots inhabit the earth!

    • Exactly, JNS, those solar panels will be stacking up; in fact there will be over 70 million panels that need to be replaced. While, they talk about it, there is no recycling of any panels or wind machines.
      Remember the recycle fee they charge us for all those plastic bottles? I feel that all renewable energy needs to have a recycling fee attached to each and every one including all that are installed today. How about a $100.00 recycle fee for every panel, and $100,000.00 recycle fee for every wind machine! There is absolutely no reason that “We” should pay for their “Garbage”!
      Furthermore, all subsidies for Renewable’s should be stopped immediately! Why should the rest of the country pay one third of the costs for California’s 100% renewable program? If they want it, then let them pay for their ignorance!

  6. A hydrogen based project was proposed here in Washington State using offshore wind turbines/tidal turbines/wave turbines to make electricity that then makes hydrogen at sea. The hydrogen would be shipped to the never used Satsop nuclear plant which would burn Hydrogen to make electricity.
    The storability of the hydrogen was the key rather than direct drive volts from the offshore generators.
    The fossil fuel use for construction and upkeep would out way the benefits. Can you imagine maintaining all those gizmos out in the ocean?
    Just wouldn’t pencil but a coal fired plant WOULD.

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